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    Passed my first belt test today

    Made advanced yellow. my sons made beginner yellow! they are five and six yrs old. my five yearl old really impressed me. he was so confident and very focused. during the inspection of his dobak he was so proud to be starched and pressed amd he looked sharp. my five year old lacks that confidene...
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    requesting info

    Not sure this is the right place for this. I have the opportunity to attend a seminar next month and want some info, if possible, about the presenter. here is the link to his info: the good, the bad and the ugly.....lets hear it. if someone thinks this is...
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    is it permissible

    may i ask for personal anecdotes about a certain grandmaster on MT? i have the opportunity to attend a jiujitsu seminar next month and wanted to see if i could generate some feedback about the featured grandmaster before i throw down hard earned cash.
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    a little update on my training.

    ok. i have been training in tkd and hapkido since may. i have come a little ways. i am going to test at the end of september for my advanced yellow belt. i need to learn one more form before i am ready. today in class after we worked out we did advancing hand strikes. then we sparred...
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    can anyone point me to a resource for hanja? i am looking for the symbol for honor and dignity. i dabble in wood burning and would like to make a little something. thank you.
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    new hapkido student here

    greetings. i am very new to hapkido. i have been to maybe six classes. i am thoroughly enjoying everything i am learning. one thing i enjoy is when classes are small because no one shows up is the instructor asks us what we want to work on and we focus on our concerns. for example, i asked him...
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    greetings from San Antonio Texas

    Hello. i am new to martialtalk as well as martial arts. i recently began studying chung do kwan tae kwon do and hapkido. i am eager to learn and enjoy the physical contact and excercise i get in classes.