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  1. Touch Of Death

    The Slow Lie

    I keep seeing people post about how going slow helps your technique. It doesn't. The thing that helps about going slow is that other people can see what you are doing, and correct you. That is it! :)
  2. Touch Of Death

    I Love Me Some Karma

    So I was recently dumped by a woman that had been in a bad relationship for years. Her mother knew me and set us up, but she loved him and after four months she kicked me to the curb and went back to him. One of the issues that made their relationship so bad was the heavy drinking. Long story...
  3. Touch Of Death

    Recent Racial Incident

    One of my biggest challenges in this life is that I have a baby face, and this is more than likely a, "Baby Face" incident, but recently I found myself walking the streets of downtown Spokane to pay my phone bill, and as I approached the business I found I would have to walk through a crowd of...
  4. Touch Of Death

    I didn't know this was going to happen.

    When questioned on faceBook, I admitted to voting for Obama, and was instantly un-friended. Dang, I thought we were friends. I only voted for him because my boy, Nader, wasn't on the ballot. O_o Sean
  5. Touch Of Death

    Spinning Back kicks.

    So I was taught that the spinning Back kick is simply a reverse close kneel, look over your shoulder, and kick; however I have also seen them done as a pirouette with the kicking leg cocked high. Which one do you advocate? or do you see them as two useful concepts? un-useful? Sean
  6. Touch Of Death

    An Absent Minded Professor

    My Girlfriend is a caregiver for man who use to be, and still is, a world famous entomologist whom has written several books, but is now in a total state of Alzheimer's due to a blow on the head sustained in a fall. Anyways today he looks over at me and launches into a lecture about how a plant...
  7. Touch Of Death

    The Nephilim

    Over the last twenty years or so, I have been hearing the term, Nephilim. The first time I became aware of them was from a guy named Chuck Missler. He touched on the idea that the Nephlim were a cross between the fallen Angels and the women of earth, and then went on to explain that these half...
  8. Touch Of Death

    FIMA Coffins

    A friend of mine took the time to show me some websites the highlight the fact that their are thousands of coffins, stacked one on top of the other, in each major population center in the United States. Yes, it sounds creepy that the government is ready for mass death anywhere in the nation, but...
  9. Touch Of Death

    They Finaly Caught One

    I live across the street from a Good Will drop off point, and I can't tell you how many times I see people using it as a Good Will pick up point. Sometimes they get loud and people yell at them to be quiet while they steal, and I have called 911 once or twice, but the people are always gone when...
  10. Touch Of Death

    Herniated wrist

    I did this at work but it could have just as well happened in class. I over strained my left hand and now part of the inside of my wrist is resting just outside and sort of on top of my hand. It doesn't hurt any more, but the bump is still there. Should I be trying to have a doctor shove it back...
  11. Touch Of Death

    Dumb Question

    OK I gotta know. I have read The Catcher In The Rye years ago, and I gotta tell you. I just don't see the big deal. John Lennon's assassin had a copy on him; so, he saw something in it. Movies have been made with this book as the big reason why everything has happened; so somebody please tell...
  12. Touch Of Death

    Wrote this joke this morning

    So you look off to the right and see: an old woman, the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and a viable Republican candidate. You decide to wave at them. Which one waves back? . . . . The old woman. The other three are only figments of your imagination.:)
  13. Touch Of Death

    Messing with Meth-Dealers

    Well it seems my cricket connection number used to be someones phone number, because I noticed a ton of messages missed messages on my home-page. I have yet to sign-up on the page; so, I still get the last guy's text messages from the people whom don't know he doesn't have that number anymore. A...
  14. Touch Of Death

    Jim Florentine Pisses Me off!

    I'm a big fan of That Metal Show But Jim Florentine (side kick at best) has stated that Karate lessons for children is a bad idea. Curse him! Curse him, I say. He said it over six months ago but I am still mad. Sean
  15. Touch Of Death

    My Cat Must Die!

    I just turned on my new computer this morning, and I stepped outside with a cup of coffee to ask about a neighbor whom recently had a stroke. I have just come back and my darling cat has ripped five keys of of my laptop. I can handle the occasional phone charger being chewed up, but this is a...
  16. Touch Of Death

    Just curious...

    If we are trying to cut teachers salaries, because, they don't have classes during the summer, and our children are falling behind the rest of the world in math and science, why not run school year round? We could hate the teachers less and teach our children more. Its a win win. Or we could...
  17. Touch Of Death

    B1-A, B1-B effectiveness.

    Sometimes my computer will actually let me view the kenponet Forum, but mostly not. On my last successfull atempt, I was informed B1-A and B1-B won't work against a trained fighter. I thought, because the subject was interesting and my computer won't allow me to see Kenponet forum stuff, someone...
  18. Touch Of Death

    Saying you are Sorry

    I was on another site, and the subject of saying you are sorry after hurting someone came up. Do you or don't you look for the words, "I'm sorry" when you get tagged, or do you say it to others when you hit them? Why? Sean
  19. Touch Of Death

    Not normaly a Bas Ruten fan but...

    Have you seen the band-aid comercial? That rocks! Kids won't even catch the humor unless their parents explain it. Sean
  20. Touch Of Death

    Spokane Washington Tourney

    I may have to work, but There will be a tournament in Spokane Washington in two weeks. I will get more info soon. Sean
  21. Touch Of Death

    It is all fun and games, until sombody loses and eye!

    A buddy of mine told me, yesterday, that once back in the 70's a friend of his was smoking pot out of a pipe. A seed popped under the flame and blinded the guy in one eye. Watch your step as you get off! Sean
  22. Touch Of Death

    Pick up lines.

    I heared a new pick up line last night... "Hey; does this smell like chloriform to you?":) Sean
  23. Touch Of Death

    Bowling Using The Martial Arts!

    A couple friends dragged me off bowling yesterday and within a few frames it suddenly occured to me why I never go bowling. I was in last place and I felt as if my shoes were sticking. I was about to just keep on going never breaking one hundred when I thought that I may as well test a theory. I...
  24. Touch Of Death

    What is our base?

    After being recently informed, by a well respected Kenpo Master, that it is idiotic to believe the yellow belt material is the base of our art, What is the base of the art? Sean:confused:
  25. Touch Of Death

    The Shock Knife

    I got to experience the shock knife the other day. Its shaped like a knife but the cutting surface is lined with little bug Zappers. It feels like a cat scratch or tattoo, and it leaves a mark. It makes practicing on eachother seem a little more realistic. I would recomend it. Sorry if there is...
  26. Touch Of Death

    Please Help!

    Ok, so a few weeks ago I was flipping the channels, when I saw a band on Austin City Limits. I thought they were called "Ghost Cathedral" but I can't find them anywhere. A simple description of their appearance is all I have to go on. The lead singer is a skinny wirely Indian (Native American)...
  27. Touch Of Death

    I hurt my friend out of love...

    I feel kind of bad, but I have this female friend whom was throwing fake punches at me. I ignored the fients and continued with what I was saying to our other friend. She asked why I wasn't even flinching and I thought about it and explained that I somehow could tell that by the way she moved, I...
  28. Touch Of Death

    Girlfriend troubles...

    I know I should just dump her and be done with it, but My new girlfriend doesn't have any control of her three year old daughter. I yelled for her not to run into the street last night and was in big trouble for yelling. Although we fought about it last night, we again experienced her running...
  29. Touch Of Death

    A question for Women. What gives?

    I am a bartender and I do Karaoke at least once a week. I am constantly hearing women complain that they come to the bar to relax and talk to their friends, and are sick and tired of guys comming up to talk to or hit on them. personaly, I don't hit on someone unless she has exhausted herself...
  30. Touch Of Death

    The Neutral Bow for Transition

    When executing techniques do you eliminate the neutral tranitions for speed? If so, which techniques have you rui... I mean, altered? Sean