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    About The Whole Minors And Sex Issue

    I apologize for not being able to continuously reply to the thread concerning minors and sex. I of course became really busy with other things and by the time I came back the thread was closed. I still think many of you are misunderstanding what I' was trying to say and as a result I received...
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    Is there a pistol with.............

    Is there a handgun pistol with all (or most) of the following features; -Semi-automatic or automatic -High magazine capacity (over 10) -Shoots as strong as shots from a revolver -High probability not to jam
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    "Ninjitsu As The Ultimate Martial Art"

    Anyone seen the national geographic documentary "Fight Science"? They claim that ninjitsu is the ultimate martial art because it combines all forms of fighting (striking, grappling, submission, archery, explosives, sword, dagger, balance, ect.) into one art. Is this generally considered true? I...
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    .357 vs .44 (Smith & Wesson)

    Which gun do you think is better for self defence between the .357 magnum and the .44 magnum? I assume that since the .44 is made at a later time that it would be more advanced. But I have heard of cases where the .357 outclasses the .44 still. What do you guys think? And which gun packs a...
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    Voluntary Sex With Minors

    I recently watched a show on MSNBC called "To Catch A Predator"; where the news crew lures adult men into thinking they are going to have consenting sex with minors. For more information read the article. Anyways, I don't really agree with the shows...
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    Which Is More Essential: Public Health Care Or Public Schools?

    In an earlier thread I advocated privatizing schools and maybe use the money to pay for a public health care system (paid by local taxes, state, taxes, or federal taxes, whichever). Although I currently still favor a private health care system, I am still open to the idea of some public health...
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    Should Caffeine Be Regulated Similar To Other Drugs (Such As A Minimum Age)?

    Caffeine is an often overlooked drug. Indeed, it is the most widely used and least condemned drug in the world. But the truth is caffeine is as druggy as any other drug. Cocaine and alcohol or no more druggy than caffeine (although some might regard cocaine and alcohol as harder more...
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    Bush Backs Proposed Ban on Gay Marriage He was talking about this a bit last term, but I didn't think he would bring the issue up again. I don't understand Bush! He is so random. One moment he is talking about the war, the next oil American oil adiction, and now back to this. Why...
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    Nudity And Swear Words

    Every society has its own taboos and regulations, even modern societies. For example in the Western world it is taboo for men to wear skirts (and women wearing pants in the past as well). However as a general rule most taboos have no laws regarding them. For example a man can wear a skirt...
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    Bush Says Immigration Law Must Tighten Borders I never expected Bush to do this! I always thought he wanted the boarders and immigration laws loose because I thought he was for cheap labor. Good move I think, since it is against...
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    Educaid vs Public Education

    "Every time I encounter someone in the workplace, I am reminded of just how much we have failed to properly educate United States citizens in the fundamentals of communication: reading, writing and speaking. Few would argue that the time is long overdue for the United States to "get back to the...
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    Favorite Foreign Film

    What is your favorite foreign (non-American) film? Mine would have to be the Chinese movie Hero, directed by Zhang Yimou and starring Jet Li. Great action, story, sound, picture, ect. One of the best weapon-oriented martial arts movie I have ever seen.
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    Groin Protection Medical Procedure??

    I notice I have a paranoia during MM sparring, such as TKD sparring. Even though I know the rules prohibit it and the other person won't hit me there with intent, I still have some fear that sort of effects my peformance. Is there currently a medical procedure or surgery that can be done with...
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    "Eye for an Eye makes the whole world blind"
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    Bush For Alternative Fuel? I guess Bush himself isn't as oil hungry was we thought. Iraq and oil doesn't make much sense either (unless this is an act, in which there is no proof for such a thing). If someone like Bush made a speech on how important it is (despite...
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    Favorite Movie Of All Time

    Mine would have to be: Gladiator, directed by Ridley Scott. Great action, story, sound effects, music, visuals, ect. What is your favorite movie of all time?
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    New Video From Binladden Binladden has obvious flaws in many of his reasoning, but to be honest I do believe we should leave the Middle East entirely, even Israel (After we reconstruct Iraq of course!). I supported both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars for obvious...
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    Traditional Tae Kwon Do For College

    My little brother is in high school and has been doing TKD for quite some time now. He wants to use it for getting acceptance within a college but there is a problem. My brother has been doing more traditional TKD and while has been doing well at tournaments it is not WTF. My brother wants to...
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    Would You Trade Public Education For Universal Health Care?

    If our government was to privatize the schools to use the money to create universal health care, would you be for or against it? In my opinion health care that it be included to all the citizens of our country than public education to all people. The government's job has always been to protect...
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    Best Solution For The Homosexual Union Issue

    Homosexual union is pretty a new concept. Never in thousands of years has this issue ever been brought up which is why there so little talk about it. Homosexuality in many cultures (especially Abrahamic cultures) is considered a wrong and a sin punishable by death. However, as we all know...
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    Is Abortion A Religious Moral Issue Or A Universal Moral Issue?

    I never really cared as much about the abortion and for a lot of my life I was pro-choice. However after hearing many pro-life arguments I did find a point for their arguments and decided that there needs to be a centrist solution. Abortion in my opinion should be legal to 4.5 months, the midway...
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    Eliminate Property Tax And Tax More On Consumer Products?

    It never made much sense to me. Why do you have to pay tax for something you already own? I mean let's be serious here, when you buy something from the supermarket you pay taxes and yes this okay because you are buying something. Perhaps you should pay a good amount of tax for the properties and...
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    Should The US Start Some Sort Of Universal Health Care System?

    It seems that most developed countries, even the more conservative developed countries like Japan, have some sort of universal health care; The US seems to be the only developed advanced country that does not have at least some health care. There are...
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    What Drugs Should Be Legal And Illegal?

    What non-prescription drugs (such as illegal drugs) do you think should be legal and illegal? What drugs are you not sure about? Legal Alcohol Marijuana Illegal Opium Heroin Morphine Cocaine Not Sure Extacy LSD Speed Tobacco
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    India, Arabia, and Israel Relation To The Big 4

    The 4 biggest religions; 1. Christianity 2. Islam 3. Hinduism 4. Buddhism originated from the same countries. Christianity originated from ancient Israel, while its cousin religion Islam originated from Arabia (two different countries but from the same area). Hinduism and Buddhism originated...
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    Al Qaeda Attacks India First London and now Delhi, all in one year! It was in the capital city of both countries as well! It's pretty obvious why Al Qaeda attacked Delhi, just read his letter to the US. The reason can be summed up in two words...
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    What Will Happen In 2012

    The year 2012 is considered by many to be a great turning point in human history; " * December 21 - End of the great cycle of the Maya calendar's Long Count and a 26,000 year planetary cycle in the Aztec calendar, and thus the alleged end of our world...
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    Why Here?

    If this martial art is from Israel shouldn't it be under like Middle Eastern martial arts? I have always thought Western refers to Euorpe, USA Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Possibly Russia as well. But I never heard Israel being classified as Western ;).