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  1. donald1

    weapon forms

    My instructor sometimes tells me its a good idea to record yourself so you can see your techniques, mistakes to help improve. I thought id go ahead and post a few. the kwandao form is only part of the form. The video didnt record the beginning (person holding camera clicked record after I...
  2. donald1

    2016 accomplishments

    What have you accomplished this year? For me... This is my 6th year studying martial arts. This year ive been improving forms, fixing mistakes, making them smoother and occasionally noticing how to use the techniques and possible alternative uses for the techniques as well.
  3. donald1

    Questions and then some

    i stated this title broadly mainly because i always have questins (i guess im just a curious person) i dont mind if others post questions, if you have any question someone may answer it. (i put it here because not all the questions are related and instead of making a new tgread for all my...
  4. donald1

    Eku /boat oar

    I don't practice eku currently but i know eventually I will. And In one of the discussions he mentioned some people who train it use it like a bo staff My question though, what are some uses for the eku a bo can't do
  5. donald1

    Opinions please

    Might I ask some opinions on a few questions please, no right or wrong answers just your opinion on the sort :) 1. What do you like about your style or styles (my answer) I like goju ryu (not completely sure how to put it in words but just do; the forms like sanchin or seiuchen are my...
  6. donald1

    Preferred weapon choice

    Personally i like the bo staff, in the goju ryu class i go to its one of the weapons that is practiced, but I prefer that one because it gives reach and I've practiced with it enough to get an idea of what I'm doing or what I could do. But I think my favorite weapons is the Liuyedao, I...
  7. donald1

    History queation

    I've been practicing a dao form for a while, lian Huan dao or maybe it was lian Huang? I don't know how to spell it but I'm almost sure there is no g in the name, but my instructor said he was a famous person to look more into it. I looked it up on Google but lots of people listed... So I...
  8. donald1

    Pay attention

    Pay attention? What are some ways to focus more, the reason why I ask. I'm not good at doing that... Get distracted a lot could be a car driving by, person talking or just an picture on the wall. Most of the time during simple unimportant things but I need to focus so if I'm listening or...
  9. donald1

    Scarfs Does this knot look tied correctly, or is there a way your supposed to tie it, I'm planning on asking my instructor but I'd like to hear other opinions too Scarf colors, I've asked my instructor do the color of the...
  10. donald1

    Are you religious yes? No?

    I'm christian, I've been going to church since I was little I don't even know how young. I was blessed to be born with a Christian family. But I wonder what it would be like if they weren't christian if they were not i might not be christian... Maybe later in life but I don't know... What...
  11. donald1

    Weapon questions

    I got 4 questions 1. Which Is better for long for hard hits, durable, also I prefer heavier bo over light, which is better purple heart or hickory or would you suggest a different 2. Ash wood, I heard of it might have even seen a bo made of it but don't know anything of it. Is it good...
  12. donald1

    Happy birthday!

    I don't know if this goes here or the hall of the remember nut i got to thinking usually the stuff in the hall of remember is people who passed away So I put it here, it's my godmother's birthday Gertrude katner she's turning 90 years old today and i got her a Christian birthday card :)
  13. donald1

    Describe your style

    Some time ago I made a "smart people question" and this past week I've been making notes asking questions on this Site and adding them to the notes Page (mostly random stuff so far but getting there) But in this post i had two questions and I'm sure everyone here might have a different...
  14. donald1

    Analysing handshakes

    When I was looking into the "please put your hand back" thread I did some looking on the Internet and I found this interesting Page it seemed rather informative and would be good to share here
  15. donald1

    Smart people question

    Question for smart people, how do you get so smart,, not particularly at one martial art buttons generally speaking... By talking to people in those martial arts, notes. Or like how specifically
  16. donald1

    Sword/knife comparison

    I've practiced Liuyedao and jian. A dao is a knife a jian is a sword. They both have long blades what's the difference? One last question an old kata is called a koryu kata but what would a not old kata is called?
  17. donald1

    Problems of new students

    I don't know about your school but at mine its almost impossible to get new students, at my school about at least a good 7 out of 10 quit after the first class. In some way I'm curious about it. Our school has several other schools they teach the same methods and have more students (maybe...
  18. donald1

    leadership problem

    this has nothing to do with my leadership ,but i remember a seminar and at the seminars the upper belts would lead the class(would have been me but one of the other student was slightly higher rank. when she was calling out the orders she was not very loud and the instructor would get mad when...
  19. donald1

    Sanchin kata

    Specifically (myagi's version of sanchin) Me and some of the other students in my class were talking after class and one of the questions "how many versions of sanchin are considered myagi's version" that could be an unknown answer but do you know? A second question (for people in goju...
  20. donald1

    What it this translation

    I'm sure it's Japanese or at least looks Japanese could be Chinese or something else (i can't tell the difference)...
  21. donald1

    how important do you think the history is?

    in my class i go to mostly working on forms, techniques, and other training methods. sometimes when there is no training going on we would occasionally talk about a specific part of history (example like why they wore ____ type of outfit to ____ reason or how has _____ affected martial arts)...
  22. donald1

    japanese handwriting question

    my instructor asked me to ask the internet which handwriting was the one was the older way of writing it(i forgot what all he said but it was something like that) he described it as becoming popular in the 30s? 40s? 50?s(i forgot, its one of those dates) he was talking about a newer one called...
  23. donald1

    board break prank this video is funny
  24. donald1

    interesting article about teaching

    seems different but interesting...
  25. donald1

    2 funny pictures

    i dont know about you but when i saw that it seemed funny this one seemed funny too
  26. donald1

    Tom Haggerty Sensei age 85

    Haggerty Sensei's instruction provided an important American compliment to Takahata Sensei' s (sometimes harsh) Japanese teaching style. This shows Haggerty Sensei receiving his black belt (1972?)from senior Goju-ryu master, Seikichi Toguchi: founder of the Shoreikan school a major branch of...
  27. donald1

    term "kai" (school)

    in class i was discussing with my instructor about how our school name was goju ryu and goju Kai. and he said it meant "school" he mentioned that some schools say that its schools in japan. but it means "school" not "Japanese school" or school in japan"... or does it?
  28. donald1

    Question about mt rules

    I've seen green squares with pluses representing how reliable someone's posts are (or at least i think that's what that's about very rare but red too My question is how bad do you have to mess up to get red?? Or is that negative...
  29. donald1

    Which one is overall best

    Kukri, bolo, panga or the Latin The Kukri is a heavy chopping knife that's good, full tang with spear point and excellent self defense /has no advantage over the others The bolo is good for chopping and slashing also has better spear point and excellent self defense /its a little bulky...
  30. donald1

    Expectations for leadership

    Now that I'm getting higher in the ranks in my regular class I'm the senpei and I have to teach others more often. My question is what steps or actions should use to be a good leader and just how much responsibility do the upper rank students over the other students(like making sure there forms...