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  1. Flea

    "Edith's 50th Birthday" article

    This is a blast from the past. Perhaps a little dated, but not by much. If you were a fan of "All In the Family" back in the day, you may remember a 1977 episode where a man forces his way into the Bunker household while Edith was alone with clear intentions. I watched it as a kid (probably way...
  2. Flea

    i can't breathe

    I've been having a weird medical problem with shortness of breath, and it's taking a big bite out of my quality of life. It started a couple of weeks ago, immediately after donating blood. I came home from the blood bank and sorted laundry, and got so winded that I had to stop and gulp air as...
  3. Flea

    Bizarro neighbor issue

    Hello all, I used to be a regular here but it's been a few years. This morning I was confronted with a very ambiguous situation which ... might be threatening? I thought this might be a good place to turn for feedback. I currently live in a one-story duplex with a tiny backyard that's fully...
  4. Flea

    Bizarro neighbor issue

    Hello all, I used to be a regular here but it's been a few years. This morning I was confronted with a very ambiguous situation which ... might be threatening? I thought this might be a good place to turn for feedback. I currently live in a one-story duplex with a tiny backyard that's fully...
  5. Flea

    A safety plan when you're homeless ...

    Hello all! It's been quite a while since I've posted on MT. Life has been very good to me over the last several months and I've been enjoying a hiatus from the warm blue glow of the monitor. But lately I've come up against an interesting conundrum at work and I knew this was the place to come...
  6. Flea

    The internet really IS made of cats!

    Here's proof! And a little extra assistance for those websites that aren't fully in touch with the impending takeover.
  7. Flea

    Training is where you make it.

    I got creative and added a new element to my training today. We'll call it ... bus fu? The game is very simple. While riding the bus, stand up and use the hand supports as little as possible. I learned a lot about how my body responds to different directions of inertia (forwards and backwards...
  8. Flea

    So you think you can dance

    I usually try to avoid anything that smacks of reality TV, but my family got me hooked on this one. It's an elimination talent show, but it boasts world-class dancers and top choreographers. I've been loving the audition segments this season because they draw a lot of artists doing brilliant...
  9. Flea

    I need a good flexibility video

    Flexibility is one glaring weakness of mine, and I've been making it a priority. I do a lot of stretching on my own, but sometimes it's good to have some extra instruction to keep me on task. Can anyone recommend a good DVD? I prefer the slow deliberate movements commonly found in Pilates and...
  10. Flea

    Shame on you hunters!

    Had you going for a minute there, didn't I? :uhyeah:
  11. Flea

    Armored truck robbery

    A friend recently introduced me to the music (?) of Skrillex, and tonight I've had a lot of fun digging through his videos. This one is a fun reinterpretation of the heist genre. Enjoy! And be sure to ladle yourself a big bowl of ice cream while you're at it.
  12. Flea

    Not responding to drama

    For the most part I've gotten pretty good at letting Other People's Drama wash over me. I have good boundaries, and I tend to have a good feel for where other people's problems end and mine begin. But I still have my own buttons. One of my coworkers has been giving me the icy silent treatment...
  13. Flea

    Eternal vigilance is the price ...

    ... of an unmolested credit card. Believe it or not, I'm pretty pleased with how this went. After a period of poverty in my life, I have a tendency to be very money-driven and cheap (this also drives my friends crazy, which is a nice fringe benefit. :uhyeah:) So I have a tendency to be very...
  14. Flea

    Public transportation rant

    I've had it up to here with taking the bus!! It's taken me 13 months to admit it, although I've come through a lot of denial and stubbornness to get here. I had a perfectly good pickup that I sold last January amid predictions of gas topping at over $5/gallon. My city has some of the best mass...
  15. Flea

    Schroedinger's homicide

    This thread is equal parts Horror story and LEO, with a splash of comedy thrown in for its pure weirdness factor. The facts seemed straightforward enough when the story broke - a young lady giving birth and then smothering and trashing the newborn. Awful, senseless tragedy. But as the story...
  16. Flea

    The future of health care delivery in the United States

    Yesterday I went to a very exciting seminar given by a behavioral health consultant on adapting to new budgets and universal health care. It goes without saying that we have major changes in the pipeline as providers become more creative in addressing age-old problems. Ultimately, the goal is...
  17. Flea

    Making music

    This has nothing to do with martial arts, but .. what the hell. After entirely too many years out of the field, I finally dusted off my larynx and auditioned for a concert choir. I'm a pretty good musician. I've always been the strong dependable voice in any challenging harmonies. But that...
  18. Flea

    Weight loss without exercise

    It's been almost 6 months since my groin injury, and I'm still tiptoeing around. Every so often I'll make some headway with it, and then I'll get excited, push the envelope, and knock myself back to where I started. Turns out, all I need to do to re-injure it is walk a few blocks. Or sit...
  19. Flea

    What is a phone call worth?

    I've mentioned elsewhere that I love my apartment complex. There's nothing remarkable about the housing itself, but it's a very far cry from my old crack hood. It's on the edge of town, surrounded on three sides by a nature preserve. No boom cars, no airport flight path, and minimal light...
  20. Flea

    Me and my shadow

    I didn't take this picture, but I thought you folks might enjoy it. This picture was a Christmas present after a summer camping trip at Crater Lake. I never go camping without my best friend.
  21. Flea


    I think this is going to be my new workout regimen ... What's not to love? :drinkbeer
  22. Flea

    Feline seizures

    I lost my beloved cat last week. I came home to find her staggering drunkenly in tight little circles with her eyes fully dilated. Given her condition and that my other animals were studiously avoiding her, I decided that she probably wouldn't make it and opted not to terrorize her with a vet...
  23. Flea

    The quest for the mythical "good pair of shoes"

    This has been going on now for about three months. My feet are really sensitive to what I put them in. Over the years I've given myself knee problems, hip problems, back problems, and (yes!) foot problems on account of the shoes I get. The overwhelming majority of these have been mid- to...
  24. Flea

    TCM and HIPAA

    I had a bizarre moment this morning and I'm not totally sure what to make of it. There's a fellow in my MA class who's a TCM practitioner. Nice guy, bright, thoughtful, good martial artist too. I saw that he was offering qi gong classes at his store, so I went on a lark. I had a good time -...
  25. Flea

    I tweaked my groin.

    And no, that's not a dirty joke so wipe that smirk off your face. :uhyeah: What can I say? I got leg-swept. Someone in my group loves leg sweeps and he's very good at it. It could be a hell of a lot worse; I just hyper-extended one tendon, but the pain has radiated toward my knee and my...
  26. Flea

    Medical implants vulnerable to hacking

    I wasn't sure whether to post this here or under Horror Stories ... Security researcher Jay Radcliffe is a diabetic who is connected to an insulin pump and glucose monitor at all times. He said that combination of devices turned him into a Human SCADA system. Radcliffe decided to find out if...
  27. Flea

    Seeing stars

    This seems like a dumb question, but I'm curious. A few times I've seen stars when I've "fallen wrong" during training. That's to be expected. But this morning I saw stars for a good minute or so after blowing my nose. I was pretty congested, but it still seems awfully weird. Has anyone...
  28. Flea

    Fall down seven times ...

    Just because it can never be said enough. It doesn't get much better than this:
  29. Flea

    Losing my mojo

    Think of it as a flip side to the "what's your motivation" thread. I need to find myself a new motivation, and fast. Three years ago I was hooked at my very first class. I got started after finding someone crouched in the bushes by my door one night ... I trained three times a week, and had a...
  30. Flea

    Staying true to one's principles

    Or, putting up or shutting up with the TSA. To wit: Last week an agency I volunteer with surprised me with an offer to send me to a professional conference in Florida in October. This conference will teach me a lot to bring home to my professional community, and of course offer me a wealth of...