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    Yeah, I remember the series. I also remember her going to India for training there as well as several other places. It was "fight quest" with a different angle. :)
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    Kids Fought Back, Escape From Abductor

    Muscle memory is an important aspect of defending yourself but it's not as important (IMHO) in defending during an abduction attempt. Abductors are looking for their next easy victim. So long as the abductee makes a desperate and true attempt to fight back then just that resistance can be...
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    Kimbo Gets The Boot

    The way I see the situation is that White saw someone he could make a quick buck off of with a bit of hype. When the newness wore off it was time to give him the boot. I've seen a couple of interviews with Kimbo since the TUF thing and I'm impressed with the change I've seen in his personality...
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    How do your higher ranks treat lower ones in your club?

    At my school we tend to simpy not mingle outside of the dojo. We are a very varied group of people with very different interests outside of our aikido training. We offer training four out of seven days a week because so many of us have different work schedules so "hanging out" is incredibly...
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    Dojo question

    That's one of the things that I love about aikido, Don. You can have guys like me who skirt the line between -jutsu and -do on a regular basis and still have guys that concentrate on the spiritual side of the art a great deal and we can still sit and discuss our love of the art.
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    boot to the head

    Yes, indeed, always a classic... and unfortunately if you've taught for any length of time you had a few Ed Grubbermans come through the door.
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    Joint Locks

    Joint locks can work great...provided you put the same amount of training into them as you do a punch or kick or block, actually more time as their more complex. As others have said a lock is a destruction ratcheted down a notch. I don't always want to break the joint and sometimes breaking...
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    "martial arts specialist ninja" (ninjer) arrested

    If he was a true ninja the cops would have found an empty car and the folks he was yelling at would have thought it was the voices in their heads yelling at them. ;)
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    How to eat sushi properly...

    Wow, I feel so worldly now. "it's the samurai way." ;)
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    Yemeni child bride dies of internal bleeding

    If it were "condoned" there'd be no need for a cover up. The case in Yemen is a case of something atrocious being openly accepted. The cases in the church are being dealt with more aggressively with each passing year. I'm not a catholic so I've no reason to sit and argue about the merits (or...
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    Newest family member

    Yeah, if you see him run around the yard you get a good luck at how long his legs are. He's gonna be a biggie. No problem, though, we've got two acres for him to run around on.
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    "At The End of Their Rope"

    Seasoned, you're right on the money. Our pets are members of the family... all of them. Our ball python wouldn't eat for an extended period of time so we contacted a herpetologist and he made a house call. Why? Cause even the snake is a part of the family, a part that didn't choose to live...
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    Yemeni child bride dies of internal bleeding

    Too true. What's happening in the Catholic church (and others I'd wager) is patently illegal and opens the offenders up to prosecution. What's going on in Yemen is still considered legal and even the norm. The church offenses aren't condoned they are condemned by the very institution. No one...
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    Newest family member

    On the ride home we considered naming him "Smelly Gonzales"... my god, what were they feeding him?! In the end my wife rewarded me (am I being trained too?) with naming him Chesty. I'm a former Marine and had always told her if we ever got another dog I wanted a bulldog to name Chesty after...
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    Yemeni child bride dies of internal bleeding

    Thanks, John. From reading one of Bob's postings, legislation was passed to make the minimum age for marriage 17 but was overturned one day later by parlimintary manuevering of the conservative extremists in the government. Sounds like it's gonna take more than a law change to fix the situation.
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    Newest family member

    Thank you...oh, wait, you meant the dog. ;)
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    Yemeni child bride dies of internal bleeding

    I need a little clarification on this post, Omar. Are you saying that, no matter how horrific the practice may be to us, if the people in the area are ok with it we should just accept it as local custom?
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    Newest family member

    So, after years of asking, begging, pleading, etc my wife finally talked me into getting another dog. So, to add to my 11 year old cat (a rescue), our 5 year old mutt (a rescue) and our ball python (not a rescue) we now have a lab/spitz mix in the house. Cute as a button, loves me to death...
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    Teen Attacked Over Text Message

    Us? If you mean those of us discussing it here, well, maybe a little, but most of this particular "us" are already taking a pro-active approach to safety. If you mean "us" as in the general public then no. There will be knee jerk reactions on both sides of the fence for this one and folks will...
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    strength vs technique

    Jenna has, once again, taken the words nearly out of my own mouth. Instead of lecturing here for the next page and a half on the subject I'll just suggest that you do a search in the aikido forum using the word "strength" and check out many of the threads on the subject. It'll give you an...
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    Not the best of time for the |Catholic Church

    After reviewing the last few pages of this thread I want to take a moment to enter a gentle nudge in the "polite discussion" direction. Religion is one of the few things that many people simply cannot discuss reationally. Take this into consideration as you continue this topic of discussion...
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    Militia Members Arrested in Southern Michigan

    A nut job by any other name, to paraphrase WS. I've known a few "militia" types in the past. Some where very serious about the Constitution and protecting the rights there-in but most were utter and complete asshats who just wanted an excuse to drink beer, shoot weapons and belong to a "super...
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    Actually on CNN

    No, the real question is why was this guy off his meds?
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    Aikido vs anything?

    Most of the guys that claim they can teach you to DEVASTATE AND DESTROY ANY OPPONENT in one 60 minute cd and usually have LT. or Capt or Count in front of their names (usually a single letter for secrecy don't you know) will also claim they can catch a punch in mid-air. ;)
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    GoogleAds Are Creepy

    Yeah, it certainly has a 1984 feel to it. I'm waiting until they're able to tie your internet searches into your tv watching and give user specific television advertisements.
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    The UFC versus The US Marine Corps

    I think I still have my seabag around somewhere. I'm glad that the MMA guys in the video were very respectful of the Marines and the training. Dana White would have impressed me a bit more if he hadn't pussed out 'cause it was cold. 'Course I am no fan of Mr. White anyway.
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    GoogleAds Are Creepy

    Here you
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    The Salt War

    Hey, you, stay out of my kitchen. ;)
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    Aikido vs anything?

    Blade, you're welcome to poke your head into the aikido forum any time you've something to add. You are completely correct that there is no punch "catching" in aikido. I'd go so far to say that there is no punch catching in any art, rather punch blocking. No one I've ever met is fast enough...