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    The use of "Shaolin" to describe CMAs that are not Shaolin-based to sound authentic

    Using the Shaolin name has been going on for so long, it's practically it's own tradition. To make it even more confusing, there's debate about how much martial arts the Shaolin themselves did, before the name became popular.
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    Master of Nothing: Or An Ounce of Humility

    That first line was brilliant. When it comes to our personal flaws, I think a lot of us just turn a blind eye to it, or run from it completely. It can take some courage to face those thing. But while you're working on smoothing out those wrinkles, you don't want to beat yourself up over it...
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    How To Start Martial Arts Training

    Some excellent advice.
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    What is really the difference between TMA and MMA? False Dichotomy...

    I have an idea. Not sure how well it works for more clear definition but, let's see. Instead of MMA, and TMA, how about kickboxing/grappling styles, and non kickboxing/grappling styles? I can't think of an overall term for non kickboxing/grappling styles.
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    What is Hwa Rang Do? How is it different from other MAs?

    The people involved in it have made a three part video about how Hwa Rang Do was formed. Here's the first part.
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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome. Hope you enjoy the site.
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    Kungfu documentary includes a boxer sparring with baji and pigua

    It all sounds promising, but the subtitles are really small. They're hard to read, so I can't really get into watching them. Which is a shame.
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    New training area!

    Looks pretty cool.
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    I finally built it!

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    For all those who think martial arts are fake.

    I had forgotten about that video. But now that you made me remember it, I'm going to have to share it with some friends now. Thanks.
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    Uncommon weapons

    There are an awful lot of martial arts weapons out there. Some are pretty rare, and some, though I see them in catalogs, I almost never see anyone practicing with them. I remember when I first saw a nagamaki but didn't know what it's name was. Trying to look it up took a really long, long time...
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    is Jun Chong TKD a legitimate TKD dojo for self defense?

    Not all TKD schools are McDojos. And every style of Martial art has been called unrealistic at one point or another. I don't think any of us has experience with this school so none of us can give you an exact answer to your questions. Only thing I could find out when looking it up, is that it is...
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    Chinese Martial Arts Weapons forum

    I've had only a tiny bit of training with the staff, and broadsword. But I have handled a lot of weapons before. My favorites were the spear, and the tiger hooks.
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    Your Art is BS!

    These are really funny. I'm going to have to watch more after I get home from work. Thanks for sharing these.
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    which is it your favorite attack?

    I like to get the person I'm working with to block with a bong sau then rotate my arm down along that block with a down ward punch.
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    Hike 56 of 52 hikes in 52 weeks....goal surpassed!

    You set a goal, you did it, and it worked out beautifully. It's always wonderful when that happens. Beware though, once you start accomplishing the goals you set for yourself, it'll lead you into doing it more often for future goals.
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    Naming Your Bo Staff?

    I have a couple of staves, and I gave both of them names. In fact every weapon I own has a name.
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    DF: Can BJJ work in a real fight??????

    It's been shown many times that it works before, but the debate still goes on.
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    Last Person Thread #4

    I now own a mini fridge. It just might change my life.
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    This touched me.

    Never underestimate the little things. Just like in martial arts, that tiny, little detail can make all the difference.
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    DF: Can BJJ work in a real fight??????

    why do all these scenarios always involve groups of people? sometimes there is actually only one. Bjj has proven itself to be an effective martial art. I think the people who write these things should spend less time wishing bjj was no good, and more time actually training. or pick up some...
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    I met Donnie Yen!

    That is pretty awesome.
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    The Unofficial Beginners Guide to Martial Arts

    I was once asked the question 'which style is the easiest?' At that time I couldn't come up with an answer. And I have no idea how often that gets asked, but it might be worth contemplating.
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    signature move

    Do you have one? Or maybe a few? Or do you have a favorite technique? The one I personally use most often is the trachea grab. Most commonly known as the eagle claw to the throat. Not very impressive to watch, but it works on pretty much everyone. My second most used is the shadowless kick. It's...
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    What Muay Thai IS and what it is NOT?

    I think the only way you're really going to get an answer to your question is to study Muay Thai yourself. There are core principles to the art but if you ask, say, 50 Muay Thai martial artists then you'll probably get 50 different answers since everyone is different. Even in the same style...
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    So you do Boxing, huh?

    This is something I've been wondering about for awhile now. Most people already know that if you practice a martial art it's usually a good idea to keep it to yourself. Otherwise if someone else finds out about it, they tend to take that as a sign to get offended, and have to try pick a fight...
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    Say something about the Martial Artist below you!

    Absolutely. Please allow me to express my love with this video below. The person below me loves Michelle Yeoh. (This one's just for you)
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    This Report Surprised and Saddened Me

    I've read a few articles about the obsession with white skin in places like China, Thailand, and South Korea. It made me wonder what would happen if one of them came over here, and saw all the tanning salons, self tanning sprays, and the like, and how they'd react to this obsession with becoming...
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    Doing other martial arts while learning Tai Chi Quan?

    Tai-Chi has been successfully blended with other styles before. Look up Mizongyi as an example. But the thing about mixing styles is you can't always mix just anything together. Each style is based on it's own guiding method, and some methods will clash against others. Or perhaps it's possible...
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    Two foot surgeries later...

    Yes, best of luck. I imagine she's really happy to get back into training.