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    shogun doesnt know how to punch properly

    Your stupid attitude needs a slap in your mouth....yu ****....banned!
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    shogun doesnt know how to punch properly

    shogun has been training with Freddie roach roach was talking about how shogun didn't know to rotate his hips and shoulders, and out weight on his front foot when punching this to me is crazy! how are you a fighter for what? 10, 15 years and you have never asked or looked up what proper...
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    re: how do you stop a fleeing sparring partner??

    five years every day vs. nothing is not fair.....I mean I know my technique is probably crap....but now I know why he is timid....
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    re: how do you stop a fleeing sparring partner??

    so now that I have more info on the situation.... I am a home trainer of mma....I have a small mma gym in basement and I have sparring partners in.... this guy was supposedly in mma classes at his gym....I taught him the basics of boxing and kicking.....and I told him keep up the mma classes...
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    re: how do you stop a fleeing sparring partner??

    or I may just start taking him down.....I threw a punch and then roundhouse at one point and missed his ducking head by a couple of inches,,,,,that was scary for him....
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    re: how do you stop a fleeing sparring partner??

    if you watched ufc on fox 8 - rory vs. can relate my sparring partner has been training 1 year vs. my we are both new.... the thing is...when I come in....he really flees....or what he does is band over and cover up.... obviously I don't want to hit a bent over...
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    re: truth about GSP

    i am a huge gsp fan....and I have done his workout program and follow his fights.... I realized the other night that the reason gsp fights the way he because he does not want to actually hurt his opponents for the most part..... he will jab them, throw a leg kick, and take them down...
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    Does training and sparring semi contact teach bad habits for self defence?

    I was just thinking this today.....I agree yes it can effect self defense.....with self defense....YOU DONT STOP UNTIL! when my training partner is bent over clutching himself....I always remember....that if this was self defense I would keep on going with a thai plum and knees to his...
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    UFC vs Traditional MA Debate

    sometimes I wish ufc fighters would use more kicks....all we get to see most of the time is roundhouse....I love how jon jones uses jkd side knee kick....which stops most fighters from taking him down....I guess a lot of kicks have you turning from your opponent which means take down....
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    MMA vs TMA

    I wasn't directing the rudeness comment to anyone in particular.....all martial artists either mma or tma dedicate their lives to this thing we are all trying to do....we are all trying this martial arts thing because we have faith in how absolutely positive for human beings it is.....that...
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    MMA vs TMA

    we are forgetting that martial artists are martial artists period......martial artists have a very unique way of seeing the world and dealing with it. the essence of being a martial artist is whats the most important thing for us to discover. I hate it when threads get into being rude......all...
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    The fight response.

    ALL HAIL THE RESPONSE FROM A LITTLE MORE EXPERIENCED MARTIAL ARTIST:THIS STORY OF YOURS is an example of what it means to discover the true essence of what being a martial artist is all about! you should feel exhilarated my friend......!!!!!! if you had channelled your energy into combat you...
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    lennox lewis' fight advice

    I mentioned before that I was going to meet lennox lewis this weekend at a university of west indies benefit gala....I married a Jamaican lady and lewis is Canadian and Jamaican.....I just want to say that it was magnificent to meet him....he is extremely was a priviledge to meet him...
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    Finishing moves

    I think finishing moves may be very hard to incorporate because you can never predict what is going to happen in a fight or sparring etc. why not see what techniques are your best, and easiest to perform for your body type....then practice the heck out of they become a part of...
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    Overthinking in sparring?

    I think its important to stay active too.....because my partner hesitates I had the time to "think" fake low, roundhouse high....and then I did it.....I did not have to worry about him doing much.....even if it is fakes or feints.....head fakes etc.....keep them guessing
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    Overthinking in sparring?

    I think you may be afraid to get sparring partner has a small fear of getting hit....and he hesitates way too much....the other thing is that you may need to practice your combos and kicks so they surface when you apply them.......don't think too much.....go with the flow but keep a...
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    any truly sweet moments in your training?

    those are some great moments...thanks for sharing! another thing that was sweet for me was being able to kick high at a target period....I have always been extremely un-flexible
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    any truly sweet moments in your training?

    so I have been practicing a bent-body spinning high heel kick.....and I have been training this kick since December 2012....and this week with my sparring partner I really nailed head and body spun around quick enough....I hit through instead of slapping the target.....and the power...
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    what would bruce lee say to home trainers?

    I really want to join an mma school....I would love some guidance on my kicking....and I would love to have more sparring partners....I only have one right now....but the times of the classes are truly hard for me right now....with two small kids at home I want to bathe them and feed them and...
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    What Do You Think Are The Best Self Defense Weapons?

    how about your 3 middle fingers for an eye poke.....or a good old weapon of a sidekick to the knee....or a nipple twist lol
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    Need Decorating Ideas for a Dojo

    I think some chin up and pull up bars up on the walls would be perfect.....doing chin ups and pull ups will add strength, muscle, and most importantly speed to their hands
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    Knee trouble?

    let knee fully recover first of all.....then do the opposite.....stretch ALOT.....and do EASY leg exercises......or you will have a huge problem when your 40 years old.....for awhile now do not do hard leg workouts two days in a row....its about the concept of over-use
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    Student striking with far too much power your signature quote in the reddish colour....going to use it for a spiritual journal today with my students....
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    Student striking with far too much power

    sounds like he is doing it on purpose.....I say tell him to stop and that yu feel he is doing it on purpose....if you agree with may need to ask him to leave.....he is not a two year old son smashes me in the mouth when we play....he doesn't know his strength...if you...
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    Diet help

    lots of veggetables.....raw works well for me.....extra protein after a all of your carbs in the morning so you can work them off....and eat healthy carbs like oatmeal and quinoa(a grain).....I do veggies and carbs in the day, more protein at have to burn more...
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    How can one obtain formlessness??

    technique will get one's azz killed?..............I can see that!! I think if you can use that technique....and remember your defense....if your in a self defense or fighting can hopefully be too much for your opponent......
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    Running out of gas during class,what can i do to help me?

    the best workout is full body workout....go from standing to the floor on your belly, get up again, then repeat....when this is easier for you....plyo-burpees.....jump in the air, hit the deck, sprawl with a push up and then jump up again on your feet......this will get yu into shape....with all...
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    me using my martial arts skills in combat

    I thought yu might find it wife laughed....she never laughs!
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    me using my martial arts skills in combat

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    How can one obtain formlessness??

    formlessness is adaptability, unpredictability, and empty mind where you do not think of your moves but do them with victory and zero the untouchable martial the master this what I am hearing? from what I read so far of lee's fighting...