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    MA magazines

    SJON, your PM box is full!
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    Independent Instructor looking for someone to test me for 3rd Dan

    Was bound to be their fault... :)
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    Taegue Il Jang application

    "Kata is practiced perfectly, real fight is another thing." Funakoshi`s 18th precept. Based on Puuni's insight and seniors I have spoken to over the years, bunkai such as is practiced from karate kata in some circles are sometimes there in KKW poomsae but imo more by accident than design...
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    Traditional tae kwon do in chicago

    Might be worth looking here: Master Weiss is a regular on here.
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    KKW Bunhae

    On the face of it the bold section is probably true. It however overlooks the fact that the KKW poomsae are in many places repackaged karate kata, and the guys who formulated the kata did put such things in there. Not trying to change your approach, it's down to objectives and the KKW...
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    Poomsae principles?

    -Grandmaster Duk Sung Son
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    Seeking Kukkiwon practitioners' thoughts on the Kukkiwon Membership System

    Is that a requirement or can anybody join? If a KKW 1,2,3 or 4th dan was running a school could he join and what is the benefit? I couldn't see a dan level specified on the form. I did see it said master - is this where the KKW have set the "master level" now - 5th degree? I've noted WTF...
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    Young black belts, no problem - young grandmaster...hmm?

    Seeing as this has reappeared. Found through the power of Google.
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    Active Oh Do Kwan apart from ITF?

    Can't help with an answer I'm afraid, but a great question. Perhaps the Oh Do Kwan 'remained behind' in the ROK army when Gen. Choi left, and it just carried on without him in the military? Interested to learn the answer to that one.
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    Kukkiwon Instructor Course outside of Korea

    No idea I'm afraid. The extent of my knowledge on the subject is above.
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    Kukkiwon Instructor Course outside of Korea

    'Genesis' report.
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    Kukkiwon Instructor Course outside of Korea

    Not entirely so, the BTC website might be of interest. Any group who wants to be Sport England recognized, has to be part of the BTC. The BTCB included, as well as ITF style groups etc. Although their hierarchy is ITF heavy, for sure. If you can get a copy of the 'Genesis Report', you...
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    The General

    Hadn't heard that one. Very interesting. Is that just hearsay or has anyone gone on record etc to suggest that?
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    Young black belts, no problem - young grandmaster...hmm?

    That has got to be a typo. I really cant see that in the TAGB. Dave Oliver is an 8th Dan himself and has been at this for a loooong time. GM C.K. Choi ratified that while he was over. That's a typo.
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    I don't see him calling himself a member anywhere, although I may be wrong. There are plenty of people of people who have lineage through the Chung Do Kwan who are not members - great swathes of the ITF included. As a social club? Is that not what the rules of KKW limit them to, Uhm Woon...
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    TKD Historians: Duk Son Song's Book

    I've re-read that bit a couple of times now and get the feeling he didn't mean it to be analysed like that. By which I mean he is not saying it is a fighting stance, but if it were it's no good. Does that make sense? Otherwise it would be odd. I'd definately agree with that, and got it...
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    TKD Historians: Duk Son Song's Book

    I have the book too, and a similar view of it. Which bit?
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    8 Things To Consider NOT Bringing To The Airport

    The ones here pick people at random too. Pain in the ****. Edited to add: I know, I know, better that than...
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    "The" ITF

    Very unfortunate that. What if you were also an instructor in WTF/KKW TKD?
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    Churchill Saw It Coming

    Cometh the hour, cometh the man.
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    Conform to My Style or Else!

    To sine wave or not to sine wave? -- ducks -- .
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    Conform to My Style or Else!

    I'd be inclined to echo those sentiments.
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    Walking Stance

    Click 'next pattern' for a comparison to long stance/forward stance/long walking stance (or whatever you wish to call it).
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    Walking Stance

    Can't comment on the rest of the site as I haven't looked, this was the first google result showing this well. From the old KKW site IIRC.
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    There's two feet of snow where I am!

    If we'll excuse the pun!
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    New and old Katana

    A convincing argument that.
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    why so many seem to dislike MMA

    that is a disappointment. Yet more humour wasted... :( Have PM'd you, btw.
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    why so many seem to dislike MMA