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    I originally chose Taijiquan because I wanted to get back in shape, but am no longer that young. I practiced Shotokan and Tae Kwan Do when I was in my twenties, but felt those Arts would probably be tougher on my body at this moment. I particularly like Shotokan and now that I've lost weight...
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    Congratulations! Took a steam train ride on my birthday this year as well. A lot of fun and relaxing. A riverboat cruise sounds really fun. fyn
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    Learning how to teach ...

    This year I've taken on a greater role in assisting my teacher during his beginning Taijiquan class on Tuesday nights. This has happened because his two senior students that had been helping him for years have had to take an extended leave of absence. In the past, he usually had me working...
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    A first for you both. Congratulations! fyn
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    Blog: fyn5000

    Blog: fyn5000
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    Practice is always good ...

    I've been helping my Taijiquan Teacher with his beginning class for about a year now. I call myself the Junior Assistant since my Teacher also has his 2 most senior students helping in these classes. The experience of the students in this class consists of those just starting out up to those...