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  1. hong kong fooey

    When do people drop out?

    I agree with alot of the post here. People drop out for a bunch of different things. money,Family, TIME, ETC, I went all the Way to brown Baelt in TAE KWON DO and droped out for A TANG SOO DO class. because I wanted to try somthing different
  2. hong kong fooey

    MartialTalk November Give Away!

    All I can say is WOW! I never win anything so this is pretty cool if I do say so myself! im so glad to be a part of this website I just wish I had more time to log in and talk to everybody. with that being said I will have to go with the GOLD KEY MEMBERSHIP...
  3. hong kong fooey

    the dasrk knight

    I saw the movie and it was great!!! I want to see it again the thing I liked the most is that it was not like your typical super hero movie. this was more of a crime drama then anything else. and Heath Ledger was increadable and played the Joker to the tee
  4. hong kong fooey


    im sorry but I do not think she is a good singer at all. and it's a shame that kids might look up to her and decided to do the same things she is doing. she needs to get cleaned up but I thnk by this post she may have already been in rehab
  5. hong kong fooey

    the dasrk knight

    ias anybody going to see the new BATMAN movie? I am going to see it on saturday it looks awsome! I can't wait HEATH LEDGER is going to be great as THE JOKER
  6. hong kong fooey

    Your favorite sad/depressing song?

    there are a bunch of sad songs for me but the one that tears me up everytime is the song. FEED JAKE it/s about a man who is dying and all he wants is for someone to feed his dog
  7. hong kong fooey

    Rothbury Music Festival

    glad you had a good time! wish I could have gone but maybe next year
  8. hong kong fooey

    Jack the Ripper

    there are alot of people thought to be JACK THE RIPPER but we will never know. as posted earlier if there was a JACK THE RIPPER today he would be caught because of the tech we have that we did not back then
  9. hong kong fooey

    Trying to save money is one thing... but this...

    I just hope some idiot did not actully but the toothbrush. and who in there right mind would actully think sombody would want to buy a toothbrush that had been used
  10. hong kong fooey


    yeah we break boards during our black belt test and every dan test after that. and when we do demos the black belts break boards
  11. hong kong fooey

    well I decided to take a break for awhile and clear my head but now im back good as new. I...

    well I decided to take a break for awhile and clear my head but now im back good as new. I stoped goin to the AIKIDO class it was to far for me to travel with the gas as high as it is. and I found a TANG SOO DO school that is really close to home so I started going there. are you going to the...
  12. hong kong fooey

    what to do

    thanks for the advice. Im still wondering what to do as of now I am taking a break and maybe I will go back to TAE KWON DO later on
  13. hong kong fooey

    Firing your Master

    good luck in getting a school going. I hope the best for you and your daughter. and I understand why you wanted to leave the prev school I would have done the same thing
  14. hong kong fooey

    what to do

    I have started to take TANG SOO DO and im not sure if I should drop my TAE KWON DO Class! I like MY TKD class but I feel as if Im not learning anything new. I want to learn some self defence moves and they are not taught at my TKD class. maybe I should take a break for awhile but I have my...
  15. hong kong fooey


    in My TAE KWON DO school we dont pratice weapons at all. I guess the head instructer decided to not make them a part of the class. the first and only time we break a board is our black belt test.
  16. hong kong fooey

    What are the color codes for kyu/kup grades for TKD in the USA ?

    in my TAE KWON DO SCHOOL this is our colors 10th kup: white 09th kup: Yellow 08th kup: Green 07th kup: Purple 06th kup: brown 05th kup: BLACK and then you had the 10 dans.
  17. hong kong fooey

    Calebs fight at National last week

    Congrats to your son terry for his win! I am sure you were very proud of him.
  18. hong kong fooey

    hey im back

    hey all I know it's been quite awhile since I last posted! but here is what has been going on so far. I decided to drop TAE KWON DO for awhile. it's not that I did not like TAE KWON DO because I do the reason I am stopping for awhile is because of my class. it's a fun class but I feel as that I...
  19. hong kong fooey

    hey there morph! how have you been?

    hey there morph! how have you been?
  20. hong kong fooey

    new class

    Hey I just started training in TANG SOO DO! I praticed TAE KWON DO for about 4 years and wanted to learn somthing different. I really like the class. havent really learned any forms yet but it's coming
  21. hong kong fooey

    Duke Football Sucks!

    I myself since I live in WEST VIRGINIA I am a huge WVU fan. they should have been in the national championship last year
  22. hong kong fooey

    when not doing martial arts

    ME I love to fish. I fish every chance I can get I think i am a master at catching perch! my record is like 15 in one day it was crazy! I also like to play my NCAA football games it helps me relax
  23. hong kong fooey

    hey sweetie just thought I would say I love you before I go to bed

    hey sweetie just thought I would say I love you before I go to bed
  24. hong kong fooey

    Where to go

    the class is going great! I love it. im starting to get the hang of it now. just have to make sure I don't use force and just go gently. we do alot of things with KI so thats pretty cool as well. like we use our energy to make the attacker do what ever we want
  25. hong kong fooey

    fantasy football

    hey everybody I started a fanasy football league if anybody is interested here is the info ID# is 761108 and the Password is west virginia. it's free im not sure if you have to have a yahoo email account or not. sign up. but hurry up the draft is on sat night at 9:15 pm
  26. hong kong fooey

    Who is your direct instructor and how long have you trained under them?

    my head instructer is KEN FIZER and I have been training under him for about 4 years now. now we do go to his instructers class sometimes but it's a little bit far to travel every week.
  27. hong kong fooey

    Where to go

    well since it was our first class he didn't want to teach us to much. so we learned a wrist grab. the hardest thing for me is to not use strength but use energy. but I will get the hang of it. we are going to go back
  28. hong kong fooey

    Where to go

    yeah she did enjoy that. but thats okay we had fun and are exicted about taking aikido. like I said we have been in a karate school where they teach some AIKIDO so im used to being thrown around.
  29. hong kong fooey

    Where to go

    thanks! I found on that is close to me and is within my budget. and no contract just in case I decide not to take the class. you are the man MORPH
  30. hong kong fooey

    The Last Person.....

    well maybe im not a idiot. glad you made it back TERRY was the trip back as long as the trip to buffalo? ohh and I now have a BLACK BELT for MT