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    Differences between Kenpo and Kempo?

    As you stated, Professor William K. S. Chow taught the Emperado brothers (Adriano and Joe). That lineage continued from Adriano Emperado (before he created Kajukenbo) through Marino Tiwanak (the first black belt from Adriano Emperado under "Kenpo Karate" in Hawaii), Florentino Pancipanci and...
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    Differences between Kenpo and Kempo?

    The story in question is that in James Mitose's manuscript for his book, "What is True Self-Defense?", he called the style "Kosho Shorei-Ry贖 Kempo". The publisher inexplicably changed the spelling to "Kenpo". When numerous books were printed, Mitose saw the modification and asked the publisher...
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    Am I getting ripped off?

    As a Kenpo practitioner for the past 50 years, I have been continually disappointed in the way charlatans use the term "Kenpo". It seems that it is an invitation for swindlers to invent techniques, use the term "Kenpo" and open a business. It is doomed to fail eventually because there is not a...
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    "Martial Arts Moves" used to stop attacker, who died.

    Any knock out blow that causes someone to fall and hit their head on pavement can cause death. In this regard, it's better to use debilitating strikes like punches or kicks to the body, kicks to the legs, ear claps or eye gouges.
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    Tai Chi roundhouse kick

    Another example of this kicking method...
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    What's real, what isn't?

    It depends on the teacher and the system. It does seem like their is a lot of slapping and hitting oneself in some Kenpo styles. Also, there are many obese Kenpo Instructors, but not all of us are like that. In my Kenpo system (from the James Mitose-William Chow-Adriano Emperado-Marino...
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    Bare knuckle for self-defense?

    Why take the chance of breaking your hand with a punch to the head? A palm heel strike delivers at least as much blunt force...with the added benefit of fingers to the eyes if the strike is to the chin with the fingers bent slightly. I can pop my 80-pound heavy bag much harder with a palm strike...
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    Too old?

    Anyone has the potential to improve their flexibility. It may take some work and dedication, but that is always a part of the equation. Here is a video with clips of my daily training shot on my 70th Birthday...
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    Steven Seagal and Jesse Emkamp

    I respect Jesse Enkamp much more than Steven Seagal. The "training sessions" with Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida might have been nothing more than publicity opportunities for Steven Seagal. It's a shame, really. He had the world in his hands after his early movies.
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    Steven Seagal and Jesse Emkamp

    Not to mention the fact that he had to take breaks in the middle of the recordings. An attacker would just have to move around out of reach for a while to tire him out.
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    The Miraculous Power of Fasting

    This website lists a few intermittent fasting methods... it always depends on the individual. It's true, everyone is unique. For example, I rarely feel hunger. I usually have to check a clock throughout the...
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    The Miraculous Power of Fasting

    I don't contribute as much as I could, but have always read the posts.
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    The Miraculous Power of Fasting

    The benefit from intermittent fasting is the activation of autophagy ("self-devouring" or "self-eating"), in which the healthy cells eliminate worn-out or dying cells. When combined with mTOR (which promotes cellular growth), the result can be optimum health if there is a proper balance of the...
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    Shaolin Kenpo - Tournaments - do you enter Traditional forms or Kung Fu / Chinese (soft) forms division?

    Actually, the word "Kenpo" was not used until after William Chow. Before that, the disciple was known as "Kempo". Also, "Kenpo" is a Japanese translation of the Chinese word "qu獺nf" ("Chu'an Fa"). So, Chinese Martial Artists did not use the word "Kenpo". As I posted earlier, one interesting...
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    Is Kenpo a viable fighting and self defense art

    To make the techniques of any style effective in combat, you have to use short portions from the katas and formal sequences. It isn't practical to try using a 10-part sequence in a self defense application. Also, it's important to remember that Ed Parker's creation is not the original Kenpo. The...
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    Video examples of multiman-fight.

    Makes sense. Nick has some valuable advise based on real-world experience, having been a bouncer at a nightclub. My Kenpo teacher taught us to use attackers as shields while striking or kicking them and then continuing to move circularly to the the next attacker/shield. You have to continue...
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    Your most memorable rank test

    It was my 1st Dan test forty-six years ago. Our style of Kenpo has 82 formal sequences...I had to perform all of them multiple times at full speed. Then, I had to spar 6 Black Belts separately for at least 5 straight minutes each. Four of our highest ranking Black Belts were then positioned in a...
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    You can watch excerpts of my training session of PanciPanci/Redmon Kenpo with Tae Kwon Do and Muay Thai influence. Search "PanciPanci/Redmon Kenpo".

    Excerpts of my one-hour training session of PanciPanci/Redmon Kenpo with Tae Kwon Do and Muay Thai influence. 48 years of daily practice. Search "PanciPanci/Redmon Kenpo".
  19. Kenpo Training Session

    Kenpo Training Session

    PanciPanci/Redmon Kenpo with Tae Kwon Do and Muay Thai influence. 48 years of daily practice.
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    Push on your opponent's shoulder when he punches you

    It may be Japanese Jiu Jitsu. That style has strikes and kicks.
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    Push on your opponent's shoulder when he punches you

    My GrandMaster, Florentino S. PanciPanci, utilized this technique extensively. It requires a great amount of experience to identify and react to the attack that early, though.
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    Olympic Karate KO.

  23. chiquest

    Olympic Karate KO.

    I'm not a White Belt, but rather a 4th Degree Black Belt with 48 years of training.
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    Olympic Karate KO.

    Sometimes I've seen competitors fake injury to take advantage of the excessive contact rule to win the match and collect the trophy. I think that's what happened in this case. When someone is knocked out, their eyes stare blankly into space without focusing or blinking. When the video coverage...