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  1. WMKS Shogun

    Hapkido Principles and Techniques

    I am not quite sure what you mean by your first question. As far as key principles I was taught in hapkido, generally follow the line of thinking of non-resistance (do not meet force with force), redirection, then control or destroy (if necessary). Use your strength against your opponent's...
  2. WMKS Shogun

    Please ad another stripe to the tigger

    Congratulations! Excellent work and keep it up!
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    First thing: I chatted with an official rep of JJK Hapkido World HQ and all they would say was that the individual responsible was no longer a part of Jin Jung Kwan. Second, the Wayback Machine is kind of awesome. Thank you for pointing that out to me.
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    Something I noticed: Jin Jung Kwan's official USA website is JJK Hapkido World HQ Anyone know what was before it was shut down? Was it actually a JJK Hapkido site or did someone who really hated the style just decide to start something by buying the web domain and posting a...
  5. WMKS Shogun

    Hapkido for 2014

    For the update: I passed my 1st Dan Test! Just figured I would let everyone know the good news!
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    How is this an old mans martial arts?

    I generally think of it as a gentleman's art, but not and old man's art. I say a gentleman's art because the focus is on control and using an opponent's own aggression against them rather than just using your own strength to beat them. Being able to control/immobilize via pain or to destroy a...
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    Hapkido for 2014

    My goal is to be train to be ready for and pass my 1st Dan test (and make it look really good, hopefully).
  8. WMKS Shogun

    Taekwondo teacher choked student to show off move

    Agreed! Chin down, raise shoulder, hit them hard before they can establish the hold. :P
  9. WMKS Shogun

    "But in a real fight we'd do it like this ..."

    Punching with the hand on the hip is 1) to teach push-pull for greater momentum and 2) to teach that the retracting hand should be grabbing and pulling the opponent into the punch/strike. Fighting stance is your neutral. Front, back, cat, etc. all flow from a more neutral stance. I believe I...
  10. WMKS Shogun

    "But in a real fight we'd do it like this ..."

    Humorously enough, I was taught to throw a reverse punch one way for forms and another for fighting (heel down in forms, heel up in sparring/fighting). I teach my students both methods, teach what the differences are mechanically/physically, and why they are different practically. Heel down...
  11. WMKS Shogun

    "But in a real fight we'd do it like this ..."

    Allow me to start by saying I am not a KKW TKD student. I think the potential double standard is bogus. While I believe that forms are supposed to be performed in a particular manner in order to teach fundamental skills, assigning meanings (beyond what it is originally identified as) to said...
  12. WMKS Shogun

    Taekwondo teacher choked student to show off move

    From the link. Also from the link. There lies the issue. This doctor feels that we have no reason to protect ourselves, that society is civilized and therefore, martial arts should only be exercise. He can do his cardio karate-kickboxing, but I want me and mine to be protected. That means...
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    That is probably the most well-put comment about sword arts and their aims (and really about just about any martial art).
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    Really quickly, I too own a copy of the Muyedobotongji, which is not easy to follow, due to the archaic and 'technical' language (when I say 'technical' I mean they refer to stances and postures but other than vague pictures there is little to go on as far as what it is actually doing). I had...
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    Kendo also uses $500 armor. Now, if you are rich, or can get a decent used set for cheaper, no problem. But for the rest of us, that is a heck of an investment. My students learn two person sets (like kendo kata) first with padded swords, then with chukdo (shinai for the Japanese), then with...
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    Just curious on the foam sword sparring issue. With what should students spar?
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    First off, thank you to everyone who answered/commented. Secondly, I do wish that the federation would update their website with the new curriculum (or maybe this is what I will be working on higher in rank...). To Daniel Sullivan: What makes the tameshigiri sub-par in your eyes? Just curious...
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    I can attest to the live blade two person training. It was part of my 1st Dan test. Even at slower speeds, still it was intense. I have told my students about it, but told them that until I am higher rank and more experienced they will definitely NOT be doing that in my classes. I will have them...
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    I think he broke away from Haidong Gumdo (I know that was what Master Laurita did when he joined up with Grand Master Joung and Kummooyeh), but I am not certain on the accuracy of the statement concerning GM Joung's training. Kummooyeh does NOT use the Haidong Gumdo Forms anymore (as of 2012 or...
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    I am going for opinions, so honesty is pretty important, (even if it is brutally so).
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    Hello all! I am curious as to public opinion of Kummooyeh (if anyone knows anything/heard anything/opinions). I hold a 1st Dan in Kummooyeh (earned from Master Jerry Laurita). I have my own opinions, but figured it would be interesting to get public opinion, positive or negative. I know the...
  22. WMKS Shogun

    Hapkido Online

    This past weekend, I hosted a Hapkido seminar in my dojang (I brought in Chon Sul Kwan/Tactical Hapkido Alliance founder and chief Grand Master, GM Barry Rodemaker) and got to meet Mr. Jon Ferguson live and in person for the first time. As a student of Hapkido-Online for about a year now, I have...
  23. WMKS Shogun

    Please provide a caption for this image

    "Today we practice fire safety. Remember, stop, drop, and shoulder roll!" "Now make the fire shoot out using your Ki!" "This little light of mine..." "Yoga Fire! Yoga Flame!"
  24. WMKS Shogun

    Anderson Silva just said that he wants to compete in the Olympics in Taekwondo!

    I may be off base with this, but I thought there were rules against professional (read: paid) athletes competing in certain Olympic sports... I am not sure if TKD is one of them, or if I am just wrong. In this case, I hope I am. It would be fantastic to see him compete in Brazil. (I know that...
  25. WMKS Shogun

    Why HKD?

    I wanted something to compliment my Tae Kwon Do and a way to be able to include grappling in our curriculum with associated rank (because some people care about that). I learned to grapple first (through 12 years of wrestling), then moved to a year or so of Karate and Japanese Jujutsu before I...
  26. WMKS Shogun

    Traditional Training Styles - importance of non-compliant training

    I cannot speak for Hapkido on this, but I do know that Ueshiba, Morihei, the founder of Aikido, said that a majority of Aikido was atemi-waza. What he meant by this was that getting the uke's mind off what they were trying to do was a key part of good Aikido. Whether that atemi was a strike or...
  27. WMKS Shogun

    Does Hapkido have a technical standard?

    Couple of things: Aikido being 90% Atemi (striking) is, if memory serves, (a paraphrase of) a quote from Ueshiba, Morihei. As I heard it, he was talking about the use of atemi as a distraction to facilitate the movements. Basically, distraction and misdirection is 90% of aikido, not that 90% of...
  28. WMKS Shogun

    GM CHOI Yong Sul's first student

    My silly two point interlude into this: 1) How did this turn from GM Choi's first student to arguing the legitimacy of the lineage and training of GM Choi? (Actually, I know how, I read that part) Should we not be more concerned with finding out if he did teach anyone while he was in Japan? Are...
  29. WMKS Shogun

    Taekwondo curriculum content and teaching methodology

    Q what type/org taekwondo do you teach and what do your classes look like? Chang Hon TKD (ITF Forms, no sine wave), classes are divided by age and as much as possible, by rank. Classes range from 1 hour to an hour and a half. Q What is your curriculum like? A Form: 1 at each of the 9...
  30. WMKS Shogun

    Won Hyo

    Try this sometime with a partner: 1)Have your partner grab your collar or throat with both hands and hold on like they actually mean it. Step back into a back stance (L stance) and just as you settle your weight back, perform the picture-frame block (twin arm block, high/middle that starts...