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  1. Si-Je

    Good Stuff-Think This and Train

    75 When taxes are too high, people go hungry. When the government is too intrusive, people lose their spirit. The more prohibitions you have, the less virtuous people will be. The more weapons you have, the less secure people will be. The more subsidies you have, the less self-reliant people...
  2. Si-Je

    Mixing Lineages

    Just wondered what you all thought about learning from different lineages and merging what you learn into, well just plain Wing Chun? Apparently my training was mixed to begin with a dash of Master Fung and Wing Tsun/Tzun? (asked Sifu Emin if he knew hubbie and stated that he'd never heard of...
  3. Si-Je

    How simoltaneous are you?

    How far do you take this concept? Do you just deflect a punch and return a punch simoltaneously? Or do you move the entire body simoltaneously? Some chunners don't like to kick and deflect or punch at the same time feeling that your kick or your punch will lose power, that you'll lose your...
  4. Si-Je

    Chi Sau; Friend or Foe?

    Some styles favor chi sau, some do it but don't think of it as anything but a drill for building skill, some don't teach it at all. And some students have their own thoughts on chi sau. Do you think that Chi Sau is really effective in teaching one to "fight"? In realistic terms? yes...
  5. Si-Je

    That's not my technique!? Who taught you that?!

    Why is it that Wing Chun lineages have such different techiques but it's still Wing Chun. (WT/WC/VT, etc....) ? What techniques do you do in your lineage that other lineages don't do, or do differently? Why? Whats the philosophy or theory or "concept" behind it? Please share. I really believe...
  6. Si-Je

    Co-Ed in the Ring?

    I was just wondering what you guys thought about MMA fights going a bit co-ed? I've seen the women in MMA fights and their really talented, very strong, and some even weigh in at 145lbs. at times. And I wondered since some cage events have the men's feather, bantam, and light weight divisions...
  7. Si-Je

    No experience better at WC/WT?

    Do you think that people who start Wing Chun training that have never had anyother Martial Arts training learn faster and more completely than someone that has had a previous MA background? I've been teaching for a couple of years and I've noticed that people who come to us with other MA...
  8. Si-Je

    Weng Chun Chi Sau & chinese wresting?

    That Weng Chun style is my new fascination! I always wondered what the shaolin style of WC would look like. This seems like it would be what it might be. I really like the way she uses her whole body when she does wrist rolls, and re-direction. Their chi sau is fascinating too. Not as rigid...
  9. Si-Je

    Similarities of Systema and WC/WT?

    Check out these videos on Systema and let me know what you think. I see alot of similarites at least in concept, and theory to Systema and Wing Chun. I just thought it would be a good style to "mix and match" with a WC/WT practitioner, and wanted to know what you all thought. Kadochnikov's...
  10. Si-Je

    Multiple attackers

    Do you train against multiple attackers at your school? If so, how do you train and when do you start sparring and training with multiple attackers? What techniques do you use? Are they different than when you spar one on one, or is the approach just different?
  11. Si-Je

    WC/WT stance saved my leg

    Was just NOW working with hubbie on those takedowns in the living room, and took him down. Right into the coffee table and the glass gun cabnet(which is converted to be a book shelf. :) ) And had to save the furniture and his back! ack! His ENTIRE weight was on my front leg (235lbs) while in...
  12. Si-Je

    Sifu Heinrich Pfaff- high kicking in WT/WC?

    sifu plaff demo- very cool demo high kicking close in WT? Anyone ever heard of this guy? He's really good. And wondering do you think high kicking has a place in WC/WT? Do any of you practice this in class? I did a small demo on hubbie for the TKD kids we were teaching once, trying...
  13. Si-Je

    WC/WT workout plan

    What kind of workout program do you prefer to help your WC/WT training? Do you prefer weights? Resistance bands? calestenics? What kind of cardio?
  14. Si-Je

    Workout program for WC/WT

    What kind of work out program do you think is the best for WC/WT training? I.E. Do you lift weights? Resistance bands? What kind of cardio? What seems to give the best results for you and your training?
  15. Si-Je

    Living, breathing, Wing Chun Dummy

    I know most schools don't incorporate the WCWT dummy until years later in training, but.... I train with huge man with tree trunk legs, and have realized, he's my living dummy. Was thinking that if I'd started Practicing WC/WT techniques on a wooden dummy right off (like the drills you do...
  16. Si-Je

    Women's aversion to Wing Chun?

    What's the aversion women are having with wing chun? Is it too violent, too aggressive, what? Why are women favoring harder (as in focusing on strength and "toughness") over "softer" styles? Just frustrated and wondering......
  17. Si-Je

    Martial Toughness?

    Do you or your school focus on a familiarity or ability to handle being struck? Some schools I've seen emphasize this alot, stating that they don't want their students to get hit in a dangerous situation and not be experienced with handling being punched. What are your thoughts and feeling on...
  18. Si-Je

    Wing Chun and weapons

    Do you just stick to the traditional weapons of WC/WT, or do you apply WC/WT concepts to your personal favorite weapons? If you do, how do you go about it?
  19. Si-Je

    Weapons and Wing Chun

    Do you apply WC/WT principles to your favorite weapons? Or just stick to the traditional WC/WT weaponry? If you do apply WC/WT to other types of weapons, how do you do it?
  20. Si-Je

    Cage Match: Wing Chun vs. Grappler

    Novemember, fight is on! Can't wait! Just a try-out fight, promoter wants to see how WC fighter is in ring against experienced grappler and cage fighter. Wish us luck! talk the talk, better walk the walk, so here we go.....
  21. Si-Je

    Wing Chun competing in Cage

    We're getting WC in the cage next month. San Shau rules, and this is a preliminary fight so the promoter can see what hubbie's got. But, the cage nevertheless. May the Chi be with him! lol! He's going to fight a younger, "more expeienced cage fighter", and a grappler to boot. Can't wait...
  22. Si-Je

    Finding a Fight?

    Where and what would be needed to get a chance to fight a cage match? I'm looking in the Dallas Texas area, and having a hard time finding the information I need to enroll a fighter. (or whatever it's called) Help! Totally clueless!
  23. Si-Je

    MMA Sparring partners?

    I was wondering how to hook up with a sparring partner for my hubbie in the DFW area. Anyone know a MMA gym where he could go and get sparring practice for a nominal fee? He doen't want to really join to train MMA just needs big fellows to spar with. Just wondering if any here were from Texas...
  24. Si-Je

    Energy work

    I'm just starting to really get into energy work with Wing Chun. Love it, I do! What are your thoughts on chi, energy in combat or in life in general? Do you train energy work in your schools i.e. with sensitivity, re-direction, breaking structure, or other?
  25. Si-Je

    What I want in a self-defense class + WC style

    Dr. Ruthless!! She uses some pretty basic principle's like WC. Forward, Forward, forward! And lots of follow through!
  26. Si-Je

    Women in Wing Chun

    I see too many women in MMA and BJJ and I'm having a hard time understanding, why? On myspace I see women posting pictures of their black eyes like it's cool and wonder how to attract more women to the art of Wing Chun. (maybe it's a U.S.A. thing) I find more women in Europe and such involved...
  27. Si-Je

    Dai Sau-hidden move?

    I see that very few WC/WT/WTZ (tzun, have to diferenciate now) people don't seem to use dai sau. We do, it's one of my favs! But here we go... when you bong sau do you just throw it out there and hope for the best, or are you "turned into" bong sau from another movement, or by the force of...
  28. Si-Je

    Using WC in the Cage?

    I was wondering what your thoughts were about using WC/WT in the MMA cage, or in tournament competition althogether. San Shau may be a good area for WC technique.
  29. Si-Je

    Teaching Kids WC/WT forbidden

    After the closure of the school, we thought we'd try working for a "non-profit" outfit for kids teaching Karate/TKD. The guy said we could teach Wing Chun as long as we adapted it to his curriculum and format. We did this. Simplfing Wing Chun so kids could pick it up much easier, the kids and...
  30. Si-Je

    Sifu Pfaff

    Awesome Wing Chun Demo! I love the groovy shoulder bump!