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    How much time does a regular class spend on forms? Is it mostly drills.
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    Im back

    I am back from a long lay of. Just started WTF taekwondo.. I had a lot of fun. Excited. I glad i maintained my streching routine and made improvements in my flexbility while my time off.
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    My instructor trains us to be tense/rigid

    I am not upset with you.
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    My instructor trains us to be tense/rigid

    I'm not 3rd degree. For a long time I muscled my punches and kicks. We are told to relax until the time of contact with the target. Thats why some people seem to have crazy agility. Agility is not even a term used at my studio. It's just becuase they are 3rd degree. Thats why I would rather...
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    My instructor trains us to be tense/rigid

    I'm not a bad guy. I can say I am nice and candid. It's just when ownership changed the relationships there started going sour. Nothing personal against my instructor. I am just having a hard time letting go. Taekwondo was my life for a while. Forget what I said about everything. This thread...
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    My instructor trains us to be tense/rigid

    Ok, Dave. I am going to try Tai Chi. I have had that in the back of my mind. I do expect to much from TKD. In a way I didn't know I was expecting too much. Sorry. Thanks for the input. Actually today I wanted to practice Tai Chi this morning but I ended up practicing my ATA forms. I did it in...
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    My instructor trains us to be tense/rigid

    Yeah, I am usually worried or nervous. Thats why I'm tense. Now that I don't train there I feel better about how I do taekwondo. I may or may not decide to pursue TKD. Maybe another sport would be better.
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    My instructor trains us to be tense/rigid

    My instuctor tells me I have low self-worth. Thats why I started Taekwondo. To improve myself. At some point I decided I wanted to be the best I could be. It's simply not happening there. People tell me I'm talented and I don't take credit for it. Then they say I'm humble. I don't know if they...
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    My instructor trains us to be tense/rigid

    I like Taekwondo. I just don't like that he makes me feel like I am in control of my success. I take classes and I am not at the level I want to be at. He doesn't tell me anything about conditioning or how to practice outside of the studio. I think he is afraid to have someone that has more...
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    TKD and Business are they compatible???

    In response to the original question. Without looking at the responses. To give quality instruction you have to market to one group of people. It hard to manage the very young, the not so young, and the people that are not young. They all have different wants and needs. So you might end up give...
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    My instructor trains us to be tense/rigid

    I feel like my instructor is on a time schedule. Classes last 45 minutes. I get the impression he is trying to cram as much material into a class.(forms,weapons,sparring) He will get us to do all the color belt forms within 5-10 mintues. This does not teach me or an already tense student to...
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    Jump Spinning Side Kick

    if it is a jump reverse side kick, why would someone call it jump spinning sidekick??? What style of taekwondo do you practice?
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    Sleeping, Breathing, Chi

    I have a question. I have been obeserving other people breathe while they are asleep. It seems to be audiable, why? In plain english what I am trying to say is I can hear it. I suspect it to be using a different type of nasal breathing that I never hear mentioned in chikung books.
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    Jump Spinning Side Kick

    Do you have any links to a video?
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    Jump Spinning Side Kick

    Jump spinning side kick? I have been out of taekwondo for 6 months and I have been doing it 5 years previously. Is this a new kick?
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    Staying loose

    STATIC FLEXIBILITY! I use static flexibility exercises. I do front splits to one side then to the other side. Side splits and Center splits. Advanced kicks that require you to be very loose, relaxed, fast and agile will improve. My Jump spin outer cresent kick improved a lot. Its faster and...
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    Weight training for powerful strikes

    Don't forget to actually practice your strikes. Weightlifting does not do all the work. You still have to practice punching and kicking.
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    Being overweight, judging overweight, judging others generally...

    Look at some powerlifters. They are overweight and very very very strong. If you are overweight and not fit, it's time to start working out. I think anyone on martial talk that has weight problem is going in the right direction by practicing their martial art.
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    flexibility issues

    Did you injure your left leg? I did and its never been the same.
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    Should TKD be trained like Boxing?

    MMA has a little of everything.
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    WTF TKD sparring hands down?

    If you get close to me you better keep your hands up.
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    Another kick question

    All we need is a front kick for grion shots, round kicks to take out the legs, and stomp kicks to prevent attacker from getting up. For point sparring we need as many as possible.
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    Weight Training and TKD

    Look up Davis's Law on Wiki
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    Sang H. Kim

    I have his book Ultimate Flexibility. I give it two thumbs up.
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    Weight Training and TKD

    Imagine the imbalances you would develop if you didn't work all the major muscles of the body. You could have way overpowering quads compared to the hamstring which may lead to injury or worse performace. I recommend getting as good as you can in TKD and after years of training throw some...
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    Should TKD be trained like Boxing?

    I agree. Thats why you use protective gear to help withstand the harder blows. We shouldn't hit each other to the point of breaking ribs or breaking necks.
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    Weight Training and TKD

    Oh no.... (shaking head) crossfit guys
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    Should TKD be trained like Boxing?

    I don't like the high impact part of training. I much rather it be light contact.
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    Weight Training and TKD

    It depends on what type of weight training you do. If you are powerlifting 500+ pounds of weight you are going to run into some problems. Bodybuilding type training is good to develop a better body for ANY sport. There is Ideal body composition for certain sports. Also certain sport tend...