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    Is It Important To Have A Successor?

    I think that if Mr.Parker would have appointed a successor American Kenpo would have stayed a little more unified.
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    What nonfiction book are you currently reading?

    Title: Leviticus Author:GOD (probably through the Prophet Moses)
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    Chinese Kempo

    First let me say I am a nobody in the MA community. Just a MA enthusiast who enjoys searching these sites for info. Especially in regards to kenpo. That being said I wanted to say thank you to all the participants of this thread. It was nice to see just helpful answers given in regards to the...
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    Cheer me up!!!!

    Manny - Your post caught my eye because my 3yr old grandson is named Manny also. I did a short stint in Sang Moo Kwan TKD , and like you I missed the art of kenpo, so I was not at the TKD studio long. I offer the same advice as one of the othe post responders. Do what GOD has blessed you to...
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    New Kenpo Video - Grappling with Five Swords

    Your execution is interesting, and worth considering. PEACE 1stJohn1:9
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    Guardian Angels: Boon or Bane?

    Sir - The thing is you don't really know what impact you had. Just your presence on the street corner, or at the bus stop may of stopped some young/not so young person from making a life altering monumentally stupid decision. It may have given someone the pause they needed to think through what...
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    Guardian Angels: Boon or Bane?

    This is the second post that I have read here that says something about the G.A.s maturing into a more positive group. They have likely matured in age, and understanding, but the organization began as a community assistance group, and still is. The idea was, and is to act as a deterent to...
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    kajukenpo KI or ????

    So there is no one on this forum who practices KI Kajukenpo? PEACE 1stJohn1:9
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    I was wondering how Mr.Trejo is doing? I have not seen anything posted following the "stroke". Anyone privy to this? Peace 1stJohn1:9
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    59 y.o. Strongman on Brittain's Got Talent!

    My first question is how did he come to pull a van with his ear the first time? I have been plenty bored at times, but never once in my 46yrs did I ever come up with something like that, yikes! 1stJohn1:9
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    What was your dream job?

    hammock tester.
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    Moo Yea Do ?

    I was watching a show called Final Fu the other night, and one of the contestants was a practioner of this style. Before then I had never heard of it, and thought it would be a laugh. However the Moo Yea Do proponent represented the style very well. I would like to get some info on this style...
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    I earned my green stripe!

    congrats.... Peace 1stJohn1:9
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    Beginning Again--old, fat, with a kid and a bum knee.

    I am gonna chime in first by saying you are no where near to old, ie: Lee Wedlake has a student who began training with him at around 70yrs old, and is now at the blackbelt level. The thing to truly consider is your knee. As has already been stated get it checked out, and then make your...
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    Is the U.S. violent?

    I would imagine a large portion of violent crime is never reported. All you have to do is look around some of our cities, and neighborhoods to see the sad facts first hand. A whole generation of our citizens has been raised being taught thelaw of the jungle is the way to live. Sad... Joshua 1:9
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    Terrible Situation

    Is he guilty? Unless he was caught in the very act, or there is irrefutable evidence we need to hold our cries of indignation, and pray for justice to be done for all parties. PEACE Joshua 1:9
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    short comings of Ken/mpo

    Uhhh, there are none... PEACE 1stJohn1:9
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    Congrats to Master Nackford!

    Congrats to Mr.Nackord on his promotion in the Joe Lewis System. Did anyone else notice the incorrect information regarding Mr.Lewis in the article? Was'nt that Urban Sensei of USA Goju? PEACE 1stJohn1:9
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    Lowering The Drinking Age

    It should be 35yrs of age, and only with permission by a parent, or legal guardian.
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    Proper Punching

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    Will The "Real" Kenpo Please Step Forward

    Excellent response. Peace, 1stJohn1:9
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    /Any Universal Kempo karate people -Seminar?

    Ok now what is Universal Kempo, are they more Eastern, Western in their martial applications, ie:kata execution, etc.? Peace, 1stJohn1:9
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    /Any Universal Kempo karate people -Seminar?

    What are Universal Kempo's roots, lineage? 1stJohn1:9
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    Proper Kicking

    As far as the picture sequence goes thats basically how I was taught, and do throw a round kick. The only difference I see in the pictures is that between steps 1, and 2 my knee would be about waist high or so just before the pivot.
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    Your favorite sad/depressing song?

    I am either much older than I wanted to believe, or much more sheltered than I ever believed. The vast majority of these songs I have never heard of! That in, and of itself is quite depressing. It brings to mind one of my favorite teen angst songs "Love Hurts" by Nazareth. Ahh to be YOUNG, and...
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    Your favorite sad/depressing song?

    "What Did You Think" as performed live by Billy Vera and The Beaters 1987
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    coed dorm... rooms?

    The way I was at college age oh yeah I would have been all for it. Now as a Christian, dad, and oh yeah in my 40's. I am not thinking its such a hot idea. Just the away from home thing, and now young ladies in the dorm 24-7. Not thinkin its a good idea. Just too much temptation all around...
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    Kenpo Forms

    Ok, so what is your point? Are you saying forms can't teach you spontaneous response? If so I gotta say that I disagree. In EPAK, dancing, whatever, enough PROPER practice, and you should begin to learn to reply without too much thought. Whether it be on the dance floor, and your partner throws...