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    Renzo Gracie Arrested

    This story has been traveling around the news. A couple of years back he gave an online blow by blow of being followed by a bunch of guys and beating them up. This could have gone really badly for him. Bouncers in the club world are a variety of true professionals to people who are looking for...
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    Moutpiece Question

    How many mouthpieces do you need? I heard from some people who are experienced fighters that double mouthpieces are good for the professional fighters but if you are just sparring in a school you just need one mouthpiece which is the upper jaw one.
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    Is it important to prepare for the martial arts?

    Maybe he thought he was learning Drunken Style Kung Fu?
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    Is it important to prepare for the martial arts?

    Maybe he is still working on getting in better shape? :) There are people who catch quicker in martial arts because they are in shape. There is an advantage of being in shape. But you are going to lose weight, you are going to get more flexible and your cardio is going go up if you are always...
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    Is it important to prepare for the martial arts?

    If you are not in shape and want to take up martial arts, is it good idea to at work out a couple of weeks to get your cardio up, lose a couple a couple and have better flexibility before starting your class or just jump in?
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    Sucker punched

    You hit it right on the head. If this took place in a restaurant, train station or a place where there were a lot of people which was well lit and she had people backing her up. And if she did not spit on that one guy it would have gone down differently. The messed up thing is that that happened...
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    Sucker punched

    Just did a search on "king hits". Some serious stuff. Especially with rugby. You are completely right about the repercussions even if you are in the right. Recently I was on the bus and was getting ready to get off because my stop was coming up, I feel a strong poke in my back. Nothing life...
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    Sucker punched

    That's all I got from her on how it went down. Preaching to the choir. I don't know what the boyfriend was doing except the part when he asked about one of the guys about his momma. But like I said at the first sign of trouble, they should have gotten as far away from those jerks as possible.
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    Sucker punched

    Talking to a friend last night and they told me this messed up story about a couple she is friends with that happened to them recently. The couple is walking downtown As they are walking four guys are behind her yelling about her rear end. So the girl turns around and yells at them for being...
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    Making students to sign a contract with a non-compete clause

    I am not going to name the parties involved or the style. I was reading an online review about a school where are former student was trashing the school and posted the email between the student and the teacher which got nasty. The issue was that the former student did not want to sign a...
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    Jim Kelly - a small tribute

    Jim Kelly does not notice he is in Heaven. He is too busy looking good.
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    What is the best way to break up a fight?

    Bunch of friends of mine were talking about breaking up fights, we all agreed that you have to be really careful about it. Below is a clip of a news reporter breaking up a fight The reporter almost gets smacked by a baton. One of my friends told me a story of...
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    The history of MMA

    That is very interesting. I had no idea the phrase was that old. Have fun camping.
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    The history of MMA

    A friend sent me this link. It is really fascinating and it shows the behind scenes of martial arts development. What is confusing is that the author refers to it as mixed martial arts history. This sounds more like...
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    Can anyone say, Awesome!

    I remember seeing ads for this Y.K Mim's school in TKD Times and it also showed an ad for this movie back in the day.
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    But you're not a black belt.

    As I said before. I am not bagging on WTF TKD. I sparred with a WTF guy who had these really crazy kicks. Because he knew I was going to throw punches at him, he was always ready with a counter. And it was always with a kick. He really made me respect kicking. So please. Let's be civil. And...
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    But you're not a black belt.

    Funny you mention that. When I first started learning how to do a wheel kick, I kept losing my balance. A relative of mine who knows nothing about martial arts realized after watching me that I was moving too fast.
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    But you're not a black belt.

    This weekend some friends of one of my training buddies decided join us for a training session. It was pretty cool but afterwards things got a little tense. One of the guys who was joining us was a black belt in WTF/Olympic style TKD. He claimed to be a real hot shot during his college days and...
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    Lifetime memberships

    Does anyone here have or offer a lifetime membership to their school? There is a school that I know of that offers lifetime memberships to long time students every now and then. He does not push these on his students and if there is no interest he pulls them off the table and puts them out...
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    Suriving a street brawl

    Simple stuff. But it works. I like this one. Youre not off-limits, no matter how pretty you are. Anyone care to add anything else to the list?
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    Has this ever happened to you?

    One of my training buddies was asked by a friend of his to help out at his daughter's birthday party that was taking place at this party place. Everyone had a lot of fun but he noticed something really strange about himself. He had to drive some of the kids over to the party place. When he got...
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    What do you do when personal stuff effects training?

    Funny you mention that. When it became clear he wasn't all there , we were all on our toes more than we usually are and every now and then someone would ask if he was okay. And he would be like yeah. But he knew he was off, which is why he apologized.
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    What do you do when personal stuff effects training?

    A couple of days ago I got together with a group of friends to do some informal training. We share techniques and do some sparring. One of our friends was completely out of it. He could barely focus. Which was surprising since he is the best of the group. After we ended training, he apologized...
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    Bat attack

    Ohhhh, Yup. He does not want to hurt anyone but he wants everyone to know he means business. Would this be an example of a threat display? I think he would have been more effective using it like a police baton and held both ends and pushed people away with it.
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    Bat attack

    I never heard of the term check swinging before. Where does that term come from? Can't argue with that.
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    Bat attack This a video where one guy jumps in with a bat during a melee. As far as I can tell, it looks like no one got seriously hurt. I think the reason why is that first of all the guy probably did not want to hurt anybody. Also he probably had no idea how to properly use a...
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    Martial Arts and Cardio

    Thanks for the responses everyone. I agree that if you want to run a marathon, you got a run. Want to fight, you have to fight.
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    Martial Arts and Cardio

    What has martial arts done for your cardio? A colleague of mine started Karate about a year a half a go. How he hates doing cardio which is why he started martial arts. He does about 3-4 classes a week and he is really enjoying himself. A couple of weeks ago he was traveling, the hotel he is...
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    Studying a new art and remembering the last one.

    Over the Labor Day weekend I was at a barbecue where I had a conversation with a friend of a friend. He is a Shodan in Shotokan but now he trains in BJJand holds a brown belt. Even he trains full time in BJJ, he still trains on his in Shotokan, doing Kihon and Kata at least twice a week. Even...
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    Your training schedule

    I was wondering if any of you do anything different outside of your martial arts class when you train on your own. Some people stick to the same class routine when they train on their own. Some focus on different things like forsm one day, kicks another. Do you all stick to the same class...