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    UFC 189 - Jose Aldo Vs Conor McGregor (Who's Your Pick?)

    This is just a preview of what could possibly happen in the Jose Aldo vs Conor McGregor match coming up this July at UFC 189. If you don't know who any of these guys are, do your research on these two spectacular athletes. This is a match in EA Sports UFC on Xbox 1 between the champ Jose Aldo...
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    Wavemaster Bag Workout

    I do a little freestyle bag workout on the wavemaster. I switch up my strikes a lands various kicks, punches, elbows, and knees to the bag. I like working out on the bags before I start class or just working out on the bags in general because I can do techniques and test the distance for each...
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    Muay Thai Training To Trap Music 2

    Muay Thai training to trap music, part 2. In this video, you will see elbow drills, punching drills, knee & clinch drills, a round of shadow boxing, and some calisthenic exercises. Muay thai is more then just a martial art or a sport, it is a way of life. Learn muay thai, learn how to transform...
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    Wushu Bow Staff Training Drills

    Wushu Bow Staff Training Drills. I use the "Bow" staff and do some hand rolls, finger rolls, and figure eights. I'm training with the bow staff to make my wrists even stronger, so I can handle nun chucks in a few weeks once we start to use them at the dojo. This is the first weapon that I have...
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    Wushu Training Drills Part 2 ( Amazing Tornado Kick)

    I take you through my warm up drills that I do before I start my class. In this video, I do some more punching drills on the bag. I do a "Wing Chun" chain punching drill on the bag as well. I also execute an amazing "Tornado Kick", and one of my "Sibaks" makes a little cameo in this video as...
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    Punching Drill Training - Wushu (White Sash)

    Punching Drills - Wushu (White Sash) In this short video, I do a few punching drills. I try to focus on throwing my punches as accurate as I can, then snap my punching hand back to guard as fast as I can. I also throw "Reverse" punches in this drill as well. Some of you may know what a reverse...
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    Results Of My Kung Fu Tournament

    This was my very first tournament I took place in. It was held at the Golden Pyramid Martial Arts Center, where I study and train. The tournament hosted self defense, katas, weapons katas, chambras, a kumatie, and Jiu Jitsu. I competed in The self defense, chambra, and kata sections. I...
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    Rate My Kung Fu Video (Display Strikes & Self Defense)

    I practice some strikes and combos on the dummy, then I do some kicking drills on the bag. I then do 5 Self Defense scenarios with my sparring partner. I do a 5 punch strike combo, a 14 kick combo, and I even break out a baby Ip Man punching series on the bag. Can you count how many punches I...
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    Female Boxer Lands 12 Hit Combo

    This female boxer has a iron chin for real. She eats mad punches to the face like it was nothing. A Must SEE !!! Check out her technique and the accuracy of her punches.. i have never seen anything like this before
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    Amazing Taekwondo Moves Displayed

    Amazing skills displayed in Korea in this Taekwondo dojo. Guy does a flip kick over 3 people and kicks the wooden board in half. Lots of amazing taekwondo and martial arts skills on display here. Women punch through sets of bricks, and more.