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    Real world application of Jiu-jitsu

    True, I hadn't noticed that. Very fine description of his usage by the way. While he says it wasn't a glamorous use, I think he actually did well by using his fundamentals - what probably contributed to avoid injuries to his receiver.
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    Real world application of Jiu-jitsu

    I'd say the advantages extend to training an art who *also* teaches grappling anyway, in a realistic perspective of what you may happen to need to protect yourself, such as happens with Okinawan karate. Of course it depends a great deal on where and who you train with. By the way, it's a pity...
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    How to understand a kata

    I'm wondering what you mean in this post. I'm guessing you are being sarcastic, right? If you think karate kata don't teach exactly how to setup everything you actually need for real fighting and if you view classic karate as a "striking only" art you are really completely clueless about what...
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    Tucking the Chin

    If you have an opportunity of assuming a "fighting stance", it has nothing to do with self defense. Just adapt to the rule set and be happy knowing what you are doing or, if you want to practice real self defense, go train something aimed at actual self defense - no WTF, MMA or boxing sparring...
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    Improvised Weapons

    I don't regularly train with improvised weapons because my training partners are still in a very beginner level, but it's in our training plan for future. One thing I consider important about the subject is that sometimes your unarmed training adds heavily to the use of improvised weapons, while...
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    Old fashion

    Manny, if you want to train for the street, there's no point for practicing competition sparring. Instead you should use various functional sparring drills, with all the possible techniques and variables. Forget the rule set of WTF and start training for the kinds of threats that you might see...
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    A little tired

    I've been through it. I even tried to convince my grandmaster to change the dojang guidelines and later to have a specific martial-oriented class (run by myself). Nothing worked out in the long term. Then I gathered my courage, thanked my instructor and moved completely to Okinawan karate. Never...
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    WTF renames Poomsae!

    It would certainly take a good amount of time to change everything in the site and their documents. But I think it would be a good thing for them to do. Enviado de meu GT-I9300 usando Tapatalk
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    Cardio Boxing/Kickboxing to hone striking?

    I believe it'd be a better option to fulfill your intent. Enviado de meu GT-I9300 usando Tapatalk
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    Cardio Boxing/Kickboxing to hone striking?

    There's a lot of technical aspects to consider if you want to have more refined striking skills. The ideal is to have a good instructor help you. You can punch a heavy bag as much as you want but this alone won't give you better technique. Tony is spot on about cardio-boxing. Their focus is...
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    How effective is the striking art?

    From my "old style" Okinawan karate perspective, this whole discussion makes so little sense. Nearly all my striking techniques and tactics are used along with some grappling applications simultaneously. Actually I believe it's safe to say pure grappling or pure striking arts are a modern thing...
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    Question About Tae Kwon Do

    Lol yes there are adults practicing it, and a few of them do know a lot about martial arts and fighting. But as it usually happens to any style in fact, those are a minority. You should better look very carefully before joining (and more important: remaining in) a dojang/dojo. It's better to...
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    Another video

    And what kind of impression did you have about taekwondo after seeing the vid? As for me, if I were looking for a martial art and that vid was the first thing I saw about taekwondo, I would surely never take it. If I were looking for a playful activity to get fitter or loose weight, or to put...
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    Another video

    Tony, just to make it clearer: "taekwon-do" is today generally the way established for writing the name of ITF tae kwon do. "Taekwondo" is the way established for Kukkiwon tae kwon do. Writing with spaces and no hyphen tends to be often a way of trying to talk about the art with no further...
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    Modern Versus antiquated self defence

    I'm wondering what those ancient "unspoken rules" for fighting could possibly be. I've never heard people in the past fought - in self-defense situations - under any kind of rules. Actually I would say someone would possibly be more likely to use "cheap shots" in the old times than now, because...
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    Should a Student Practice on His Own, or Not?

    I'm with the others: practicing at home is not only important but vital to one who really wants to have a good performance in martial art. The in-class time should better be used with actual teaching of new content, correcting, partner drills, etc. This said, I've indeed had bad experiences with...
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    Chugo vs. Chugi

    I've been taught by a non-Korean instructor (student of a Korean one though) that chago (I write it like that) means that you perform chagi in combination with another following technique (for example, you punch or strike with the elbow immediately after the kick, while your foot gets back to...
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    One Punch Can Change Your Life And Hundreds Of Others

    I would say there are important differences. When you push someone into an intense traffic road or in front of a moving vehicle, it can be pretty obvious that your intention is indeed to kill the person, and the circumstances can pretty much convince a reasonable judge/jury about that, so you...
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    Master not registering students with kkw

    I'm very sorry for your problem. I'm surely going to be through a similar one soon. My black belt test was 6 months ago and my instructor says I have to register first in the local taekwondo org (US$ 60), then after that in the national org (more US$ 60) only then to be able to register to...
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    Interesting way to defend someone.

    Lol when there's not enough subject to discuss we can occupy with the semantics. ;) Hey. But the method is *interesting*, indeed!
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    General Training

    Considering we are in the General Self Defense forum, discuss training for competitions or the Olympics makes no sense here. As for training for self-defense, occupying oneself 8 hours a day with training seems exaggerated. Self-defense is to protect life, but if you train like that you'll...
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    Mountain stance

    I think the author of the thread should explain further about what he/she sees as "mountain stance", so we could give better assistence. In the meanwhile, I always welcome people who want to share their knowledge on different styles. I would probably not trust a martial art that was not related...
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    Turning Kick in Taegeuk 6

    The influence of tournaments probably makes kicking with the ball of foot less and less common in Kukkiwon schools. The GM of my school tells to favour ball of foot when we're practicing forms and step sparring but instep in basics and WTF sparring (there's no other kind of sparring there)...
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    Turning Kick in Taegeuk 6

    I believe both striking surfaces are acceptable to Kukkiwon, but the ball of the foot is favoured when doing forms. Instep is typically preferred in WTF rules competition, though. That's how I've been taught, at least. ;-) Remember WTF and Kukkiwon are not the same and the martial aspects...
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    Can an underweight man realistically protect himself/fight his way out of a situation?

    ^To the op. And they could also hit their opponent's eyes, throat or groin quite easily and wouldn't even think about it, it seems. ;-) Never forget self defense fighting is not like sparring of any sort. The goal is not to win, but not to lose (you may be cornered but as long as you create an...
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    Martial arts vs. stupidity

    QFA (quoted for awesome)! Enviado de meu GT-I9300 usando Tapatalk
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    Practicing Forms in a cramped home

    I practice forms at home having very little space every day. My tip is the following: whenever you have to make a step forward, first bring your front foot back then finally advance the other foot. Always bring one foot back when you need more space for the other foot, no matter if you perform a...
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    Oh, so you do that karate stuff, I know what that's like...

    This seems to be a very good idea, as long as one succeeds convincing the other person that working with a partner doesn't mean the students will get out of the every class with bruises all over the body. The type of person who is too afraid of hurting himself/herself has been often more of a...
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    whats wrong with this video?

    I'm convinced that aikido is awesome... if you really know to use it. I would say that Ueshiba was not a normal guy, he really knew his thing probably more than anyone will ever know. I even wonder if aikido hasn't actually died with him (at the of aikido really to use) - something different...
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    DF: Can BJJ work in a real fight??????

    Whatever martial art you train as a sport will work best as a sport. As a means of bare handed self defense, not so much. And this obviously applies to BJJ as well as to karate, kung fu or any other art. If you train with self-defense in mind, you better train something aimed at self-defense...