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  1. Hand Sword

    Comment by 'Hand Sword' in 'The inner artist!'

    Oh, I didn't break any (never would try). I just saw them and the thought entered my mind immediately. That's the MA infection! Looking at bricks and your mind thinks of striking or kicking them. Boy are we all crazy!
  2. Hand Sword

    The inner artist!

    I can't help it! Walking through home depot, I came across the cinder block area, and stone plates. The only thought that came through was to try and break them! :) Then I saw some broke, rather than assume they just broke as accidents from stacking, I thought someone "karateed" them-lol. I...
  3. Hand Sword

    A warning.

    We in the martial arts world have it in our philosophies, regardless of style, ideas about energies in this universe. These are constantly in flow and consume us as well. There is also the state of "nothingness" (the void-Musashi) that we acknowledge feeling from time to time. Under these...
  4. Hand Sword


    For years I have seen the "experts," "masters," "pro's," etc... make all of their claims about their system, how they've improved the system, yadda yadda yadda. It's also just as amuzing as these people are also sooooooo quick to point out the "flaws," "weaknesses" etc... of other styles...
  5. Hand Sword


    Throughout the recent years I have heard from a number of sources that today's younger generations are more sheltered and need to be coddled to get anything out of them. I've heard professors tell me about how their teaching methods have had to be altered after 30 years, and not for the better...
  6. Hand Sword

    Self defense- Everyone's right!

    Throughout my years in the arts I have heard on many occasions that "Everyone has a right to learn self defense." While I agree with this totally, it often baffles me how the very people who make these claims charge the outrageous prices they do for instruction. It's like only the nobility...
  7. Hand Sword


    Let's see if I have everything all set! Checklist: Karate Gi, Karate Belt, Karate termed strikes, Karate termed kicks, Karate themed methodology, Karate terminology..... "Hey! I thought you said that this was a 'Chinese System!" I dunno....
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    "The arts were not meant to fight against each other, so comparing them is impossible!" Could be true. "The Traditional Styles are designed for that one punch throwing, unskilled attacker!" Seems probable. "But, don't the modern "fighting" styles that are designed to meet anything...
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    Blog: Hand Sword

    Blog: Hand Sword
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    A memory

    I remember a time, before the MMA movement, when, in conversations with other artists, the goals of fighting in their styles were discussed. What was talked about was: conditioning, fluidity, and being able to flow from the different ranges of combat easily. Then, along came the MMA movement...