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    Where can you learn JKD online?

    JKD must be "felt"...內
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    Hey Everyone!

    Wow 16 years ago
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    Cold weather training from a jkd pov

    I live in Northern Michigan and train in all conditions, also on all surfaces.
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    JKD/Jun Fan/Concepts? Bruce Lee himself?

    Tim is not a student.of Bruce Lee (1st Generation). I know Mr. Tackett he is a 2nd Generation Student.
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    JKD without Wing Chun?

    Yes... "Simplicity is such that, smiple....You do not have to understand everything just universal principle.. Efficient is anything that hits it target, effortlessly with fast, extreme power. Which belong to the individual, not any one art… Which is becoming & being a Jeet Kune Do man or...
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    Bruce Lee Questions.

    By the way, Jesse Glover was a good friend of mine...
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    Bruce Lee Questions.

    Wong Shun Leung was Bruce Lee's WC instructor and when he came to America, than he learned Red Boat Wing Chun from Fook Yueng....
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    Who are the top JKD instructors in the world ?

    FizzyCal, I clearly was clarifying facts... Nowhere did I say anything about anyone of BLS including the much respected by me Guru Dan Inosanto... Matter of fact, I in the book called "Descendents of The Dragon - The Second generation of Jee Kune Do and Beyond" by Paul Bax (JKD Historian).. I...
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    Teach Jeet kune do?

    I teach "IT", here in Michigan...
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    JKD without Wing Chun?

    I study with many of BLS... But that is just the start of things and in mobility everthings "changes", but start again from the structure... MU, one of the best things Bruce Lee did was "modified" Fencing - Boxing - WC... They are not the same as the arts by themself... If people tell you in...
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    JKD without Wing Chun?

    Jeet Kune Do is very much alive & well in Detroit, Michigan - USA
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    JKD Leg Obstruction Question

    I thought this thread was about JKD, "JKD Leg Obstruction Question"?
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    JKD Leg Obstruction Question

    In Jeet Kune Do, a leg obstruction is where the person is coming to you... You are putting up a wall so they can run into it... If they are kick you, the harder they kick the worst it will feel on them... The stop - kick you are coming to them...
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    Progressive Indirect Attack
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    JKD without Wing Chun?

    Master Wong isn't a Jeet Kune Do Instructor, plain & simple folks...!
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    JKD without Wing Chun?

    60 %... Say What? Where did you come up with this?
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    Who are the top JKD instructors in the world ?

    Sorry, but Bruce Lee never gave a Black Belt to anyone... Also, Bruce Lee never gave a certificate to anyone that said: Instructor on it...
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    JKD without Wing Chun?

    "Jeet Kune Do its not a concept, but sound principles at a higher level of understanding simplicity thru moment, which transends everywhere in real fighting" ... JM
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    Principles and Technique

    "Someone new to martial arts we feel technique as a must and a old timer will understand technique will get ones azz killed"... John M
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    Fountain of youth

    Qi Gong works well for me... Been into it for over 25 yrs now.... I still been teaching contact martial arts as in Karate Do, Boxing, Kickboxing and Jeet Kune Do.... I glove up in ever one of them and I'll be 50 yrs young this Feb. 2014 ... As i like this saying; "Age is a mind over matter, if...
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    Necessary Background to Start a School?

    Been a owner of a school for almost 20 yrs now in the Detroit, Michigan area... Keep good statistics and remember that although some of your clinents may become friends of yours... Keep business as business, this can only help with your success of your school... Keep training & learning as...
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    Do you pull your leg back after kicking?

    I personally don't like the term "range", it's to limiting and puts you in a box.. If you are kicking off the rear leg then you want to use the falling step principle, immediately punching... The falling step will put more power into your punch.... If kicking off the lead leg, it works the...
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    Columbus Ohio Seminars/Events?

    I'm a little drive away (219 miles), but that said... This April 12 & 13, 2014, I will be teaching a Jeet Kune Do seminar in Roseville, MI... You're welcome to come up hear for this, this is open to the public and alll are welcome...
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    The Title of Martial Arts Master

    I personally don't agree with labels.... Confinement comes to mind within that label... When someone new comes in to my school to train with, I tell them my name is John.... Master to me means their is "no more to learn"... IMU, life is always a learning process and if you're not learning, are...
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    Home Made Warriors and Online Black Belts

    Some people that train on location tend not to be as serious, as distance learning students... Not with all, but with some...
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    Home Made Warriors and Online Black Belts

    Sorry guys, but BL did do this what I'm talking about... He diid it with Taky Kimura in Seattle, WA and with James Lee in Oakland, CA to name a few....
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    Home Made Warriors and Online Black Belts

    Distance learning in MA is what I'm talking about here, which isn't the same thing... Be able to train with someone that is far away from where you live and not being able to always train with them in person all the time, but still physically being able to see them for correction once in a...
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    Home Made Warriors and Online Black Belts

    (With respect, man!) First ?) Getting off your azz and going to them... Spending your time & dime.... There is no other way! Second ?) I'll let BL explain: Organized Despair (Tao of Jeet Kune Do page 14) In the long history of martial arts, the instinct to follow and imitate seems to be...
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    Home Made Warriors and Online Black Belts

    I'm a 2nd Generation Jeet Kune Do Full Instructor, been running a school for almost two decades... I had to train with BLS in person to achieve this.... I don't believe in this "online training BS" nor "organized despair"... In person is the only way to transfer neuro response energy, as I...