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  1. moonhill99

    Why do people say to never kick air?

    When practicing kicking they say never to kick air. Why do you have to kick some thing as you cannot kick air and visualize some thing is there?
  2. moonhill99

    How often of work out in week exercise to get in shape myth?

    I got into a dispute with my friend he was saying you can work on cardio and lift weights two or three times in a week!! I said that is pointless!! You need at least no less than 4 times a week to work on cardio and lift weights. So what is the magic number? Well obvious MMA fighters and...
  3. moonhill99

    Is getting hit to the head over and over can be dangerous?

    Some one was saying getting hit over and over to the head can cause injuries. Saying some fighters getting knocked out can cause brain injuries. If so how safe is MMA, boxing, Muay Thai and kickboxing so on and other martial arts getting hit to the head over and over? I know there been a...
  4. moonhill99

    What have become of Kickboxing these days?

    There seems to be Kickboxing schools opening up every where these days. But is this is what Kickboxing have become today? No wonder Ronda Rousey lost!! Is this what Kickboxing become today? These fighters look like they just of the street!! At least these one is bit better than the other...
  5. moonhill99

    Did Jeff Speakman move to Las Vegas?

    Looking at the web site it looks like Jeff Speakman moved to Las Vegas and set up school in Las Vegas. When did this happen? There does not seem to be any other instructor other than him self at that school. Jeff Speakman A: 6315 S Rainbow Blvd #100 Las Vegas, NV 89118 Really strange as...
  6. moonhill99

    What is ground safety like in MMA?

    Rolling around on the ground and wrestling on the ground that can cause cuts, scratches and burns? Because lot of MMA figters have no shirt on :jimlad::jimlad::clown::clown: and some that do just have t-shirt and shorts. :jimlad::jimlad: What is to stop cuts, scratches and burns? The rubbing and...
  7. moonhill99

    Is this a safe exercise? Or can you injure your knee?

    I was looking at the exercises this guy does to lift heavy to get really strong!! And it got me thinking over time can this cause knee problems?:eek::eek::eek: Is knee injures common with this exercises this guy is doing? common lifting exercises this guy is doing like this Instagram video...
  8. moonhill99

    What type of Wing Chun is this?

    What type of Wing Chun is this? This appears some kind of new modern Wing Chun or Wing Tsun? Wing Chun does teach takedowns and off-balancing but from my understanding it is not emphasized and 90% time you will not be using it. This video appears some kind of new modern Wing Chun or Wing...
  9. moonhill99

    Self-defense is now ILLEGAL in the UK

    Self-defense is now ILLEGAL in the UK. Self-defense is now ILLEGAL in the UK It now looks like Self-defense is now Illegal in the UK. Self Defense Is Illegal In The UK For anyone here living in the UK and thinking of Self-defense.
  10. moonhill99

    American Kenpo or Kajukenbo?

    American Kenpo or Kajukenbo? What blends better with Judo? We where having a talk at the kitchen table and the buddy of mind said Kajukenbo blends better with Judo because the way Kajukenbo is and that Kajukenbo is bigger on take downs and throws. So the subject came up want blends better...
  11. moonhill99

    What are the different types of bodybuilders out there today?

    I know there are two main types of bodybuilders out there today the old bodybuilding and new bodybuilding. Old classic bodybuilding.
  12. moonhill99

    More a self defense ideas than fighting off the bad guy?

    This thread is not to fight of the bad guy, :eek::eek:but self defense ideas. :meh: I never go out walking on the streets at night. And I never go walking down back alleys or areas where known gang members hang out. For one, I never go walking out at night on the street and my girlfriend does...
  13. moonhill99

    Why don't you see catch wrestling in MMA?

    Why lack of catch wrestling in MMA these days? Is catch wrestling not popular like it was in past? Where Greco-Roman Wrestling or Freestyle Wrestling more popular in MMA these days.:rage: :rage: Where catch wrestling does have take downs and ground work but not that good the take downs?
  14. moonhill99

    Why do people in MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai fight almost nude?

    Why do people in MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai fight almost nude? And why do they take their t-shirt off? Is it to look really tough and mean looking? I know when they are training and sparring some times they may have their t-shirt on. But when fight comes up they are almost nude both...
  15. moonhill99

    Why does Judo no longer teach these choke holds?

    Like rear-naked choke, arm-triangle choke, triangle choke? I think in the past Judo taught these chokes but now no longer teach these choke holds? I know BJJ is very big on use of these chokes and Miesha Tate have use these chokes a lot. I believe Miesha Tate used a rear-naked choke on Holly...
  16. moonhill99

    Why no wrestling GI? and types of wrestling?

    I hear there are three times of wrestling. -amature Wrestling ( like what you get in high school Wrestling and collage Wrestling) -pro Wrestling -entertainment Wrestling I seen many of the WWF and WWE on TV over the years!! But where do they go and train before they get into WWF and WWE? Why...
  17. moonhill99

    Do you wear socks or barefeet in class?

    What is main reason 90% to 95% most martial arts class go barefeet? I hear safety is one of the reasons. That wearing socks you go slippery and sliding on the floor. Try doing Judo well slippery and sliding on the floor you need a lot of good luck. I know nylon socks ( very comfortable ) some...
  18. moonhill99

    Being a bodybuilder or big tall and strong really good thing to help out in self defense?

    Being a bodybuilder or big tall and strong really good thing to help out in self defense? Why don't we do all three? It does not take much discipline and commitment to be big and strong, think of it like a small job you got at the Target store!! On average it takes 8 years for martial arts to...
  19. moonhill99

    Why is it taekwondo do NOT go well with Okinawan karate or Kenpo karate

    A buddy of mind was going on saying that Okinawan karate or Kenpo karate that most of it is not kicks and they fight at close range. One of a first things a person taking taekwondo go for is a kick and if the person gets to close than they will go for a strike or push so they can go for kick...
  20. moonhill99

    Do karate schools in the US not teach dirty fighting any more or do you have to move to Japan?

    I hear karate schools in US no longer teach dirty fighting like hitting the persons knees, hitting the persons balls, head twisting,knee strikes to person head, gauging out eyes, choke holds, poking or squeezing eyes, strike to throat, taking your elbow and hitting the person head, holds and...
  21. moonhill99

    People that are skinny vs someone bigger, more likely to break bones or feel pain?

    Do skinny person getting punched or kicked feel pain more than some one bigger? A skinny girl vs bigger guy!!! Being bigger more body fat help? A skinny person getting punched , kicked or thrown to the ground hard, feel more pain and easier to break bones than bigger person? A person that is...
  22. moonhill99

    I may have a Hiatal Hernia?

    I have been doing lot of heavy lifting and major exercises these past two days and now out of no where I have what feels like acid and belching in the upper esophagus by the adams apple area!! Feel like water, mucus ,acid and heartburn in the upper esophagus by the adams apple area!! It seems...
  23. moonhill99

    Why do they not teach Commando Krav Maga or Jujutsu Krav Maga in the US?

    Why do they not teach Commando Krav Maga or Jujutsu Krav Maga in the US? Jujutsu Krav Maga Commando Krav Maga It seems if people want this they have to go to Israel and train there. Well the Jujutsu Krav Maga looks really awesome!! And well some of this may be too rough for self defense...
  24. moonhill99

    Does Steven Seagal still teach Aikido?

    I know Steven Seagal was teaching Aikido the aggressive type of Aikido not sure what it is called. Steven Seagal is from Lansing, Michigan and now living in Los Angeles. So I guess he has a dojo in Lansing and Los Angeles. Not sure what it is called or where his school is at or any web sites or...
  25. moonhill99

    How safe is Jujutsu or Judo?

    I have read mix reviews on it and friend of mine said Jujutsu or Judo is fun but will wreck you body. And Jujutsu being worse will wreck your joints he said because of all the joint locks. That getting thrown to a mat every night at 3x a week for over a decade can cause back pain or a sniff...
  26. moonhill99

    How effective is Japanese Ju Jitsu, or judo moves work on a big person?

    Those flipping, throwing and take-downs techniques work on person 50 pounds or 100 pounds more than you!!!:eek::eek: or even 150 pounds being overweight or a bodybuilder. So how can small skinny guy or small skinny girl weighs like a feather almost anorexic do these moves on big person.When...
  27. moonhill99

    Some kung fu and karate do not do well fighting a boxer or skilled street fighter?

    I have read mix reviews that some kung fu and karate do not do well fighting MMA fighter, boxer, Muay Thai, skilled street fighter.:eek::eek: Not because kung fu and karate style is bad, it is the fighting style is so different. Many other people talk about fighting range and distance is very...
  28. moonhill99

    Modern Japanese jiu jitsu vs traditional Japanese jiu jitsu

    Note may be some members here into Japanese jiu jitsu section of this forum and really into jiu jitsu can explain this better. I'm looking for a Japanese jiu jitsu school in Florida and some members where saying most schools in the US are modern Japanese jiu jitsu also known modern eclectic...
  29. moonhill99

    New Aikido invented for self-defence by Ljubomir Vraarevi

    There is new Aikido style invented mainly for self-defence. Bit more aggressive and more striking than mainstream Aikido or most Aikido out there these days. It was developed by Ljubomir Vraarevi, a self-defence instructor from Serbia. It is a mixture of aikido, judo and Japanese jujutsu but...
  30. moonhill99

    Need help finding a school that teach japanese jujutsu or combo of japanese jujutsu and aikido.

    My family and I will be relocating to Florida soon to find a job in Miami or Tampa area and looking for a martial arts school that teach japanese jujutsu or combo of japanese jujutsu and aikido. I found some schools but they seem McDojo and some other good schools that are not in the area...