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  1. TallAdam85

    foot print billing

  2. TallAdam85

    foot print billing

    Hey thinking of going with has anyone used them or are using them if so pros and cons? I need a billing company asap and so far they look like the best
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    x-mas and a dojo store

    Ok last year I did not have much of a dojo store, but this year I do. I was wondering before I go out and buy thing's that I think will sell. I would like to hear from you what people buy for them selfs, kids or parents in Martial arts? Please give me an idea so I can get an Idea for the store...
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    Who is the father of Karate

  5. TallAdam85

    Karate- Do Logo needed

    Can anyone please Email me a jpg file of the symbol for Karate-Do. I could not find any good ones online thanks
  6. TallAdam85

    Credit Card Machine ?

    Hello Just need some help since this is a new topic to me. I don't have any credit card machines currently and seen some Wireless Credit Card Machine that are free if you use the company. But are there any companies out there who don't take a huge % of the sales? Also what companies do you...
  7. TallAdam85

    back to school time

    So all school owners this post goes out to you. It is almost time for the kids to head back to school. I am just wondering what your doing and how you are planing to get people in to your school. any advice? thanks
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    best insurance i found was got my proof of insurance with 24 hrs of buying it
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    Sundry Charges?

    Hey I recenlty was looking at some martial arts school contract and about to start using them myself but I have seen alot of the agreements have a spot that say _Sundry Charges- What are they and do u charge them at your dojo? thanks
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    Martial Arts Birthdays

    So after thinking as well as reading a lot about martial arts birthday parties. I have one booked now at my dojo for a student who turns 7. What is great he will have 10-15 of his friends the same age at the dojo so maybe 1-2 of them will join with would be great. Plus I get free pizza and cake...
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    A young first degree black belt opens a school...

    i would say watch one of his classes and you be the judge
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    moving puzzle mats

    Garden Ridge is not in michgan do u know the brand of the tape
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    moving puzzle mats

    so is there any way to stop them from shifting any one have any advise for me to stop them from moving
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    moving puzzle mats

    I have had 40'' by 40'' 7/8 of inch puzzle mats, I have had these mats never moved at my old dojo when I had tile floor. Now that were at the new dojo were on carpet and every day we have to keep moving the mats into place because there sliding to one side of the floor. I was wondering if I put...
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    i starting one soon any chance any one will be willing to Email a copy of theres so i can get it writen up close to that one from my lawyer.
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    Up Coming Michigan Karate Tournaments

    master gibbs Ill be there
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    Contact or non contact?

    contact is important not full contact but some contact, when were in school we have shop class. in shop class they show you and teach you how to use tools then give your projects to make so that you can become hands on with your tools. much like this is for martial arts sure you can walk in to a...
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    Mirrors or no mirrors?

    i have mirrors currently, my next location i will not have mirrors we are a school that does alot of sparring, when people start to spar they move all over the floor and i am always yelling stay away from the mirrors. they did not have mirrors in Okinawa and they train fine so I dont think my...
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    Holidays specials

    what are parents buying for there kids for the hoildays i had one buy a little dragon wave master for there son besides that nothing sold for the hoildays think partly since michigan people are kinda broke
  20. TallAdam85

    punisher war zone

    If your a fan of movies with alot of action and lots of killing you will love this movie. This movie is like the new hulk it is not a 2nd to the movie of 2004 a new serious. this one is a lot more like the comics as well as i think the best of the 3 from the one with thomas jane to the one in...
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    anyone ever use this site

    long story short was trying to get ahold of a sensei and let him know i cant make his event but everytime i clicked the contact us page this came up after seeing what it was looks kinda cool thinking about using it as well just wondering if anyone use it for the karate school or just in day to...
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    small business loan

    yes i am currently saving every penny but also want to have time to fix the building up as well as get sign and so on
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    Hey with a header like this maybe people will take a look and reply. Ok Now most of the time when I would train at dojos they where normaly always White walls nothing to wild. My current dojo when I first opened I painted everything to have a nice bright Egg shell white. Lately I have been...
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    where about in michigan are you and do u do tournaments at all?

    where about in michigan are you and do u do tournaments at all?
  25. TallAdam85

    Location, Location Location what do u think

    had my realtor contact one of the buildings and the warehouse have one of my students who nocations for a living contact them lol i can't spell
  26. TallAdam85

    Location, Location Location what do u think

    well see it is a toss up for the nicer place i just need to paint it and put my mats down and i am ready to go but if i move into the warehouse alot of work needs to go in as well as money so thinking it be close to the same about for the warehouse after the repairs as well as montly adds to get...
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    small business loan

    Ok, hows everyone doing? Ok so my lease is up in April but I must let my current Landlord know what I am planning on doing by February. I have only been at my current location for a year the location is great but the Landlord in nicest trims he is a putz. Last month took him a MONTH to get my...
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    Location, Location Location what do u think

    today i met with my current landlord and he did not want to lower my rent at all reason why i tried to get it down is in Michigan there is alot of spaces for lease but my current land lord would not budge and 2nd I am startting to out grow my current location but i was thinking i be ok for 1...
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    Best of the best

    6 years ago when i was in 12th grade lol i talked my teacher in to watching best of the best in english class lol 11th grade talked them into watching dragon the bruce lee story 10th we watched no retreat no sureind the van dame movie lol wish now i would have learned better grammer
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    Location, Location Location what do u think

    the book said that martial arts/ gymnastics can go into warehouse, but then you have to get the speical land use permit witch sucks!