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    I reported this to the site owner last week on September 3rd and he replied "it's all being taken care of."
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    Kempo self defense success/fail stories.

    Without going into too much detail, yes I have had to use my martial arts to defend myself as well as others. Some of this was simply life in Baltimore, MD and some of it was occupational (private security, bouncing, etc.). I've lived to tell the tales and only been serious injured (a stab) once...
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    Practicing Both Sides

    I got away from it and recently came back to it. Oddly, studying other arts made me reconsider it when I came to realization that Kenpo was the only one I currently train where I didn't make it a point to do both sides.
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    Functional Kenpo series, seven new videos posted.

    Latest video: Entire playlist:
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    Why do you train?

    When I started I just wanted to learn cool stuff like I saw in movies. I was just a kid. As a teenager I wanted to learn more cool stuff and how to better defend myself. As a young adult it became my job so I wanted to learn all the ins and outs I could, all the nuts, all the bolts, all the...
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    Is It Possible?

    The real basis of any art isn't just about how to punch, kick, throw, etc. If you see it that way then, yes, it's all just motion rearranged in different orders and there's no point in getting/seeking instruction because you already feel that you have this part down well enough and are in great...
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    Which one for you?

    Kenpo (The bar is almost full) Followed in order by: Mixed Martial Arts Ju-Jitsu Ninjitsu Tae KwonDo Judo Wing Chun Karate Tai Chi Aikido Not bad, actually fairly accurate.
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    That kick didnt go as planned......

    Sounds like you rolled your ankle and it sounds like the reason is how you planted your supporting foot. When executing a sidekick the toes of the supporting foot should be pointing in the opposite direction of the kick to provide a proper base. In the beginning, people have a tendency to not...
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    2 Hours With Mr. Parker

    I'd ask him. Can we work on the basics?
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    UFC Poses No Long Term Threat to Boxing

    And let's not forget that there are those people who realize there is a large difference between MMA fighting (or fighting of any form) and self-defense. Those people will learn self-defense systems and not MMA fighting.
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    Deflecting Hammer

    Meaning blocking and kicking without taking a split second to assess the situation and seeing if the coast is clear for that kick.
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    AKKI: Shaping the Future of Kenpo?

    Are you saying you taught him some FMA?
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    Favorite Technique

    Straight Punch - Delayed Sword grafted to Alternating Maces grafted to Sword of other words Five Swords Front Kick - Detour from Doom...also known as Five Swords Roundhouse Punch - Five Swords Front Push - Thrusting Wedge grafted to Alternating Maces grafted to Sword of...
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    Long Form 1 Video Comments Please

    You almost sound like Max.
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    Functional Kenpo Voume Three - Neutral Bow

    Thank you for watching.
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    Help wanted: Not sure what to practice

    basics basics basics...everything else will fall into place.
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    Functional Kenpo Voume Three - Neutral Bow

    Not yet, looking forward to the opportunity though.
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    Hawkins Kenpo new demo reel

    A short demo vid showing pieces of what I do. Contains favorite sequences I repeatedly flow into and some future themes coming up in the "Functional Kenpo" series. 88% is "new" footage I haven't put online yet. For those looking for full speed and power..please disregard this's still...
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    Functional Kenpo Voume Three - Neutral Bow

    Thank you for your kind remarks, salute.
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    Functional Kenpo Voume Three - Neutral Bow

    I'll play with this and see how it works for me, thanks for the insights!
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    Functional Kenpo Volume One - Delayed Sword

    Thanks. If you're in charm city drop me a line! The crabs are great as usual...when you can find ones big enough to be worth it :(
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    Horrible Kenpo Clps

    Got it, now I know exactly what you are talking about.
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    Functional Kenpo Volume Ten - Positioning