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    Chin-na ???

    our instructor is very advanced in joint locking (chin na, aikido) and I will have to agree 100% with whats been said, namely, if you dont have flexible joints, START STRETCHING NOW it can be very very painful, but chin na can be invaluable in an altercation where you dont want to beat the guys...
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    rooting and takedowns

    Ok cool :) Im not trying to say that rooting makes you invincible to takedowns, but it can definetly enhance your ability to "stay rooted." I havent sparred any grapplers but I have pushed and been pushed (hard) since I started my stance training, and I have noticed that I feel much more...
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    rooting and takedowns

    Then I must be a dinosaur too! The reason people think stance training is "antiquated and useless" is because they either dont fully understand it, or they tried it and they didnt get immediate results, so "obviously it doesnt work." I would be interested int this rooting specific training, if...
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    rooting and takedowns

    Very interesting that only kenpoka have responded to this...I was not aware of rooting concepts available in kenpo, I had only heard of it in aikido, tai chi, wing chun, and other internal arts...(not sure if kenpo is internal or external or both) Very cool! I work on classic horse stance and...
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    rooting and takedowns

    Hello, I have heard of Taijiquan masters being able to root themselves so well that even many people cannot push them over. I have also heard of something similiar in Aikido, where one can become so firmly rooted in the ground that they cant be picked up or moved by anybody. I am wondering...
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    Amature MMA fight from Middle Tennesse State University!

    heh, I like the jumping attack the black dude uses...
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    Britney Spears admits it.....

    Celebrities show their skin all the time. How many movies have been made that have nudity and/or sex with major stars? In hollywood things are so contorted, people get so steeped in gratuitiousness and so it takes more and more to get their fix of sex n'drugs, and as a result America is...
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    Is martial arts for me?

    Basically anything right now is gonna be good for your fitness; I wouldnt worry too much about being "out of shape" because no matter what you do is going to be better than sitting around watching tv right? As long as you train hard and stick to it, you will get results. Just get in the...
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    Bung Bo Two Man Set Video

    I see...thats interesting. we do a similiar thing with the 5 animal drill(shoalin) , but its not nearly as long or as complex. thanks for the video again! i really enjoyed it. peace Keith
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    Bung Bo Two Man Set Video

    thats awesome! it says two man set, does that mean its a pre-determined drill or is it free sparring?
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    MMA versus Kung Fu Video!

    IMO its all about experience and the type of training. I know some TMAists who would definetly hold their own, even against a pro fighter. I just wish that these arrogant "masters" wouldnt do this, it just gives kung fu a bad rep and 90% of people know only what they see on film (concrete...
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    I would say no shorter than four feet and no longer than seven.
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    martial arm?

    :confused: really? whats that? looks like an arm to me Yeah its pretty cool but 400 bucks cool? What do you think? would it be worth it? Actually, I have come up with my own idea for something like that. My mom had a thighmaster thing that she never used, and by bending it around (no easy...
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    moving shoulder

    I was wondering, I have seen many clips of people doing wing chun, and while usually their technique looks ok, a lot of times when they punch they put their shoulder into it without unifying this movement with the hips. is this bad wing chun technique? shouldnt the shoulder remain relaxed and...
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    This just in

    I think it would also be a good idea to go in with an informed opinion, i.e. do a little research (if you havent already). Find scripture to back up your claims. If you go there is a lot of good opinions and information already put...
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    martial arm?

    Check this out: It looks pretty sweet. I might save up my money for one. I like that it has spring resistance and an 'elbow' What do you guys think?
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    This just in

    I agree this is a good viewpoint too IMO:
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    how to tell the difference between sport and traditional MA?

    ^I agree Pads are very useful as they give you some impact and teach you how to deal with force. Sparring full contact without pads can be dangerous for beginners. From someone who has been to Traditional (Wing Chun) and "Sport" (TKD) classes, I would have to say that the sport classes dealt a...
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    Magnetic feilds...

    This is really fascinating to me. Is there an article somewhere you can link me to that explains more about this theory/tests? I think that Chi is best explained in this exact manner; separating it from the purely metaphysical and realizing that it is in fact intergal to every body function...
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    Why and How Iron Palm.

    First off, Great post Ali! Second, my Sifu makes and sells high grade authentic Dit Da Jow (and also many other formulas) with many high quality ingredients shipped from around the world. I can assure you its the real deal and not "half grade" if anybody is interested, check the pro shop for...
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    MMA versus Kung Fu Video!

    I know, its not the style thats fighting and all, I was just curious. I cant really tell by his stance, although it looks like an external style maybe? Hung Gar? It looks like he kinda went blindly into his attack to me and maybe he didnt expect it to go to the ground? Pretty stupid IMO
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    MMA versus Kung Fu Video!

    The "Kung fu guy" looks like hes awful confident, perhaps not taking into account that the guy hes fighting is a pro. Plus if hes that eager to prove himself (betting 25k) then he probably needs an ego-deflation. Does anybody have an idea what style the kung fu guy practices?
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    A different perspective

    Im not sure what you mean by "standing-on-stake"? But yes, it does require a great deal of understanding and success in training to be able to actively apply these principles in combat...
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    How do you find time to train?

    No problem :) Now that I read the post I seem a bit defensive, but its ok really I was just clarifying. yes i know! lol, right now as finals draw near, its almost impossible for me to make any time at all Very true, good post! Heh, its funny you mention this, because I get a lot of...
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    Christmas = Sex Magic!

    I believe the defence was raised because of your rather pretentious dismissal of all things biblical, plus any time you reference Christ or Christians, it seems to be in a somewhat snide manner, as if you just couldnt in a million years understand why anybody with half a brain cell could...
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    How do you find time to train?

    Just to clarify, MA is NOT a hobby for me, I do consider it a way of life and not just something I do to kill time. Thats why I consider my training time so important... Now as I read more of your posts, I think I am beginning to realize that I am training like most people, and Im not as "far...
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    Getting old, muscle memory, and younger black belts

    Hi Stryder! Welcome to the forum! :) This is one of the reasons I wanted to train an internal martial art. Because, in the end, when you study a true internal martial art, it doesnt matter how many push ups you can do or how much weight you can lift. My Sifu is well into his sixties and he...
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    How do you find time to train?

    Thank you all for replying :) I have just been so frustrated with school and work, and on top of that it seems like I never have the time to train like I want to. You all have some very good advice on making time to train, and I appreciate your enthusiasm. The problem with getting up early or...
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    How do you find time to train?

    I am a college student enrolled in 13 credit hours, with a full time job where I work 38-40 hours a week. I also have a girlfriend and a family to spend time with. I go to my Wing Chun class usually twice a week, which is not as much "hard training" as it is learning, and we are expected to...