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    Can anyone tell me about the form taught by Ki Whang Kim, called Shihoken. I've heard that it was taught to him by Kanken Toyama, and that it may be a version of Shisochin (a Goju Ryu kata). I remember seeing it performed at tournaments years ago. I saw this video the other day on youtube and...
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    Martial Artists and TTRPG's/War Games

    Rather than de-rail a crazy thread, I thought I'd just start a conversation over here where it belongs. I've been playing D&D almost as long as I've been practicing martial arts. It seems there are several others on here that love playing ttrpgs too. What is everyone up to? I play weekly via...
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    GM Joon Pyo Choi

    I forgot to post this a couple of weeks ago. GM JP Choi of Columbus, Ohio passed away Sept. 13, 2021. He had one of the greatest side kicks I've ever seen in person. RIP GM Choi. Ohio TaeKwon-Do Pioneer Supreme Grandmaster Joon Pyo Choi (1945 - 2021) Passes Away - TaeKwonDo Times
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    Unique scenerio

    I teach Moo Duk Kwan Taekwondo. I had a WT 3rd Poom candidate stop by my class last night. She is 9 years old, and preparing for her 3rd poom. Her KJN has agreed to test her via zoom for her 3rd Poom, as she and her family moved last week from TX to OH. I am the only TKD school in the area...
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    Trimming Heavy Uniforms (Shureido)

    I purchased a Shureido uniform, and it is hands down the best uniform I've ever had. Unfortunately, my local tailor is having trouble with trimming the heavy uniform fabric too thick for their machine. The tailor took it to an upholstery store, but their machines were too big for the job. Has...
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    One step sparring and self defense portion of my 7th dan test.

    Here's a clip of the one step sparring and self defense portion of my test.
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    7th Dan Presentation

    Over the weekend, I was presented with my 7th dan certificate by both my sah bum nim and my kwan jang nim. After 36 years, it was a great honor to have them both present. d
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    Breaking clips from Saturday's demo.

    Here are some of my students breaking at a demo this past Saturday. And here's one of my breaking.
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    Master Choung M. Park and the Mu Do Kwan

    I have a student who studied Tae Kwon Do back in the 90's in Indianapolis under a Master Choung M. Park. He brought his geup certificate in for me to see last night at class, and the association is Mu Do Kwan (NOT Moo Duk Kwan). Is anyone familiar with this school or Master Park? The symbol...
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    Interesting history article

    Some accounts vary from what I have read in the past, but I found this article to be informative. Curious to have other informed folks weigh in on the article. The Evolution of Taekwondo from Japanese Karate
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    Naihanchi opening sequence bunkai

    I am curious if any of you are familiar with an application like this. What is the risk:reward to a technique like this, i.e. how quickly and effectively can you apply this technique in a real time situation? I like the idea, but it seems very technical to execute effectively without risking...
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    What kinds of KMA practitioners do we have here these days?

    Since I've been gone a while, and just to inject some new discussions into a stagnant forum.. . What kinds of Korean martial arts do you all practice. If it is some version of TKD, what "style/association" do you belong to? I'm curious if there are any practitioners of the "older" stylings...
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    I know I've been absent for a long time.. .

    Greetings everybody! Sorry for the absence, but life has been consuming the past couple of years (buying and renovating a 1920's bay and gable home, starting a family, my son is now 19 months old, oh, and I tested for my 6th dan). I hope everyone is doing well, and I look forward to seeing...
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    Anyone else see/hear about this? Quite the ruckus at Kukkiwon Executive Committee meeting! In which two men broke in violently, throwing garbage and a unidentified liquid throughout the room, yelling, insulting and even showing aggressive attitudes against members of...
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    School owners, how oftent do you "take class?"

    I have had a Dojang for 2 years now, and I will openly admit my participation in class has plummeted. Last night, one of my instructors held a black belt instructors class. All we did were forms (hyungs/kata/poomse) for 2 1/2 hours. Very little talking, just a hard workout. I exercise 6...
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    Loyalty as it relates to Tradition

    I originally started a thread in the Karate forum, but I think it's something that spans all martial arts. How much emphasis is there on organizations and associations in your art? How much emphasis is "loyalty" to your instructor/org/association/school placed in terms of the tradition of your...
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    Governing Bodies

    I'm curious how important, how big, and how many governing bodies there are under the Karate umbrella. How many of you belong to a large organization? Do you offer large association certificates or in house certificates, and how important do you see the difference between the two? I only ask...
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    Point mma?

    I've never seen or heard of this before, but it is intriguing.. . Has anyone else heard/attended/competed about a competition like this? If so, what did you think?
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    Bassai/Passai/Pal Sek Variations from style to style and respective bunkai

    I'll put this here, since it involves OMA, JMA, and KMA's Since we were recently talking about bunkai and how changing the form/kata/hyung is a detriment by limiting applications, I thought I'd start a new thread to explore this a bit further. I previously posted in another thread about...
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    How much history and/or philosphy do you teach?

    Rather than derailing Rumy73's thread:, I figured that I would start another one. IF you teach an art that focuses on personal development, how much time do you devote to physical vs. history vs...
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    Whew, it's been too long.. .

    I know I've been absent for a while now.. . But I am back, and I'm glad to see some familiar friends still here!
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    Curricla old and new, anyone practice both?

    Glenn brought up an interesting point in another thread today, suggesting to keep arts completely separate when teaching and training. I am curious whether there are any MTer's here that come from the older era curricula that also practice Kukki TKD. Do you keep them completely separate? Do...
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    Types of sparring

    I'm curious, after reading some recent KKW threads, how many and what types of sparring to you practice in your dojang? We have: 3 step sparring 1 step sparring kneeling sparring one step weapon sparring freestyle knife sparring freestyle sparring (tournament rules: kicks above the waist...
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    Anyone else going to be in Pittsburgh this weekend?

    Just curious if anyone else here on MT is going to be at GM C.S. KIM's tournament this weekend?
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    Recent Tournament School Highlight Reel

    Here is a highlight reel I put together of my school, competing at the 39th Annual U.S. Open Martial Arts Championships, hosted by Grandmaster Sok Ho KANG. The week of the tournament, the stomach bug was going around and half of my students couldn't compete.. . but the ones that went did really...
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    Chiang Nan/Channan; one of two precursors to the Pinan/Heian/Pyung Ahn form sets.

    The Pinan kata originated in Okinawa and were adapted by Anko Itosu from older kata such as Kusanku and Channan. One of the stories surrounding the history of the Pinan kata claims that Itosu learned a kata from a Chinese man living in Okinawa. This kata was called "Chiang Nan" by the Chinese...
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    Rather than hijacking the thread this sidebar discussion arose on, I thought I would post more about it here.. . When I say "pre-Kukkiwon curriculum" I mean, that our forms are: Kicho Hyungs 1-3, Pyung Ahn Hyungs 1-5, Bassai, Naihanchi Hyungs 1-3, Chinto, Kong Sang Kun, etc.. . Our...