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  1. cwk

    Toes pointing inward

    I was never taught to turn the toes right in or squeeze the knees. Like what Danny T said, we turn them just enough so that the outside of the foot is pointing straight forward. I sink and open the kua and align my hip, knee,ankle and foot in a natural way. No tilting of the pelvis, I use...
  2. cwk

    How much do YOU practice your kicks when training solo?

    Recently, not as much as Id like. Too busy with work. However, a few months ago when I had more time, I spent a lot of time on them. Id just reached a better understanding of the mechanics of the kicks before I got busy. All to do with using the kwa and spine to create a kind of pre-tension (...
  3. cwk

    Pin Sun Wing Chun Level 1

    First post in years- We call it lit sao, its one of our 13 hands. You can see Ku (choi Wah)Sifu doing it in the Cho Gar clips posted. Very useful technique and doesnt always have to be a pull.
  4. cwk

    Mook Jong Form

  5. cwk

    looking for an insructor

    Does anyone know of any good taiji teachers in penang or northern malaysia who teach on weekends? it doesn't matter if it's chen, wu, yang,etc,etc as long as the sifu can teach it as a martial art and not just forms. thanks
  6. cwk

    "Black Flag" Wing Chun? Huh?

    I think I might be a lesbian.
  7. cwk

    "Black Flag" Wing Chun? Huh?

    It's based on lohan kung fu, I think
  8. cwk

    Wing Chun Support??

    Nothing wrong with cross training, it'll only make you a better martial artist.
  9. cwk

    Attitude towards WC in your Area and some random WC questions

    I know how you feel. When I first started learning from my Sifu, who was then just visiting the shaolin school I was at, I was the only person in that group who wanted to do anything physical. It drove me mad! I travelled to Singapore and Malaysia to train with my kung brothers and that helped a...
  10. cwk

    Wing Chun and fat sifus!

    I'll try to get one made this weekend Steve. I have a clip of me doing pads with my thai trainer on my facebook page if anyone wants to take a look. It's easy to create wing combos that work on the...
  11. cwk

    Wing Chun: Evolving or Devolving?

    I don't think the system as devolved so much as fragmented. I think all the information is still there but spread out more as different lineages spread out from their original roots. Some lineages have better structure, some have better footwork, etc ,etc. However, I see nothing wrong with...
  12. cwk

    Biu Jee: the Opening move

    Yeah, I like the way that in both videos he's just letting the other guy come at him with attack after attack and just countering. Then right at the end he becomes the aggressor just to show who's boss.
  13. cwk

    Wing Chun and fat sifus!

    Very true. When the person holding the pads doesn't know what he/she's doing, it gets old fast. especially if their timing is making you over extend and risks damaging your elbow.
  14. cwk

    Wing Chun and fat sifus!

    I think all martial artists should do a lot of pad/mitt work. It's activity specific and you can make it a hell of a workout if you do intense rounds of say 4-5 minutes with a 1-2 minute rest in between sets. Work say, 3-5 different combos per round using all different parts of the body and have...
  15. cwk

    This guys angles don't collapse.

    The first one had no head contact by the looks of it and it started from a rolling hands position but apart from that it was ok contact wise. The second one was scripted just look at the leg kicks. I love sanda but it's not wing chun. Nothing wrong with cross training it to gain skills though...
  16. cwk

    Biu Jee: the Opening move

    These movements, and others in the same sequence, are at the start of our SLT. I teach them to develop, for lack of a better word, a snake like energy and deeper relaxation. In application we use them in our "mor kiu" chi sao which is a little different to luk sao chi sao. here's some clips of...
  17. cwk

    Sifus: What Would YOUR Reaction Be?

    If I thought that what he was doing was fundamentally wrong, I'd make him start again from scratch.
  18. cwk

    Wing Chun and fat sifus!

    Bodyfat has got more to do with your diet than exercise. I know a few blokes who aren't exactly ripped to say the least but still train and play rugby a few times a week. Both of my muay thai trainers are fat ( as are most thai trainers lol) but they're still fit blokes compared to the average...
  19. cwk

    This guys angles don't collapse.

    Yeah, I know it's only a demo and probably (more than likely) made to attract students and I'm sure it will. I guess I just feel a little sad when a student asks me for a link to a video showing good wing chun sparring and I really have to scratch my head. I've nothing against the guy in the...
  20. cwk

    What do you know about Sifu Colin Ward (Leeds, UK)

    where up north are you? I remember there was a guy teaching chu sau lei wing chun in Hull. There's a sam kwok school in bradford and another school in rotheram but I'm not sure of the lineage. There are others too just google search wing chun yorkshire.
  21. cwk

    This guys angles don't collapse.

    yeah, there should be one in every video.
  22. cwk

    Some interesting stuff , for Wing Chun people anyway.

    I completely agree mate. I think our true centre is our body in compete neutrality, completely relaxed on the correct posture. the ange of your arms is not that important when your body is like this as your mind will make all the tiny ajustments in order to disapate/ guide the force etc. It's...
  23. cwk

    London wan kam Leung seminar 23rd March

    Of course you should go. If I didn't live on the other side of the world I'd be there. I've only seen Wan Kam Leung's videos but it's obvious he's a very skilled master. I think we should all try to meet and exchange with as many people as possible. Even if you only learn 1 new thing, that's...
  24. cwk

    This guys angles don't collapse.

    ok the positive first- The guy's got fast hands and a nice relaxed style and I can see he's got skills. He's obviously put a lot of time into is training and for that he has my respect. The problem I have with the video is the same I have for most videos of the same ilk; Watch the student who...
  25. cwk

    Wing Chun and Shaolin Weng Chun

    I come from a lineage ( cho family) that has direct red boat ancestry and can be traced back a long way. Our style is very relaxed and has more in common, energy wise, to some modern wing chun than that video of "red boat wing chun" or the karate katas. Saying that, I've seen videos of Cho Gar...
  26. cwk

    Some interesting stuff , for Wing Chun people anyway.

    This is all good stuff Mr mook. Proper relaxation coupled with intent is something I've been trying to teach a private student lately. He's trained with a few different sifus in Malaysia and he knows a lot of techniques but as soon as we touch hands and I let my mind "rest" on him, he can't do...
  27. cwk

    Wing Chun with a side order of Judo

    I trained judo for a while but unfortunately had to stop because of my schedule. It's a great art to study and train, judo and wing chun compliment each other well. You'll learn a lot about breaking the balance of a fully resisting opponent, switching force vectors ( chi sao training helps with...
  28. cwk

    Wing Chun sparring basics

    this is good advice.
  29. cwk

    basic applications of Cho Gar 13 hands

    It has always been known as wing chun. Yik kam was one of 4 indoor students of leung bak sao, along with leung yee tai, wong wah bo and one other. here's a link to the official history page. omei is Hendrik santo's thing, and nothing to...
  30. cwk

    basic applications of Cho Gar 13 hands

    I live in Thailand Steve, different rules out here. The school actually asked me to set up a kung fu club and to teach in English so students get to use different language and outside of a classroom setting. Pretty cool uh? and they pay me extra for it. haha.