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    Definitely go watch some classes, that will help you decide
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    Need breaking tips

    I would suggest just trying some power kicks like a stepping side kick, or turning back kick. And I also agree with an elbow strike being a good technique for breaking, it hurts much less than any hand strike
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    city/province rich in martial arts?

    First of all what MA do you want to do? Second of all where are you? I assume you're in Canada and if that's the case then you're best bet would be to go to any metropolitain city. I know Montreal and Edmonton have some good MMA school as does Toronto. I live in Ottawa and there are also several...
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    studentes of schools vs students of non schools

    From what I have seen belonging to an organization has made for better training compared to being independent. This is just my own experience, but when an instructor has been a part of an organization for a long time and then decides to be independent it is usually for the purpose of making...
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    Running vs. Biking

    I enjoy running more, but like has been mentioned it kills my joints, so I have bought a spinner bike. I'm better at running, but the spinner is a really good workout and if you take a spinning class, it will be one of the most intense workouts you's hard. Which one is better for...
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    Post video of your class

    Good vids keep em coming!
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    Olympic TKD Knockouts

    They keep their hands down because puching is not nearly as important in the WTF as it is in the ITF. And by keeping your hands down it takes less energy, making you slightly quicker in delivering your kicks. I agree that keeping your hands up in ITF sparring is important, but you can get away...
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    a question for fighters

    When I'm sparring I know who to turn it "on" against and who to lay back on. I also judge when sparring in class how hard my opponent is going. If he/she is going lightly then I'll go lightly, but if he/she wants to turn it up a little, so will I. In tournaments the goal is to win whether your...
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    Let this be the standard-

    I am not extremely impressed with the video clip, you can pretty much find that kind of athleticism at your local gymnastic school. Sure it's hard to do, but I don't understand what makes that clip to be "the standard?"
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    A Instructors Rant

    I understand it's frustrating, especially when you give your time and effort to have someone take advantage of that and disrespect you in a way, but then I wonder to myself, would taking this person in and teaching him and having him eventually shed his ego and his old ways, would not that be a...
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    Full contact or point system?

    Good point, class sparring and competition sparring could and should be different in terms of contact. B ut if competition sparring were to be full contact, then there would have to be some aspects of your training that involves full contact, either in class or perhaps a separate class intended...
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    Has MA made you paranoid??

    It's a very good point and if it is MA's that have created some form of paranoia in me, then it must be a powerful substance
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    Please help me! Breaking board failure :-(

    I think you have your answer right here, you know what you need to do, you have to try and overcome your biggest obstacle which is not the board
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    Grappling with PTSD

    You are an inspiration for a lot of people, not too many people could do what you do and even more courageous to talk about your mental state. I would agree that continuing to train would be beneficial, but I am no expert (however I do hold a Minor degree in Psychology), but by no means an...
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    Full contact or point system?

    If I am not mistaken aren't most BB sparring matches full contact even when it's a point system? I mean it is not considered full contact, but when you step in the square it usually becomes full contact (at least from my experiences). Now for coloured belts I dont think it should be full...
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    Join an organization or not?

    The only disadvantage I have seen from previous instructors not being a part of a federation has been that they have not attended some seminars (either ITF or WTF) that might have helped them learn more about what they are teaching, especially with patterns. My first instructor is now...
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    advice on avoiding injury

    I completely agree, but when I have an injury I still try to do something constructive for my body, whether is be eating healthier, or stretching if you can. But yes, resting your body even when you're not injured is very important, as a lot of injuries occur from over-training.
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    Does any one here use supplements ?

    Here's a thread that has already been started about this topic
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    the exercise you love to hate.

    I hate squats, but they are suck an important exercise. In my training I do 20 reps and 3 sets and I am sweating like crazy by the end and walking becomes harder...but it's worth it
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    set a fitness goal here.

    My fitness goal for is in April I have to try to get to between 150lbs-155lbs while maintaining strength, endurance and speed. This is the weight class I am sparring in. Right now I'm 160lbs, since October 2008 I have lost about 10lbs
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    Delicious Dinners For Marital Artists! Real Happy Meals!

    I am new to cooking. My girlfriend is an excellent cook, but lately I have been doing some of my own cooking. So needless to say this next recipe is quick and easy...and healthy PESTO PASTA W/CHICKEN BREAST PREP: -cut green peppers, red peppers (any colored pepper) -cut mushrooms -cut...
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    desicions to make

    So did you want to leave TKD altogether? or did you want to stay in TKD just with a different focus? I'm sorry I dont understand exactly what you are looking for. It sounds like you want to start a new art in hopes of having better practical SD knowledge. I would recommend if you are strictly...
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    private security

    Thanks for all the great responses. I live in Ottawa, Canada and up here "executive policing" is called protective policing, it's a branch of policing that is run by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). As for me, I have no military background, but I know my education level would be able...
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    private security

    I was wondering more about private policing, such as protecting dignitaries and others, front line work, not behind the scenes. I was curious as to how people get these opportunities and what type of requirements would be needed
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    private security

    Just curious and wondering if there are any private security workers here? i.e bodyguards, private policing? I have always been intrigued by this work and I was just curious to hear people's opinions about this kind of work. Thanks
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    Skip Dan promotions, when is it ok?

    I think it would be o.k to skip a colored belt, but not a black belt or dan of any kind. The reason is because I there are a lot of people who quit an art and then go back to white belt, but they remember a lot of what they had learned. In that case I would see it o.k to skip let's say from...
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    Unable to Run

    Like you said the best defense is to try and avoid any provocation that might entail you to defend yourself. This can mean talking to try and diffuse the situation, calling for help, or maybe if you feel the need to, carry a weapon. Being able to run to escape is good, but like was mentioned...
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    Ferocious Fighters of Shih Tzu Fu

    My mom has a shih tzu and she is a crazy dog. She will take on any sized dog any time even though she's, well, small...haha. A little bit of a schizoid personality I would say, but I love her,,,her name is Chi-Chi. As for me, well I had dreams of being a UFC fighter, but wll settle on my...
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    Hey everyone! Am i good for Muay Thai?

    Do it! And as for lifting I would also consult a personal trainer to get you on the right path
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    Sparring movement exercises?

    Practice moving your feet, either by just bouncing around in your house or at the gym. Maybe learn how to jump rope too! But in all honesty, there will always be someone faster than you. What you should practice is not how to be faster than them, but how to fight against faster people. When...