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  1. MaxiMe

    Hannah, you done messed up.

    "Her actions merited some punishment, but he's basically saying, I'm more badass than you," Duhh, yes he's saying he's more badass.
  2. MaxiMe

    TKD in a street fight.

    Da. I kick you you hit ground. Das vidanyah. OK I can't spell it in Russian but you get the drift :)
  3. MaxiMe

    Hannah, you done messed up.

    True, but the movie office space just kept popping in my head LOL And Yes I have used computers as targets. You can't work in IT and be a shooter and not at least try it once :) (they fly apart real nice if opened.
  4. MaxiMe

    Hannah, you done messed up.

    Basically..yup. Although a baseball bat with some gangster rap in the background might have been a little more graphic and appeal to the intended audience :)
  5. MaxiMe

    Ki-hap in the form

    Interesting. I'm looking at My current form (Hwa Rang Hyung) move 1. Left Plam heel bolck ---- With yell move 14. Right middle stepping punch--with yell move 31. Right double knife-hand block---with yell Facinating how just from school to school how things can be just a little different.
  6. MaxiMe

    Online College

    You may also want to look into the local community college at least for some of the oddball or lower level core classes. The crerdits are usually transferred to the big U's. Took all my programming requirements online and it was great (no annoying background conversations while trying to...
  7. MaxiMe

    Electric car system that might work...

    Interesting. But I'm still waiting for a truck;)
  8. MaxiMe

    Upcoming movie "The Divide."

    Same here. Tez sorry for the common language separation thing but what are "Lights"?
  9. MaxiMe

    Stop Internet Censorship!

    Pitchforks and torches..nahh to old school, how about Megapixles and electrons................ Film\record them and post it all over the place. Then push a new button on the electroinc voting machine.
  10. MaxiMe

    Life was simpler then...

    Small world, A freind doing some Civil support work has her office on the second floor west end of that building. Oh and my pop was living in it before he shipped out to Vietnam. The trees are bigger now. VITA is on the first floor now.
  11. MaxiMe

    Life was simpler then...

    Nope as of last week it was still there ontop of the hill. Motor is close by different color now but still the same building. Used for Civi orgs and some other stuff, but still there and still layed out as basically a squad bay. ;)
  12. MaxiMe

    Stop Internet Censorship!

    I say NO!!! to the old AOL days. 100% with ya on this one Bob. Most of the Tech folks I know spend more of our time already fixing stuff rather than doing PM and future planning like we should be able to do (blame it on the tech bubble or whatever). IT and Trelecom have been getting leaner for...
  13. MaxiMe

    Life was simpler then...

    Bill I gotta ask is Pic #2 at Pendleton? Oh and congrats on 10.. One very persistent and pacient woman (my 20 is next month).
  14. MaxiMe

    Stop Internet Censorship!

    "Technobleep" I think Bob did a great job of self censoring on that one :)
  15. MaxiMe

    Stop Internet Censorship!

    I look at it this way. Basically Lawyers that are wannabee network, social, economic, etc. engineers. Damn time people just accept the fact that I don't know is an ok answer and deffer to people that know what the hell they are doing. Sorry just gettin a little pissed about this (like us...
  16. MaxiMe

    New handle for my Tomahawk

    FYI Photobucket is the same. :)
  17. MaxiMe

    Pen Jillette. Atheist. Libertarian. Okay, now that there are some empty seats, movie time!

    Ohh so those kids walking blindly towards my car while crossing (illegally) the street while totally focused on some electronic device are just learning. Hmm whodda thunk it.
  18. MaxiMe

    Sparring...what is it and is it worth doing?

    I would agree and add timing and distancing to the list. Also the look of different styles (not particularly arts) an aggressive fighter vs an defensive one.
  19. MaxiMe

    my othe passion

    I think they are a little bigger than my Lab :) All I can say is WOOOO Thunder WOOOO!
  20. MaxiMe

    Texas PD Receives Death Threats After Shooting Boy

    Hmm Death threats against PD (meaning the entire department?) Could quialify as short bus, wearing a helmet and licking the windows special.
  21. MaxiMe

    Texas PD Receives Death Threats After Shooting Boy

    Umm Posasibly the parents for not teaching him to comply with an armed authority? Just thinkin.....
  22. MaxiMe

    TKD Times featured photo

    Nice pic, and a nice break as well :)
  23. MaxiMe

    Iran, the Strait of Hormuz and Energy Independence

    Well it looks like I may be working on endurance and lung capacity weather I want to or not ;)
  24. MaxiMe

    End OWS!

    A horse of a different color :uhyeah:
  25. MaxiMe

    For the engineers Now that's a real Holiday layout :)
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