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  1. Raewyn

    G'day from down under

    Great to have another "down under". Welcome to MT!!
  2. Raewyn

    Hey everyone.

    Welcome aboard :)
  3. Raewyn

    Can you change Fate?

    I think we are in control of our lives to a certain degree and unfortunately bad stuff happens. We have to roll with the punches. I dont fully understand why certain themes follow people around - maybe its pychological and we unintenionally are attracted to those or befriend those who we...
  4. Raewyn


    Welcome to MT :)
  5. Raewyn

    Hello From Malaysia

    Welcome aboard. Happy posting :)
  6. Raewyn

    Just introducing myself

    Welcome aboard Greg :)
  7. Raewyn

    Intro from a Newbie

    Welcome to MT, great to have you aboard :)
  8. Raewyn

    Just a brief intro

    Welcome to MT, happy posting :)
  9. Raewyn


    Big hello from down under. Welcome to MT :)
  10. Raewyn

    Greetings from Northern Delaware USA!

    Hiya Andrew! Great to have you back :)
  11. Raewyn

    Introducing myself

    Welcome to MT. :)
  12. Raewyn


    Welome to MT. Happy posting :)
  13. Raewyn

    Name 2 things....

    Giving birth to my son Finally being able to buy my own home Starting Martial Arts and sticking at it for as long as I have :)
  14. Raewyn

    As promised...

    What great pics!! You rock!!! :)
  15. Raewyn

    Got yellow belt

    Congratulations :) Awesome stuff!
  16. Raewyn


    Welcome to MT. Great to have you aboard :)
  17. Raewyn

    What a pain in the ummm... neck! :)

    Could'nt have said it better myself :)
  18. Raewyn

    Word Association

    smart aleck = a male :)
  19. Raewyn

    Word Association

    good advise = the best stuff in life
  20. Raewyn


    Welcome to MT.:)
  21. Raewyn

    Remember When.....

    No......... cant remember back that far :) Remember when girls neither dated nor kissed until late high school, if then.!!!!
  22. Raewyn

    Answer A Question / Ask A Question

    The Munsters (but that is just my opinion) Why do people still laugh at jokes when they dont get them????
  23. Raewyn

    Birthdays Go Here~!

    Happy Birthday Flatlander!! :-partyon::-partyon: Happy Birthday Dalum! :-partyon: Happy Birthday to Mr.Rooster and jonah2!! :-partyon:
  24. Raewyn

    Answer A Question / Ask A Question

    The funny feeling will pass and you will feel like most of us on the subject! Why does all the good stuff happen in the Big Ole US of A? :)
  25. Raewyn

    Word Association

    red bliss potatoes = Kumara (New Zealand's version of the great sweet potato)
  26. Raewyn


    Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!! I have never even touched a snake!!!! We have them at the zoo, but we dont have wild snakes in New Zealand!!!! Unfortunatley we cant grow them in our climate!! :) You are very lucky to experience having a pet like that! Having a snake as a pet over here is unheard of!!
  27. Raewyn

    Word Association

    Fire Marshall Bill = ignorance is bliss???
  28. Raewyn

    New game

    nightmare = entrust
  29. Raewyn

    Word Association

    sickly smurf (as his blue turns to green) = Jim Carey (The Mask)
  30. Raewyn

    Body Piercings

    We are not allowed to wear any jewellery. If we forget to take out our jewellery the whole class pays the price!! ie lots and lots of push ups!!! :)