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  1. JPR

    FMA in Indiana?

    Since you are in Northern Indiana, you might try: The Wetoskey Academy of Martial Arts 4127 US-6 Waterloo Indiana, 46793 They do an Inosanto blend of Kali / Silat / JKD. If you were down south here I would give a second vote to Steve Scotts MCMA. It is where I am privileged to...
  2. JPR


    A feint doesnt always need to draw a physical reaction, such as a block / parry / what ever, it can also simply be useful to draw attention away from your dedicated attack. For example, throwing a finger jab (even from slightly to far away) can mask the low kick, while canting your hip...
  3. JPR

    difference between jkd and jun fang gung fu?

    There have been several threads with info regarding JKD and JFGF. Here is one you might start with, . After that I recommend you use the tread search tool and you will find others. Jerry
  4. JPR

    Cheeky Request of this board

    Jonah, This is a bit of a harder question to give you an answer on due to a large number of variables. So, in an attempt, to give you something of an answer, here I go. Variable 1: Style / Family. What style are you studying, or do you intend to study. Each style or family of...
  5. JPR

    Cheeky Request of this board

    Well, my first answer to any reason is because that is the way I was taught the drill. :) The second answer would be, it is just a co-ordination thing. You could, if you have the room, always step forward on alternating angles. Just about any pattern you can think of works, as...
  6. JPR

    Cheeky Request of this board

    If you are going to do footwork in FMA, you will quickly find the need to do triangular type moving. Most (all?) FMA styles have this triangular footwork in lieu of linear. It is essential to zoning away from weapons into zero pressure zones, or to flanking an opponent. A simple...
  7. JPR

    Cheeky Request of this board

    Stick length is sometimes set by the bladed weapon you are emulating (if your are at all). A bolo, barong, pinute, espada, and kampilan all differ in length and regional usage, therefore a style may prefer a stick length based upon that. One thing that I have found is to make the stick length...
  8. JPR

    Wrist Injury

    I, from time to time, have wrist problems (mostly from keyboarding). I use the wrist wrap and it helps a lot, plus the use of ice / heat, ibuprophen, and topical rubs like Icy Hot. One other thing is to take frequent breaks from the repetative motions you are making, if possible, and relax /...
  9. JPR

    JKD: Minimum Curriculum?

    I am not sure you can always pinpoint where a technique comes from, or how important that fact is. For example, what art owns a goose neck wrist lock or a double leg take down or a round kick (substitute any technique you like here)? The selection is influenced a lot by what your...
  10. JPR

    White Phospherous used as a chemical weapon in Iraq - by the United States

    White Phosphorous (WP or Willie Pete) is not banned by any treaty on chemical weapons and has often been used to force soldiers out of strong points. I am not sure of its first usage, but it saw extensive service as far back as WWII. The ‘shake and bake&#8217...
  11. JPR

    Jun Fan Gung Fu

    For many, Jun Fan Gung Fu is the core / basis / seed of JKD. That is why they sound so much alike. I think that you could distinguish between the two (if you are so inclined) by realizing that Jun Fan Gung Fu (from now on JFGF) is a static body of material. What ever Sigung Lee wrote / taught...
  12. JPR

    Stick grappling DVD's?

    Rick Tucci also has some grappling material in his kali set that I found interesting. The Dog Brothers' tapes / DVDs are really good and blend stuff you might have learned from other arts. Jerry
  13. JPR

    Religious conservatives oppose cervical cancer vaccine...say it might cause sex.

    That really isn't the logic. The concern is that as action is separated from consequence the action becomes all the more prevalent. There is a moral concern that children are becoming too sexual inundated by society and sexually active too soon. This increased sexuality is believed to be to...
  14. JPR

    Religious conservatives oppose cervical cancer vaccine...say it might cause sex.

    I think the issues here are a bit more detailed than simply opposing a vaccine. From , Wallis says the vaccine does hold wonderful promise for those who need it. I do think that we need to be selectively offering this to patients who...
  15. JPR

    What Will Happen In 2012

    2012 will be a great turning point in my life. I'll be 50!
  16. JPR

    Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill

    We are all influenced by what we watch, read, or play. As you mature, your ability to control those influences should increase (self discipline), but as a child that control may or may not be present. That is a risk of realistically violent video games. I offer a small personal example...
  17. JPR

    power in lead punch

    All good advice, also make sure your hand hits prior to your lead foot landing on the floor. This way, you translate maximum momentum / force to your target instead of wasting it on the floor. Jerry
  18. JPR


    I believe that you go through a progression. If, at first, you are given a huge (or even small) set of principles they seem like the proverbial Kung Fu master spouting pithy sayings that sound meaningless. Because at first you do not have a frame of reference to apply the principles to. If...
  19. JPR

    Using a $2 bill can put you in jail.....

    There are also old gold certificates, redeemable in gold coin. Ah for the days when money was real... JPR
  20. JPR

    Music Anyone?

    I rarely notice the music, I just train. JPR
  21. JPR

    Older Than Dirt Quiz

    I scored 16, now for a few contributions of my own. Do you remember Coke machines that used cold water to chill the bottles? Do you remember $.05 candy bars? For the country folks out there, do you remember tractors with hand crank starters or pick up trucks with floor peddle...
  22. JPR

    The hook punch in JKD

    There are several different hooks so a rake across the face fits into this category. Others can be the vertical fist, horizontal fist, slapping or pawing strike as well. JPR
  23. JPR

    LEO Knife Disarm

    Hey! Be nice to engineers. We make all of the toys you like. If you persist in this behavior we will take out our old slide rules and whack you about the head and shoulders until you learn better (and since we train FMA we can whack you with style and flourishes). Now sit quietly and let...
  24. JPR

    Auction on eBay - husband for hire!

    From the ebay listing, "I figure if he won't listen to me, he may listen to someone else. He is a great guy, but chooses not to listen to his wife's (me) needs & help where needed." Ewwwwwww, is he in trouble. If the auction weren't closed I bid just to give him a place to hide for a couple...
  25. JPR

    If I ever have a Child

    All of you scare me. You really, really scare me. :rofl: Oh, becareful what you teach them. You will be first on their list. JPR
  26. JPR

    Telegraphing the Jab

    We practice throwing the Jab/Straight lead from where ever the lead hand is at the moment. Obviously, some positions are easier to throw from than others. But if you have to reset you hand position to a certain place prior to throwing the punch, then you are setting up a pattern and...
  27. JPR

    Jesus was a vampire?

    You are so lucky that I am not given to blackmail / extortion cause I could hold this one over you for a lot! JPR
  28. JPR

    Happy Presidents Day! Who is your favorite/least favorite president?

    Favorites: Lincoln and Truman. I admire both of them for their leadership. I also like Truman because he was so plain spoken and blunt. Least Favorite: LBJ and Nixon. I dislike LBJ for his arrogance, and Nixon because his lying did so much damage to the office. JPR
  29. JPR

    Favorite Type Of Sticks

    Why electrical tape? I have used duct tape on sticks many times but never electrical tape. Just curious. JPR
  30. JPR

    Drug milkshake still no match for abstinence

    I have a question. One of the reservations some have to such programs as a needle exchange is that it does nothing to help a person change a destructive habit. It only makes the habit safer in some regard (in this issue the reduce risk of contracting HIV through a drity needle). Supposing...