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  1. paitingman

    AMA About Boxing Terrible Tim Witherspoon 2X Heavyweight Champion of the World Here

    Welcome! @Terrible Tim Witherspoon , What's one factor in boxing that most people would be surprised to hear about? Are punchers born? Do you have any hypothetical rule changes you'd like to see (any competition level)?
  2. paitingman

    The Mechanics Of Powering Your Martial Arts Movement

    This reminded me of something an old teacher pointed out and it's why keeping the fashion and technology of the times in perspective is valuable to me. We often take our modern world of "grip" for granted. People of the past often learned to fight and wrestle in footwear and on surfaces that...
  3. paitingman

    I need to create a simple training tool.

    can you accomodate an old tire with concrete in it? I've used tether ball poles like this and other applications. You can tip it and roll the tire to move it easily enough depending on the type of post or pole you put into it.
  4. paitingman

    Is it possible to do breaking with the instep without injury?

    I remember first doing 3/4" thick pine boards with the instep for demo team when I was 10 or 11. The older guys would sometimes do two of the boards stacked together with the instep. I'm in my 30s now and my insteps are very tough and healthy. No one at the gym will let me kick them with my...
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    Is ball of the foot roundhouse outdated with modern shoes?

    IMHO, the ball of the foot is not for friends lol. I don't throw it at my training partners, but I love roundhouse with the ball of the foot. It really depends on the shoes tho. I can do it in my sneakers (basically Keds) no problem. I cannot in my dress shoes. I'm picky about shoes so I buy...
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    Should UFC Adopt Shin Guards?

    My experience has different, but my kicks are probably different than yours. I kick the heck out of everyone's front calf, I don't care how light they are on their foot.
  7. paitingman

    Kung fu in MMA Wins

    It's much harder for me to stop double and single legs when the attacker can put their knee to the ground. You've been wrestling for a long time, so how do you deal with this?
  8. paitingman

    Kung fu in MMA Wins

    I'm also curious to know how much time he has spent training this kick. I know some TKD practitioners who are good with this kick as well. This kick really can have nasty results in SD scenario when people are standing more regular and less squared off.
  9. paitingman

    Inexperienced in hard sparring

    @Ivan , hope you have healed up well! how many lighter sparring sessions have you had recently leading up to this incident?
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    Should UFC Adopt Shin Guards?

    I agree. This kicking technique when applied in a certain manner I think inherently may just bear some risk of you snapping your leg without some sort of armor/protection. There are many ways to use the technique that bear less or no risk of snapping your leg.
  11. paitingman

    Should UFC Adopt Shin Guards?

    What do you do to minimize the risk of this happening to you? Is it just a freak accident every time? Is it a poorly executed technique sometimes? For myself, I pretty much never throw full out lowkicks. Softer thrown kicks people have a hard time seeing coming have always worked fine for me...
  12. paitingman

    Olympic TKD

    Did anyone see an exciting match this Olympic tournament?
  13. paitingman

    Can I have some more criticism on my shadowboxing and heavy bag work?

    @Ivan Always refreshing to see you working hard! You're looking swole and smooth lol I can tell you've been doing some slowed down exercises. Keep on developing that connectivity and balance. This time I have nothing to offer but general encouragement! A guy like you will improve so long as...
  14. paitingman

    Trimming Heavy Uniforms (Shureido)

    I second the tent repairmen/makers and leather workers suggestions. I think anyone who uses a sewing awl and an appropriate vise could probably do the stitching. I have been making myself clothes as a hobby since I was a teen and have used this tool to help make/alter doboks and demo costumes...
  15. paitingman

    What does your system call these stances

    1. Taekwondo (Oh Do Kwan? My first teacher never promoted or claimed a specific Kwan, but answered Oh Do Kwan when I asked him) 2. - Horse Riding Stance - ApKubi or ApKubiSeogi. Front/Forward Stance --(if stepping or looking backward) Bow Stance
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    Should UFC Adopt Shin Guards?

    Do you think shin guards could help with broken bones?
  17. paitingman

    Should UFC Adopt Shin Guards?

    Also, what if fighters were just allowed to wrap, brace, and put some tape on the lower calf area? That's what many of us used back in the day at TKD tournaments if shin guards weren't required. Calf kicks are usually aimed at the upper, more muscular part of the calf, so no protection up...
  18. paitingman

    Should UFC Adopt Shin Guards?

    They definitely make it easier to hold the leg and foot in some instances, but so do pants and shoes. I don't advocate for chest protectors. I don't think body shots are a risk. The post where I mention chest protection is me daydreaming of a more futuristic, thin armor (that may protect well...
  19. paitingman

    Should UFC Adopt Shin Guards?

    I also just read Coach John Kavanaugh says he kicked Porier's elbow while throwing a front kick and fractured his shin. Sooo maybe just a simple, minimal elbow pad would've prevented the whole accident? I'm all for blunting elbows and saving a few faces as well.
  20. paitingman

    Should UFC Adopt Shin Guards?

    this is why I think a newer, thinner concept for protective gear would be necessary. something that does not want to deform under sudden impact. It's so protective it becomes a weapon, which is why helmets and more protective gear would be needed I guess. I came up watching Pancrase and I...
  21. paitingman

    Should UFC Adopt Shin Guards?

    I imagine for UFC in the 2020s a futuristic, minimal, low profile shin guard and protective gear. Something very thin, leathery(?) but protective and it actually could save your leg from snapping. But then also head and ear protection of the same sort. Very thin. Maybe it's impact-reactive or...
  22. paitingman

    Should UFC Adopt Shin Guards?

    How many legends must break their leg before a safety measure is considered? After Conor Mcgregor's leg broke at UFC 264 last night, I saw a few tweets about shin guards almost immediately. I know some promotions have used shin guards. And all the pros are surely used to training & grappling...
  23. paitingman

    How do you test your MA skill without using the sport format?

    I am comforted by the presence of a ref or even just an association of mine standing by. But I also sometimes consciously confront the reality that the next punch may be one that kills me. Or just an unlucky, casual roll ends up tearing my knee Ref or not, I'm not free from all danger (ever...
  24. paitingman

    Criticise my boxing

    Great job, @Ivan ! Keep up the head movement drills, but focus on solid footwork and position. Taking a studied approach now and then to how you set your feet and step around during some drilling will make for very natural, safe, fluid footwork. I would also recommend to continue sparring...
  25. paitingman

    How do you test your MA skill without using the sport format?

    In my experience, groin shots are often not fight ending. But they can change the dynamics of the battle for position significantly for many positions. Clinching and dirty boxing I can do two quick, consecutive uppercuts to the groin just as I would to the body. This forces most people to move...
  26. paitingman

    Aikido.. The reality?

    I actually caught a few minutes of this livestream the two of them were doing earlier today and it got me thinking about Aikido and this thread. (I have no Aikido experience and haven't read up on the subject or this thread) But Dan was sharing a story from his youth about how he started in...
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    Cat Toy for Humans

    I do the same with my bookshelf haha My place is pretty tight on space so I mostly have to train outdoors My wife has put an and to me hitting myself against things in public for a few year now lol
  28. paitingman

    Cat Toy for Humans

    Just a brief glimpse of some good lighting outside during training today. I don't often film or post clips but I was having fun with this training toy. You cannot kick it too seriously or hard or else you will get it tangled, so it's limited to mostly playful exercise for me. I like to play...
  29. paitingman

    Double hooks with the same arm

    I use double hook often. Sometimes to knock down someones hand like you said. But other times just two strikes to the face. I've even done three in a row one time. I call it my slap hook. It's looser and faster than my check hook and sometimes striking more with the palm. it's never something I...
  30. paitingman

    Old Martial Arts techniques.

    Thanks for sharing this @JowGaWolf Really cool old footage. People should also keep in mind that we are looking at some young men LEARNING combatives. The two soldiers demoing I am assuming were the two that picked it up fastest. Also as a southpaw, I slip jabs to the inside quite often...