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    I was wondering how Mr.Trejo is doing? I have not seen anything posted following the "stroke". Anyone privy to this? Peace 1stJohn1:9
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    Moo Yea Do ?

    I was watching a show called Final Fu the other night, and one of the contestants was a practioner of this style. Before then I had never heard of it, and thought it would be a laugh. However the Moo Yea Do proponent represented the style very well. I would like to get some info on this style...
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    shin splints

    I have a young(19-20yrs) friend who trains in MMA, but has been bothered enough by shin splints lately that he has stopped his MMA training. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what he can do to get these things healed, and if his MMA training would prolong that healing time? From what...
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    The Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio

    Anyone been to this, is it spectator friendly? I was trying to locate a schedule of events on a site but did'nt find any real particulars. I am especially interested in the Kenpo events. Anyone able to help out? Thank you, 1stJohn1:9
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    American Ji Do Kwan Karate

    Is anyone here familar with this system? I believe the Head Instructor operates/operated out of Cleveland,Ohio? Is this a TKD offshoot, or something more? Thanks to all helpful parties. 1stJohn1:9
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    The WEC

    I was just introduced to this organization last evening through a program called Tap Out on the cable channel VS.. Not being an MMA guy I am sure that I am one of the last guys on the planet to see this. I enjoyed the show for most part. Alot of bleeping out going on which was alright with me...
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    Law Enforcer's Training

    Do the hand to hand requirements differ city to city? How about county, to county, or even state to state? It seems that some get a pretty fair amont of training(LA County Cal.), and others get sorta nil ! I was watching one of the Police on tape shows a week, or so ago. At least 2 of these...
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    Richard Kim Sensei

    Do any of his students still operate studios? I recall that he was a pretty sought after instructor. Very,very knowledgeable in a number of martial disciplines. 1stJohn1:9
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    kajukenpo KI or ????

    Any practioners on here? I have seen alot about kajuk-e-n-b-o, but I don't believe I have seen anyone from the abovementioned system. 1stJohn1:9
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    The USMC Martial Arts Training Center

    Is anyone familiar with this program? I happened to catch the tail end of a segment about this on the Military Channel. They were discussing belt levels etc.. I was very intrigued, but alas caught very little of it. Anyone able to shed some light on this? Regarding the system taught etc.? Thanks...
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    Breaking Bonaduce

    Has anyone seen this? Its on one of the cable channels here in N.East Ohio. When I first watched a couple episodes. I really felt sorry for the guy. After watching a couple more. I think he really may need serious help! It may all be for the camera, and I hope that it is, but even then some of...
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    brn.blt. rankings

    This is probably gonna sound stupid, but here it goes. Did'nt the EPAK brn. ranking system work as follows? 1st level after is 3rd brn. signified by 1blk. stripe on belt, 2nd. brn. 2 stripes, and 1st brn. 3 stripes? The way I remember this being explained to me. You advanced through...
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    Dear John/Jane letters&active duty

    Has anyone seen the letters in the Dear Abby column of your paper lately? I rarely read these letters, but every now & then a heading catches my eye. There is a question from one of her readers that basically says. Is it okay to break up with her boyfriend/fiance while he is serving in Iraq? Is...
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    tv program:Deadly Arts

    Has anyone seen this show? The host is a lady who I believe holds dan rankings in Okinawian/Japanese karate, as well as Aikdo. She travels the globe to see, and participate in the different martial arts available. I just watched a episode devoted to Savate, and a couple of its sister systems. I...
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    what is aikijujitsu, does anyone still teach?

    I have read that it is the forerunner of aikido, and the various systems of jujitsu . Are there any instructors of the classical aiki systems, i.e. Daito(sp?)Ryu ? I am talking about verifiable, certified schools, instructors etc.. Much like a family home is deeded through the generations. Now...
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    hello from ohio

    i've been reading, and posting on for a while now. usually enjoy my stay, and hope to meet other christian kepoist in the future. ciao,
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    greater cleveland tourneys

    Any Interested, Its been many moons since attending a ma trny... Anyone have any out there in the n.e. ohio area? Preferably the greater cleveland area, and points east? I used to really enjoy just spectatin. Any help is greatly appreciated. Salute in Christ :asian:
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    EPAK & Aiki-Jujitsu?

    Has anyone ever tried blending any of the Aiki-Jujitsu systems into EPAK? I just think it would make an excellent(Mr.Burns l.o.l.)combo. I remember talking with a Tracy's system blk blt a number of years ago, and he mentioned hooking up with a A-J guy in his area. I don't know if he ever did...
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    whatever happened to?

    Anyone remember Louis Negalia(sp?)the kick boxer? How about Arlene Limas(point fighter)? Linda Denley(point fighter)? Brian Fong(Fung?)(kenpo kata winner)? John Longstreet(karate man)? Anyone know where they all vanished to? :asian:
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    re:dark dragon kenpo

    Has anyone of the EPAK community heard of this system before? They have a pretty nice catalog of rings, and they appear to teach a version of American Kenpo. It appears that the head instructor is a Mr.Tim Allen, 7th dan. Can anyone shed some light on this organization? Salute :asian:
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    Kajukenpo Pai Lum

    Has anyone any knowledge of this system? Is this an off shoot of Al Gene's Kajukenpo? Sounds very interesting!!! :asian:
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    Machado Jujitsu/H.S./Collegiate wrstlng

    My son is a former kenpoist(, and for the last few years a preety good wrestler. My question is. Would Brazillian style jujitsu be a help to his wrestling? I believe there is a Machado student in the general area of our home, and he trains people. Are there any current/former...
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    Block Set insertion

    I was checking out another board, and stumbled onto a discussion about the abovementioned. It seems Mr.Tatum has inserted a vertical outward block between the downward block, and the rear elbow strike! At first I thought why, but it fits! Has anyone else tried this, and what do you think? Not...
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    kenpo fla.

    Hello, Does anyone know of any epak studios in the jacksonville,florida area? I just would like to visit, and observe. Thanks, Salute in Christ:asian:
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    new system?

    Is anyone familiar with the Shurite ryu tai jutsu system? I believe its an off shoot of Mr.David German's Tai Kenpo. I am not real sure I have the name completely correct? I read a little about the founder (Mr.Christian?) a while back, and was intrigued. Thanks. Salute in Christ, Donald :asian:
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    Blast from the past

    Anyone know the where abouts of some of the greats from days gone by? Here are a few, but the list could go onnnnnnnnnn. Linda Denley Steve(Mad Dog)Curran John Longstreet Brian Fong(Fung?) Steve Fisher Arlene Limas Salute in Christ, Donald:D
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    Captured Leaves

    Anyone familar with this technique? It seems to me to be one of the most improbable situational responses this side o'da mighty Mississippi. I would be especially interested in its origin. I have a theory, and would like to check it against its actual beginings. Thanks to all helpful parties...
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    Kenpo on T.V.

    I was watching a rerun of Seinfeld last night. Cosmo was taking kara-tay(his pronunciation). What I liked was when they showed the outside of the studio. The studio banner said "kenpo karate". What I did'nt like was they demonstrated NO kenpo. The uniforms etc., looked very tae kwon do ish! I...
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    Far East

    Are there any EPAK studios/clubs in Hong Kong, or Taiwan? How about the nation of Japan? I know Mr.Parker Sr. did a whole lotta travelin back in the day. Was he ever able to train someone in the aforementioned countries? I would like to see how EPAK was interpreted in the homes of the more...
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    Newer Japanese based systems

    Where do these newer "traditional" styles stand in the traditional circles? I am speaking of the Oyama off shoots, and the like. Are they considered traditional by the hard core old school, or upstarts? Do they consider themselves "traditional" ? Salute in Christ, Donald :D