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    Judo in Illinois?

    Hey, Thanks in advance. I'm doing some digging for a friend: I'm looking for a Judo club that has children's classes near Shorewood, Illinois. The closest I can find is in Naperville. Which isn't that far for people who have been training for a while, but is a bit far to convince someone to...
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    Chicagoland Ninjutsu

    Also, quick note: There are two students (12 + years each) of James Morganelli who teach west of Chicago. One in Rockford (Jeff) and one in Schaumburg (Joe). I can recommend them both. If you're anywhere close I think you should take a look before you make any long term training decisions...
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    Changing Dojo or Teacher

    I've received your PMs, I'll reply there.
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    Changing Dojo or Teacher

    If you are a Shidoshi-ho you can deal with Hombu directly. Do you have a Shidoshi-ho certificate? You should have received the paperwork with all of that. You can PM me if you'd like some detailed advice on how to sort this out, I can help you figure out what's what.
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    Changing Dojo or Teacher

    Few things : Rank in the Bujinkan comes from Soke, not your instructor. You may change instructors and keep any rank you have a Hombu certificate for. It's not in anyone's power (save Soke) to take that away. You do not need to get permission from anyone to train with anyone. (What's polite...
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    Was Ninjutsu EVER Effective?

    You're right. It's a complete fantasy, move along. Hombu is crowded enough as it is.
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    Are most Bujinkan dojos Ad Hoc training style?

    I have people wear a white belt (or no belt) for the first few months, until they can roll with some skill. Then they get a green belt. I don't do real 'ranks' until shodan. My ranking system: white belt: I'm made of glass green belt: my safety is your responsibility shodan: my safety is my...
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    Starting a Training Group

    I completely 100% disagree with this. It's better to not teach anything. I agree with the previous comment that the OP should find a dojo, train, and then, well, train some more. But, if you must 'teach', make sure you have an instructor's support.
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    Kyusho Jitsu

    I used to do this stuff, the problem with it is that it doesn't work. So, buyer beware.
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    Tron: Legacy

    I usually worry about sequals like this. But, I saw the trailer: PURE WIN!!!!!!!!
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    New ninja trend?

    +1 for gymkata
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    Looking for Ninjitsu Training Partners in the NW Indiana Area

    There's more than one Bujinkan dojo in Chicago. "The Bujinkan in Chicago" is not having "rough times". I don't even know what that means.
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    Ninjutsu Suppliers

    In most martial arts the power is in the belt, that's why they don't wash them. But in Ninjutsu it's in the tabi, so you shouldn't wash those. Think of all the training you're putting right down the drain! ;)
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    A Question About Ninjutsu

    As I said, it is certainly true that this is a sort of winning. However, while we in the Bujinkan tend to make that distinction between winning and surviving, it is important that we do so, I think. So, while it is semantic, I don't think it's superficial. You might say that 'winning' is a bit...
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    Kamae Question

    Ok. Fair enough. So, OP: We all agree on the stretching, as for ukemi - make your own decision, as there's a bit of 'vigorous debate' about that. As for the Kamae training, just say 'no'. Now that I think of it: How about you email the instructor you plan to train with in the future and ask...
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    Kamae Question

    If they're able to toss themselves on the ground without hurting themselves and able to roll every which way, they'll be well prepared for training. Learning Kamae from a book or practicing techniques with a friend from some home video course would cause difficulties. But, a bit of rolling...
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    Kamae Question

    @Chris: I don't know, I like to have people learn to roll in all possible ways. I'm not really all that concerned with particular kaiten techniques. I also learned to roll on the same side leg in Aikido. Now I can do both. I teach both. @Bruno:As for the foot thing, it's a common problem that...
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    Kamae Question

    You've piqued my curiosity: Could you talk a bit about some of these minor mistakes, errors, or habits? I'm having trouble thinking of some pitfalls myself, but that's probably just because I've been rollin' for 15 years and have blocked out memories of my previous horrible ukemi as a method of...
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    Kamae Question

    Echo everyone else. However, I'll go one further and give my advice for what you can practice before you find an instructor. 1. Flexibility - there's plenty of books on good stretching, the more flexible you are the quicker your ukemi (rolling , mostly, sorta :) ) will come along. 2. Ukemi -...
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    A Question About Ninjutsu

    Who said that? (I have a guess) Anyway, as participants in the thread can see, it becomes a bit of a semantic issue. Looking at the biggest picture, it is the art of winning in a way. Surviving is winning after all. But what it's not is the art of winning the...
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    A Question About Ninjutsu

    Chris, Your posts are of a consistently high quality. However, while you speak as if these comments are fact, I would propose that there's a fair bit of opinion in there as well. As a Bujinkan member who has been traveling to Japan frequently (and having an instructor who lived in Japan during...
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    A Question About Ninjutsu

    The reason is precisely that wanting to win is pretty much a mortal sin in the Bujinkan. Leads to all sorts of dying, which is inconvenient. I was told recently by ASIR*: 1. Be effective 2. Don't lose (3. But don't try to win either) *A Shihan I Respect
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    Goldman charged with fraud

    Things like this are always more complicated than journalists understand. Now, I think there's a reasonable chance that there was some fraud going on, but it's not going to be of the character that the media and the average joe thinks it is. Things like this : Show that the people writing...
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    Jinenkan rank progression

    Every Bujinkan dojo does it differently. I don't even really give kyu ranks. When people can take ukemi safely I tell them to buy a green belt. A bunch of years later I promote them to shodan and get them the necessary paperwork. Cuts way down on people interested in anything but the...
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    What Makes it To-Shin Do?

    There are examples (ok, maybe only one) that I can think of of westerners being awarded Menkyo Kaiden in specific schools. I've not heard of him then issuing any sort of license himself. I think it's doubtful someone would do something like that (although, to be honest, I really don't know...
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    Goldman charged with fraud

    I'm fairly sure that these were not 'investments' that the average person was involved in. I think a lot of the downturn is less related to simply Goldman's case and more related to a concern about 'inappropriate' future regulation risks as well as sympathetic moves in other financial stocks...
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    Spirit Warriors Dojo, San Antonio

    His Judan is entirely credible.
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    Dojos in Melbourne or Bendigo Australia

    I can vouch for Tim Bathhurst and Peter Meden.
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    Judo expert faces jail time for beating up man

    This is only semi-related but it shows better than anything I've ever seen about the utility of not being an *** because you train martial arts:
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    kansas training partner

    That site needs some serious spell-checking.