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    Behold, the Taser Sword!

    Another new item form the Acme Corporation, It slices! It dices! It cauterizes!
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    Who would you study with?

    There you go again acting like a Moderator or Administrator when you hold no such powers, if you would have taken the time to read my post you would have found the link to my source in Chen Pan Ling, name. Maybe your Flaming or Trolling my post because I'm a new member, but get your facts...
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    Taiji push hands basics

    That's close, but not exactly what I said is common knowledge throughout the taijiquan community, and describes push hands in general. To get this thread back on topic. I was doing some research and found this
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    Who would you study with?

    Chen Yun Ching Born June 3rd 1939 in Chong Ching China, number seven child, considered to be the favorite of his father’s eight children, migrated to Taiwan with his family at six years of age and began his strict training in Shaolin Boxing at the age of eight. In his adolescence...
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    BBC documentary on UK martial arts history

    "Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting: the Rise of Martial Arts in Britain" The documentary covers the cultural impact of Asian martial arts in the UK, beginning with Bartitsu circa 1900 and moving through to the Bruce Lee craze of the 1970s.
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    Xinyiquan and Xingyiquan Applications

    Playing Taijiquan and crosstraining Xingyiquan, and Ba Gua Zhang together you are bound to see some crossover in styles, movement or form, but it I have found by crosstraining in other internal sister styles really helps my Taijiquan.
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    Just joined!

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Taiji push hands basics

    Taijiquan push hands is an exercise primarily designed to enhance a player's ability to remain balanced while in contact with an opponent. Push hands training improves one's ability to disrupt the balance of an opponent by finding where his or her center of gravity is and exploiting it...
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    Hi everyone.

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    Gi shopping

    Century Martial Arts-Largest mixed martial arts supplier-Karate Belts-Karate Uniforms-sparring gear-MMA-MMA gear-MMA glove-MMA shorts Tapout-UFC
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    California Kid

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    Hello, newbie.

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    Hello from California

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    Improve your practice

    Thanks for the welcome, the links were not intensional, and I was only temp banned for disagreeing with a Mods actions.
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    Improve your practice

    Apply these to your form, your techniques, your applications and especially your drills & sparring. 1. LOWER Everything you train today should be a little lower than it was yesterday. And make tomorrow a little lower than today. Keep at it until your thighs are parallel to the floor...