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    Psychology of fighting

    whatever you call it, it is a seperate state of mind when a person fights. Once the fight begins the brain functions very differently, I sometimes compare it to a dream state. After much training you begin to become more aware of what is happeneing and that is a huge advantage.
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    What makes a good TKD School?

    Besides the obvious and easier to point out things, an instructer who cares about the art that he trains in and the people to whom he teaches it. That is likely the most important thing to look for.
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    A larger opponoent who throws crazy kicks.

    you're a yellow belt. it's normal. but if you want to work on something, throw your kicks against this particular opponent and similar opponents with the assumption that there will be a counter, even if it slighty hinders your kick, you will always be prepared.
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    my tae kwon do school

    Han-Mi Tae Kwon Do Studio Cheif instructor: Steve Habib 5th dan Head Instructor: ME :)
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    Tae Kwon do Gun Disarms

    A good point. i tell students to do what ever they are told unless they feel that harm will come them anyway.
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    Tae Kwon do Gun Disarms

    tot tell the truth, a crescent kick is prolly the worst thing to do against a gun wielding stranger. Maybe a knife, but definately not a gun We pulled our techs from other instructors. I don't know anything about traditional gun disarming, if such a thing exists.
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    TKD as a "Formal System"

    1 form and three one steps per level of rank. teaching a progression of forming combos in order to defend and set up techs. Most of the hand techs are learned by the 3rd rank(advanced yellow for us) and that kicking techs are learned with addition of jumping and spinning as the students...
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    How to teach

    actually, you probably shoudlnt start teaching your friends until you have had some experience in teaching with your instructor present
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    The Origin of "Fancy" Kicks

    If I can hit a black belt with a jump spin hook kick a good percentage of the time, and knock them on the ground with most of those, then I am sure that i could use one in a real fight if I wanted to. I'm also pretty damn sure that I never will, doesn't hurt to have the option though, eh?
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    YES, competition focused WTF TKD is a martial sport. But not all WTF TKD and especially not all TKD is sport focused.
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    why train unusable techs

    What would you do once you got down all of the techs that are deemed "useable". Or even just the absolute most effective techs. That would make training pretty damned boring.
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    What do you guys think about Kyokushinkai

    done a couple tournaments myself, got the chance to fight a champ from Japan, it was a great experience, and It really is a great art. The one thing I noticed bad is the willingness most of them have to take a hit, I busted up a few guys because they weren't really trying to defend a lot...
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    Let me know If I did the right thing as a MA.

    you are a better man than most, but I admit, I may have been a little happier if the story ended with the guy eating dirt.
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    Training while injured

    Only if training will not further iritate the injury to the point where it is preventing the healing process.
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    Mental illness and TKD

    ADHD is not that much of a hinderance to MA training.... give them the same rules as everyone else and they fall in linf eventually, that has been my experience. Make sure they are pushin when they do something they shouldn't be and make sure you say their name a little more often. Anyway...
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    Training Children with ADHD/ADD?

    I've had two students with ADD/ADHD and one was really twitchy and couldn't stand still and the other one would fall into line as soon as you called the command. The latter just did well with strict simple commands, and is now a red belt wih a lot of promise. The other gained rank of green...
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    What's so special about YOUR art? =o)

    the focus on kicking that TKD has is something unique of most other styles, as well as the lesser popularised hand strikes that are used. The hand strikes in TKD are usually quicker strikes, but most students train toward the power strikes anyway(not that I blame them, I do the same thing but I...
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    Mental illness and TKD

    I don't have anything specific for you myself... but maybe I can help you be more specific. Are you meaning any type of psychological type "disease", such as depressison, or just things that affect the growth of mental thought process. I assume with the 1 in 4 status you mean any type of...
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    Competition advice for breaking

    here here
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    Dojo challenges, do they still happen?

    we have had a few, one time a less experienced instructor let a color belt spar with a guy off the street and the color belt kicked him once and th guy ran out. My instructor doesn't like to let in to the dummies off the streets in general. Once though, a guy came in and wouldn't stop disrupting...
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    Competition advice for breaking

    standing in one spot, front kick side kick round kick all with the same foot.... easy but kinda impressive if you do it all without putting your foot down, the side kick goes out to the side and the front and round go straight forward. I don't know how fancy you want to get though, Jumping...
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    (Rewritten version)The real truth on ITF Taekwon do from my perspective

    I have had some limited kick boxing and MMA experience, so I know that even if they take the first couple of hits, it may set you up for something different than originally planned. Also, if the opponent is willing to stand there and take your hits, then you don't necessarily need to use...
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    Why not TKD for SD

    At our school we do 1-steps or 1-step sparring. These are basic self defense for specified situations, much more SD oriented than forms. I believe that most schools have them, as I did run across some in a book I read once that went through a lot of TKD info. The ones in the book were much more...
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    Off with their heads

    block it? It's always good to side step and counter, or close the space between you and your opponent before the leg comes around, but if you don't have the speed or expereince to do these yet, block it then counter, sometimes you can even do both at once. If you are quick enough you can...
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    (Rewritten version)The real truth on ITF Taekwon do from my perspective

    this looks like you are describing a side kick jam, in which case I and most people I've seen will jump off the planted foot and push off to allow for some room to defend or attack again. However, if it is a round kick getting jammed, the kicker is pretty much screwed, only thing you can od is...
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    Im taking Kung fu now.

    thanks, just wondering
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    (Rewritten version)The real truth on ITF Taekwon do from my perspective

    Why must we also always asume that all practitioners under WTF are olympic style. I suppose my studio is no like most, but we train to be well rounded fighters. Though our focus is on kciks, we include boxing drills, ju jitsu and practices from severalother styles that my instructor and some of...
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    Static vs Latent Stretching

    I read the first few pages of beyond stretching. There are some radical ideas in there, but it makes since. the only thing that bugs me about it is how he rags on western science so much, even if it is true, it doesn't need to be the second focuse of the book.
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    Static vs Latent Stretching

    you're right. I wrote this when I was tired, and didn't take the time to correct myself.
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    And just how good is YOUR memory?

    I did it twice so i could feel better about myslef. 40% and 90% They were movin'