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  1. lifespantkd

    Thank you team Martial Talk

    I want to express my appreciation to all those who spend their time and energy helping make the Martial Talk forum be available for all of us to connect with and learn from each other. From the looks of things, the various jobs involved cannot be easy. So, to administrators, moderators, mentors...
  2. lifespantkd

    Commitment to development through Kukkiwon Taekwondo: Kukkiwon practitioners only, please

    Dear colleagues: I am interested in knowing which of you consider yourselves to be Taekwondo instructors/practitioners who are currently and sincerely pursuing physical, mental, and spiritual development through the practice of and rank advancement in Kukkiwon Taekwondo. If you consider...
  3. lifespantkd

    Seeking Kukkiwon practitioners' thoughts on the Kukkiwon Membership System

    I am interested in Kukkiwon practitioners' thoughts on the Kukkiwon Membership System: If you study Kukkiwon Taekwondo, is your dojang owner a member in this system? If you are the...
  4. lifespantkd

    Research showing good reasons to practice Taekwondo

    I keep encountering research that directly or indirectly provides good reasons for practicing Taekwondo. So, instead of posting a thread unique to a research study, literature review, or meta analysis each time I find it, I thought I'd start a thread that addresses any research that I (or...
  5. lifespantkd

    Your assessment of the "Just Yell Fire" video/program

    I recently came across the Just Yell Fire TM video/program for "teaching girls to fight back against predators and sexual assault." The website is at: and, the video is at: (If the link to the video...
  6. lifespantkd

    New literature review concludes physical activity improves kids' academic performance

    A systematic review of the literature concludes that participation in physical activity has a statistically significant positive longitudinal relationship to academic performance in children: While this review doesn't appear to consider...
  7. lifespantkd

    How much Korean terminology do you use when you teach and why?

    How often do you use Korean terminology for techniques, commands, and so on when you teach? Why? Does it vary with who you are teaching (e.g., beginners vs. advanced students, colored belts vs. black belts, children vs. adult) or do you have a consistent approach for all situations? Do you...
  8. lifespantkd

    Is MartialTalk a secure site?

    Often when I'm viewing MartialTalk, my antivirus program sends me a message that some kind of malicious attack on my computer has been blocked. It doesn't happen when I don't have the site up. May I recommend you look into assessing the security of the site? Thank you! Cynthia
  9. lifespantkd

    More to Taekwondo than meets the eye?

    For those of you who experience Taekwondo as a full art rather than just a system of physical techniques for sport or defense, how and at what point in your training did you come to that understanding? What were your most helpful resources or experiences for developing that broader...
  10. lifespantkd

    Stretching Safely and Effectively--and Teaching Others How to Do the Same

    As an older practitioner and an instructor of Taekwondo, I have a strong interest in stretching--how to do it to meet my own needs and how to teach correct stretching to diverse students. I've been reading "Stretching Scientifically: A Guide to Flexibility Training" by Thomas Kurz. It has...
  11. lifespantkd

    The role of patterns/forms/poomsae in Taekwondo

    Flying Crane wrote in the recent thread on whether Taekwondo techniques are effective: "I guess I'm wondering tho, what is the role of the patterns? are they simply a requirement for promotion, a vehicle for demonstration or performance, an artistic endeavor, a vehicle for teaching useful...
  12. lifespantkd

    New study shows retention of muscle mass in athletic masters, so keep up with Taekwondo!

    Here's a popular press summary of a study showing that inactivity rather than aging results in loss of muscle mass: Here's the abstract of the original research: All the more...
  13. lifespantkd

    Teaching Taekwondo to beginners over the age of 40

    For those of you who teach Taekwondo and for those of you who practice Taekwondo over the age of 40, what do you think are critical things to know regarding the needs (e.g., physical, psychological, logistical, learning styles, philosophy, ...) of beginning students who are over the age of 40...
  14. lifespantkd

    Reasons for dropping out of (or taking a break from) Taekwondo (or another martial art)

    If any of you have paused your practice of Taekwondo (or another martial art) for any reason and for any length of time, I'd love your input. I'm working on an article and I want to make sure I have a good representation of common experiences. My main questions are: 1. What caused you to stop...