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    Lifting Weights

    Any activity, athletic or otherwise, can be only enriched by improving the overall state of the body. It's general, but true. And there is most certainly body types other than ecto's, I assure you of that. However, lifestyle trumps nature here...
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    Cardio Exercise Ideas for Martial Artists

    There are good suggestions above. There is also something to be said for simply know where you are now, have to tools to move up and the willingness/patience to do so... Here's a thought: If you do any kind of weight training, try doing "complexes" of exercises or going from one directly...
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    Electrolytes, Electrolytes, Electrolytes!

    I know a lot of folks that swear by Pedialyte. All the nutrition of the mainstream sports drinks without the sugar. Get the target brand though, stuff is expensive.
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    Treadmill or Track?

    In terms of energy expenditure you will get more from running outside, less so on the track as there is not change in terrain. Fresh air is good as well.
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    Weights or Weightless.

    Training with weights, if done correctly, will help you increase your MA abilities. Again, if done correctly, should increase flexibility. As eluded to above, don't be so quick to think that lifting weights means "getting huge." If it were that easy, would there be bodybuilding and...
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    What's a core workout?

    There is a lot of trend, fad, and overall misconception in the fitness industry and this buzz word, "core", is probably the most prevalent. Certainly trying to 'target' certain muscle groups in the midsection is an important component of training (especially if there is imbalance) but the fact...
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    Body Cleansing?

    Take a shower. Ohhh! Just kidding.
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    Shoulder Health

    Oops, Can, you're right I mis-read bad.
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    Shoulder Health

    Can, you kind of contradict yourself there. Especially true for those arts involving striking that well-balanced shoulders should be strived for. Very common are weak external rotators because of too much emphasis on forward movements (i.e. bench press, etc.) stressing the internal rotators.
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    No more smoking in France

    makes me want to vomit.
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    No more smoking in France

    Good. I believe in limited gov't intervention in individuals lives but I also understand most individuals inability to look out for themselves and most importantly the people around them.
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    Ug help in the form of motivation needed...

    I struggled with a (much less severe) case of EIA some years ago. I guess I don't know your age and you seem to be fairly knowledgable on the subject but I think it is subject to spontaneous remission...that seems to be the case with myself for the most part. Good luck.
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    belly fat

    Simply increasing the overall volume of your current training is a good start. If you don't mind doing "cardio" then by all means, but don't get trapped, necessarily, in the moderate intensity, long duration dogma. Working with intervals is also effective, more pertinent to your training goals...
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    Shoulder Health

    As always T-nation is a good source for training info. Good post.
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    Does your multivitamin contain lead???

    Skeptisism is one of our greatest, and most unused gifts.
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    Total pain in the...wrist

    The pain is the trigger. I recently had a ganglion cyst as referenced above...showed up after heavy pressing pain, no big deal. Had another heavy pressing session, went away. Number 5 or 6: See a doc.
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    Does your multivitamin contain lead???

    Interesting...I'd like to see the research.
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    On killing...

    Yes. But who can really know...
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    I need advice on front roll

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    Nikkyo is fun

    They are all cool.
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    I need advice on front roll

    Agreed. I had a similar issue when I first started learning it...and I am 250 so it was a real bummer.
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    Woman dies after water-drinking contest

    I once downed a litre and a half by basically jugging it. A little nose breathing but...
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    Props to Blotan Hunka for hitting this one on the head. T-Nation rules.
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    Aikido and swords question

    Precisely. In my breif studies this proved most beneficial, especially with collective confusion.
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    A nice clip of stuff you don't see in demos

    Yes, very cool clip, thank you for posting.
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    Baoding Balls

    Try rotating them both directions without letting them touch each other. Or going over and under them, then do that without touching them. There are a few different little tricks you can do, and most don't require a great deal of practice...I enjoy them.
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    What is Strength?

    Strength is the ability to apply force against a resistance.:)
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    This is a pretty common issue in "fitness" and "working out" but I have a different view point on it than most. I feel that motivation in personal pursuits is intrinsic, you have it or you don't. So, when people ask "what can I do to stay motivated?" my first thought is usually, "how the hell...
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    MA vs Gym....

    That's a bit of a leap. Too many variables. The "gym" does not, however, require expensive equipment.