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  1. twendkata71

    Karate in the Olympics

    I watched some video's of karate competition in the Olympics. The kumite was not that impressive. a lot of dancing around, not so much actual fighting. The kata competition on the other hand was fantastic. Let me know your thoughts.
  2. twendkata71

    Need help choosing Shotokan kata for tournament (WKF)

    Nijushiho is a good kata for competition. My favorite for tournaments is Sochin. chinte is not that great for competition. Gankaku is good. Kanku dai,and sho are good. I won't attempt Unsu. Its not really a shodan kata.
  3. twendkata71

    Gojushiho - Shorei or Shorin?

    this kata is shuri /shorin ryu in lineage. it is from the tomari region.
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    In light of the Olympics: Kata hoarding and the negative effects.

    In the karate organization i am associated with we are only required to learn about 15 kata for dan rank. I learned many more so that I could be a better kata judge at USAKF,AAU,USANKF events. I know I won't master all of the kata that I have learned over my 41 years in karate do. I focus on...
  5. twendkata71

    From a tournament Judges/Referees Perspective

    I have competed and judged in this type of tournament, open and traditional tournaments(aau, usakf, usankf) over the last 35 years I have been in the martial arts. now its all about the protective gear. Even in the WKF they are wearing hand and foot as well as chest protectors now. What...
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    What is your opinion about Kuk Sul Do ?

    I thought the art was called Kuk Sul Won. Or is that an offshoot, or different art?
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    WTF no more.

  8. twendkata71

    Embarrassing moments in the dojo

    During my last brown belt test before black belt, I ripped out the back end of my gi bottoms. Was not allow to change. finished the test with my backside showing. Very embarrassing stuff.
  9. twendkata71

    What got you into martial arts?

    I was already taking karate lessons when the karate kid came out. I went to see it four times in the same week.
  10. twendkata71

    Most painful blow

    my most painful blow was a side kick to the ribs during my black belt test. cracked two ribs. Had my nose broke at nationals once. It hurt more when my wife set it back into place.
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    I study martial arts for protection and personal development. And in certain situations hand to hand combat is the best option. I also own firearms for protection. And it's my right to do so. If you are faced with an attacker that has a firearm, frankly your martial arts will not be so...
  12. twendkata71

    Do karate schools in the US not teach dirty fighting any more or do you have to move to Japan?

    I would say that if you are looking for styles that teach "dirty fighting techniques". ( which in my opinion there are no dirty fighting techniques when you are fighting for your life, just effective ones), kenpo is great for that, as well as Non sport oriented Okinawan styles(shorin ryu, Uechi...
  13. twendkata71

    Karate Homework Suggestions

    very good advice. I would tell my new students that are struggling the same advice. Might I suggest as a training aid the book Karate kinematics and dynamics. It has hundreds of training exercises and drills to develop the novice and advanced karate ka. It also breaks down the physics of karate...
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    If I had a jr. instructor that taught something I had a problem with, I would pull them aside after class and discuss it with them. I would give my reasons why. You can't develop instructors by treating them poorly. Taking their rank away to make a point is a bad lesson and humiliates the...
  15. twendkata71

    What is the best martial arts movie ever (in your opinion)?

    my favorite kung fu movie: enter the dragon, followed in a close second by five deadly venoms. karate movie would be street fighter-sonny chiba . Jujitsu -red belt. I love most of the old samurai movies. and for fun mortal kombat.
  16. twendkata71

    Any Martial Arts Aided With A Shorter Body?

    From my experience, as far as karate goes. Okinawan styles, like Shorin ryu are better for smaller physiques. The Okinawan people are fairly small in stature. Close in fighting techniques. All martial arts can be beneficial. Some just seem to be better suited for certain body types. All can be...
  17. twendkata71

    Japanese/Okinawan terminology in Western classrooms?

    In our schools we teach Japanese terminology to remind us of the origins of our art. Also over the years I have trained with several Japanese instructors and if I had not learned the terminology I would have been lost in the class. It is good to learn the culture of a given art and not just the...
  18. twendkata71

    Black Belts from other styles entering your school

    Over the years we have had many black belts from other styles and schools come in to train with us. We always treat them with respect, as long as they are showing respect. Most of the time they come in and have a great time. If they teach something I don't already know, I learn from them. We...
  19. twendkata71

    What got you into martial arts?

    My instructor/coach was the USA team head coach. actually got to meet Master Donovan at one of our camps. awesome karate guy.
  20. twendkata71

    What got you into martial arts?

    I was a small kid and was getting picked on a lot. I started watching martial arts movies on Friday nights and was excited. saw a few demonstrations and I was hooked. plus my parents were elvis fans and he was doing karate. my father taught me some judo and boxing, but I wanted more. so he...
  21. twendkata71

    Traditional Karate

    For me, how "traditional" a style/or school is depends on the kata. Do they perform the kata in the original manner or with more flashy changes for competition? How old are their kata and do they know the lineage of the kata? In this respect the Okinawan styles(Shorin ryu-...
  22. twendkata71

    Karate an Olympic Sport

    Wow, how old is this post? Roger Jarett has not been president of the USANKF for several years. I think that letter is from 2008. Sounds like someone got a little over excited. It looks like a push to gain more members or life members at that time, playing off of the excitement of the USANKF...
  23. twendkata71

    What are the most prestigious karate competitions?

    Other very prestigious karate events are : JKA world championships-Shotokan only. World Shoto Cup-also Shotokan only. Many styles have their own World Cup or World Championship. WSKF(World Shito ryu), Goju Kai, etc. Most come together for the WKF world championships. WKF is a amatuer...
  24. twendkata71

    What are the most prestigious karate competitions?

    USA karate name given/brand name,if you will. The USANKF is the federation and current NGB recognized by the WKF and USOC. The former NGB was the USAKF. The USAKF still runs elite competitions on its own. They have also partnered with the USANKF to send competitors to WKF events. The USAKF also...
  25. twendkata71

    The most "hybrid" Karate style?

    It memory serves me correctly. Ohtsuka also crosstrained with Motobu and Konishi, picking up elements of their particular styles. Konishi trained with several masters-Motobu,Mabuni,Funakoshi and learned some of Ohtsuka's Jujitsu style. I think that Ohtsuka had the most training in karate with...
  26. twendkata71

    The most "hybrid" Karate style?

    I would add that Kajukenbo is not really a karate style, but a hybrid martial art. It uses Karate(Tangsoodo actually) and Kenpo as its base, but is MMA style to the core. A mixture of Karate(Tangsoo do), Jujitsu/Judo, Kenpo, American boxing and Chinese Gung fu. The Bo for boxing in Kajukenbo...
  27. twendkata71

    The most "hybrid" Karate style?

    If you are talking about Okinawan styles, then yes, Goju ryu would be considered a hybrid. so would Uechi ryu. As far as Japanese styles go, shito ryu, Kyokushin kai(and its offshoots), Koei kan and Wado ryu would be considered hybrids. Shito ryu is a mixture of two or three styles(Naha te...
  28. twendkata71

    Check this out, Goju Ryu

    Higoanna Hanshi is a fantastic teacher. His depth of knowledge is incredible. And for being about 76 years old he is in great shape. His favorite kata is Suparempei,it is also my favorite.
  29. twendkata71

    Passai version

    Perhaps the kata was changed by Itosu before Chibanna learned it. As in most cases, the same kata is different from teacher to teacher, each putting their own spin on the kata. Maybe the Soken version is more in line with the way that Matsumura originally taught it. I can't say for sure...
  30. twendkata71

    I am not a Karateka, but I have a (rather self-interested) question...

    I agree with Kman on the statement that karate today,on mainland Japan and around the world is very different from its Okinawan and Chinese ancestor arts. Especially styles like Shotokan, Kyokushinkai (and its offshoots) and Wado ryu, which barely resemble the original Okinawan karate brought to...