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  1. igillman

    A Training Idea

    I was in the back yard taking the girls playset apart and I had to kick a piece of wood to get it to come off. In order to kick it I had to stand on a wooden post that was laying in its side like a balance beam. This meant I had to execute a front kick while not falling off. Then the idea...
  2. igillman

    Back in Action

    I am back at Tae Kwon Do again :-) For those of you that do not know I was sidelined a year ago due to really high blood pressure (205/155). I saw my cardiologist yesterday and he said that everything was OK with my heart and I can start training again. In fact, I am starting to come off of...
  3. igillman

    Sidelined - Update

    Well, it's official, the doctor told me not to do TKD any more and take it easy. They have no idea what is causing my high blood pressure but my heart has been strained by it and for the foreseeable future I am not allowed to strain myself too much. Ironically enough one of the drugs I have to...
  4. igillman


    Well, I have been sidelined for the time being because of very high blood pressure. The doctor doesn't know what is causing it yet (blood work came back just fine) so until they figure it out, no more TKD. I have decided to still do forms downstairs in the basement a couple of times per week...
  5. igillman

    1st Dan Testing Fee

    Our school recently went under the USA Tae Kwon Do banner (the ones that do the US Olympic Team) and one of the changes I have noticed is the testing fee for 1st Dan. It used to be about $100 but now it is $500. The price increase seems a little steep and I wondered if the USA TKD people had a...
  6. igillman

    Speed Training

    Hello All, What types of training are good to improve speed (kicking, moving etc...)? I have plenty of power but not enough speed yet and I was wondering what I can do to improve things. Thanks Ian
  7. igillman

    Training Equipment

    I recently built a bit of equipment in our basement that turns out to be quite useful. I made a straight track 4 feet in length (I couldn't get a longer run) and hung it from the ceiling. I made a small "shuttle" to run along the track and I hung a bag from the shuttle. I am using a very light...
  8. igillman

    Video Camera

    Hi All, I got a video camera for christmas about 6 years ago and I just had an idea. I have set it up in the basement so that I can videotape my practice sessions and look at them later to see what needs improving. Does anybody have any experience with this, what it helps with and what it...