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    UTF Scotland announces partnership with World Kickboxing Council Great news.
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    I debuted as a referee at a regional tournament this morning. As many of you know I was promoted to first dan blackbelt in late March, In my federation you don't need to be blackbelt to referee and I did my ref training when I was a red belt. The only reason I hadn't refereed before is because...
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    Cutting weight for tournament

    My 1st ever blackbelt tournament is in nine weeks. At the moment I'm roughly 73Kg. If I can get under 70 I can fight lightweight. How do I go about cutting weight?
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    Sitting my 1st degree blackbelt(ITF) in three weeks.

    Any advice for this? I'm very nervous. Not for the content so to speak, but the sheer length of it. It's a four hour seminar(8-12) followed by a four hour grading(1-5) and although I'm in the best physical shape I've ever been in I'm not sure if I can last all day. Also I'm nervous for the...
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    Hello, I'm 16 and a black tag in Taekwon-do, from Scotland. Greetings.
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    WTF or ITF

    Pretty simple question, which Taekwon-do federation are you? ITF for me, I used to be in the GTF but my club converted in 2009. Another question, there seems to be quite a few International Taekwon-do federations, which one had their world championships in South Korea last summer? I know some...