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  1. stickarts

    It's been awhile

    Hi all, I've been away awhile :) i have been busy spending time with my awesome daughters, teaching seminars, and running my school which has now been in business 25 years! I hope everyone is doing great and I wish everyone Happy Holidays!
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    Hello from Carlisle, England

  3. stickarts

    Question for those that teach kids

    Fortunately that never happened with me! Id say for each person it's different.
  4. stickarts

    Nunchucks seminar August 20th 1pm Middletown CT

    This will be informative and fun! cost: $15 and includes foam training nunchucks
  5. stickarts

    Life is good!

    Life is good!
  6. stickarts

    Nunchucks seminar August 20, 2016 1pm!

    I am looking forward to working with some awesome students tomorrow!
  7. stickarts

    KT:The Sacred Cow of EPAK

    It's the same in some other arts as well. Modern Arnis changed quite a bit over the years right up until the passing of Professor Presas. But the basics are the basics.
  8. stickarts

    KT:The Sacred Cow of EPAK

    Although we teach the whole system privately, our base group class curriculum does not. Most people like it, some dont. This has worked for us 20+ years now.
  9. stickarts

    Stretching And Age.......

    I am actually more flexible now than I was when i started martial arts. for years I realize now that i over stretched and i forced my stretches. I relax better now and dont over stretch. Body is older however I know how to stretch better now!
  10. stickarts

    A thought about philosophy in the martial arts.

    It would depend upon my goal. Am I trying to get into good cardio shape, am I enjoying the scenery, or am I getting chased by something. ;)
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    Remembering Ted Buot

  12. stickarts

    Greetings from Arizona

    welcome to MT!
  13. stickarts

    Sai Weapons

    Not the most practical area of training, however, i still practice and teach it out of enjoyment.
  14. Kenpo seminar with GM Cogliandro April 2014

    Kenpo seminar with GM Cogliandro April 2014

  15. Kenpo seminar with GM Cogliandro April 2014

    Kenpo seminar with GM Cogliandro April 2014

  16. Kenpo seminar with GM Cogliandro April 2014

    Kenpo seminar with GM Cogliandro April 2014

  17. stickarts

    Demo this weekend

    We will be performing our annual demo at the Rock Cats baseball game this weekend. This is an awesome opportunity to show a bit of martial arts to the public and then enjoy the baseball game. As I see the lives of kids get more and more busy and competitive, it also allows time for something...
  18. stickarts

    womens self defense class

    I am teaching my next womens self defense class in Cromwell CT this Saturday. Teaching this class is always rewarding and fun. There are always good questions, a desire to learn, and high energy. Some women take several classes while others join a martial arts program afterward. I love seeing...
  19. stickarts

    New here...

    welcome to MT!
  20. stickarts

    in general Tournaments

    We charged a small spectator fee for a few years and it was greeted with mixed results. We did away with it.
  21. stickarts

    in general Tournaments

    We have conducted an annual inner-school tournament for about 20 years now. The main intent is for the kids to be introduced to the sport aspect of karate and to have fun. A few have gone on to larger competitions and some have done very well at it. I have competed in both light touch and full...
  22. stickarts

    Annual tournament

    Our annual tournament is this Saturday March 29th. It's an opportunity for our students to learn or improve upon the sport aspect of karate. In the past I was in charge of the judging. This year I am running the entire tournament and I am excited to take on this learning opportunity. It's...
  23. stickarts

    Tournament last week

  24. stickarts

    Kenpo and Arnis seminars March 15, 2014

    Thank you to all who supported the seminars! In session one we covered the trapping hands in Modern Arnis along with some applications, in session two we covered a number of American Kenpo self defense techniques involving arm breaks. The next dual seminar is being planned for Autumn.
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    3 15 14seminarcert