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  1. Yoshiyahu

    Wing Chun One Arm Defense

    Do you guys practice these sort of drills, Training One hand at a time to defend so you can have a free hand to hit or punch while the other defends.
  2. Yoshiyahu

    Wing Chun Table Fighting

    Do you practice any forms of TABLE fighting? What benefits do you gather comes from doing this? What exactly is training this close good for?
  3. Yoshiyahu

    Wing Chun Partner Drills

    Do you practice Partner Drills like this when you learn WC? In this Video Sifu Robert is using Side body along with facing.
  4. Yoshiyahu

    Does Wing Chun train to Fight?

    Is your WC about fighting or about Kung Fu. Do you train for a work out or to fight? I think people take up martial arts for different reasons. It can be same thing about boxing. You can punch the heavy bag every day, you can shadow box, You can jump rope and hit focus mitts and even Run three...
  5. Yoshiyahu

    Wing Chun Vs TKD sparring

    I think this guy did and excellent job showcasing his WC techniques while landing strikes and controlling the opponent. What are some things you see. I hate seeing people just stand there stagnate waiting for someone to walk in on them. This was pretty good. What are your thoughts?
  6. Yoshiyahu

    Wing Chun Sparring

    What are your thoughts on the Wing chun sparring clip
  7. Yoshiyahu

    Arm Breaks

    Does anyone study the Armbreaks technique like Jip Sau found in Chum Kiu? Jip sau = "controlling the bridge"; an arm break One of my Favorite Techniques is Tok Sau and Pak Sau combined. In my Lineage we also utilize Tok Sau and Fok Sau as arm break. Also we use the double Wu Sau guards as...
  8. Yoshiyahu

    Killing Techniques of WC

    What are some of Killing or Life ending techniques you learn from your Sifu or practicing Wing Chun. Are there any Kungs or Skills you develop to make your art more deadly. Here is something interesting Please share some lethal techniques you...
  9. Yoshiyahu

    Wing Chun and Crosstraining

    I am curious. What do guys think would be some great complimentary styles to cross train with Wing Chun from Chinese,Japanese,Korean or Vietnamnese Martial Arts. With the exclusion of Hapkido,Aikido,Jiujitsu,Greco wrestling,Jeet Kune Do and BJJ what other styles would make a good crossfit with...
  10. Yoshiyahu

    Defense against Front Kick

    Welcome my Wing Chun brothers and sisters. Please share some of your techniques you use to defend against a front kick. Some things that have worked well for in the past 1.Move backwards 2.Move to side(Kick supporting leg) 3.stomp the front kick before it extends What other techniques or...
  11. Yoshiyahu

    Chinese Kung Fu and Ground Fighting

    Do you guys have any video footage of Chinese Kung Fu styles that uses Ground Fighting as their main strategy. In other words with in Chinese Martial Arts are any of the styles fought mostly on the ground. Here are a few names I pulled up tell me what you think? 1.Ground Mantis 2.Southern...
  12. Yoshiyahu

    WC Defense against Round House

    I was woundering How you guys practice defense against round house kicks that come fast and hard? What strategies do you guys use? How do you practice it? How successful are the techniques in sparring a skilled kicker? What techniques do you use. Kwun Sau? Gan Sau? Pak Sau? or otheres?
  13. Yoshiyahu

    Judo better than BJJ

    Check this link is Yoshida?
  14. Yoshiyahu

    Wing Chun + Chang Quan

    What do you guys think about Crosstraining Wing Chun with a long range fighting style like Chang Quan or Muay Thai. I hear alot of people endorsing a ground game. What about also supplementing your WC with a long range game. My Sifu said it would a good thing to have both outside and inside...
  15. Yoshiyahu

    Using your Hips

    In my Lineage my Sifu taught us to use our Hips to generate Jing(Ging/Geng). I was woundering if other WC guys also use the hips to generate power. Most Martial Arts Use the hips in some form or fashion. I was woundering if there are any drills or exercises you do to enhance or increase the...
  16. Yoshiyahu

    Sinking you Chi in WC?

    I was curious. I have read things concerning Sinking the Chi in both WC and Tai Chi. This Question is open to both WC fighters and Tai Chi fighters. My Sifu and others of my lineage always speak about Sinking the Chi, Focusing on the Dan Tien, Finding you center of Gravity. I also know alot of...
  17. Yoshiyahu

    How to defeat someone using soft force

    I had questions on ways you can defeat a softer or weaker opponent. If you have a smaller opponent who is really skilled in fighting with softer more internal art like Tai Chi or Bagua. What would be the best way to defeat him using Wing Chun? How can you defeat someone usuing soft and...
  18. Yoshiyahu

    Is snake compatible with Wing Chun?

    I was woundering if Shaolin Snake style would be a good crossfit to Wing Chun? I don't mean the Wushu snake with alot flips and flying in the air. But the traditional Wudang or Shaolin Snake? I mean snake fighters have some pretty strong kung. Ninebird8 said: Qoute here...
  19. Yoshiyahu

    Wing Chun + Spear

    I often hear people speaking of crosstraining WC with the BJJ or Muay Thai or Krav Maga or JJJ or even some other ground art. But WC only has two weapons. Why not cross train other weapons as well? Why not use a spear with Wing Chun? Would that be effective? For instance we use the long...
  20. Yoshiyahu

    Defense Against Mace

    When I was younger I used Mace as a Offensive weapon. In other words some idiot wanted to fight me. I would use mace to injure him so I could just pumpel his face with a barage of punches while he chokes on his tears. Also I realize now that an attacker can also use mace as way to mug you or...
  21. Yoshiyahu

    External Hand Tranining

    Does your School or Kwoon teach Iron Fingers and Iron palm Techniques with your Wing Chun? My Sihing says this is the Traditional teaching of WC many people now forsake. In one Bruce Lee's Books on fighting method he shows thrusting fingers in gravel as conditioning tool he too practice. I was...
  22. Yoshiyahu

    Wing Chun Be Soft

    We have all heard that Wing Chun utilizes both Soft and Hard Techniques. In Wing Chun we are taught not to use brute force and deflect rather than to meet force with force! Well I would like to start a discussion with how do you advoid using force? How do you train to redirect the force of...
  23. Yoshiyahu

    Is Cross training detremental to your Life?

    I was woundering. This is day of Cross training and Mixing alot of different arts all day every day. Here is an article from a Wing Chun Site I thought was interesting...Tell me what you think? Here is one Qoute from: [LEFT]Wang Kiu...
  24. Yoshiyahu

    Wing Chun is an Internal System

    Some say Wing Chun is not an Internal system. They will say its External Art? Well what exactly makes up and Internal Martial Art? Wikipedia says Internal Arts focus on awareness of the Spirit, mind and Chi. The use relaxed leverage rather than muscular tension and brute force. Wikipedia...
  25. Yoshiyahu

    The Military Discussion of Wing Chun

    Lets start it up here...One of moderator insisted we were too far off here we go..... Past conversation: CuongNhuka Martial Talk Senior Master Posts: 2,034 Casino Cash: $4361 Thanks: 57 Thanked 81 Times in 44 Posts 1,000 Post Club Join Date: Jun 2005 Location: NE Age: 18...
  26. Yoshiyahu

    Fok Sau Applications

    Now Lets get er burning. I thought this would be a very interesting discussion. I have my views and reasons for using fok sau. But I wanted to know from you how you guys use it. Basically I see if you use it the same way as I or maybe differently. Everyone has different experiences. So I am...
  27. Yoshiyahu

    Can anybody fight like this?

    Does your Tae Kwon Do Look like this? I was woundering if anyone practice like this guy...its pretty incredible. Do you think these type of kicks are useful?
  28. Yoshiyahu

    New Weapons of Wing Chun

    Since times have changed. We no longer have weapons like The butterfly knives and long pole. Would it be a strecth to include new weapons into your Wing Chun art. Weapons to be included Hand Gun(Proper license) Shot Gun A Baseball Bat Two Hammers two Axes Two Machetes Kitchen Knives Would...
  29. Yoshiyahu

    Do you spar

    Does anyone spar using their Tai Chi. Or do most people only do Tai Chi for health.
  30. Yoshiyahu

    Does Wing Chun use Fajing?

    Does Wing Chun use Fajing? Definition: Fa jin, fajin, or fa chin (fā j穫n, 發勁) is a term used in some Chinese martial arts, particularly the neijia (internal) martial arts, such as Xingyi, T'ai Chi Chuan Baguazhang and Bak Mei. It means to issue or discharge power, and is...