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    How to deal with forward pressure in Chi Sao

    This is line dependent. HFY doesn't teach it as a cooperative drill. For us, it's meant to be combat stimulus and response. I think what @Kung Fu Wang was driving at was more along the line of Jeet Kiu, how do you form a bridge, and more specifically how do you form one when the opponent...
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    Repeated movements in the first form

    Responding to the original question - why do we repeat the fook sao section 3 times For HFY, this section is referred to as the Saam Bai Fut part of Siu Nim Tao. It combines techniques with layered natures (fook, gum, deng, pak, leet, wu) which can be done in several different ways. Culturally...
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    Wing Chun Core Concepts - Video

    I can't watch videos like this, they make my eyes dirty.
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    The current state of various Wing Chun/Ving Tsun/Wing Tsun groups after the pandemic and in the modern age of MMA?

    We're still going up here in SF. We've only had a couple of new students over the last two years though. It does feel like something of a holding pattern. That's part of it. The WC forums seemed lively on Facebook last I logged in a few months ago. What I've seen across traditional martial...
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    WSL book

    I mean, at least you have fans? (kidding) Yeah, I can see why you hold the work in high esteem. As I said, I recommend people to read it and form their own opinion. Thoguh admittedly I'm not through it yet, it is something of a dry read. That's not true, depending on which argument you are...
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    WSL book

    C'mon man, you are not a victim. There is no crazed group of lineage warriors after you. People disagreed with you, and you didn't react to all of it very well. Some of your critics got more personal than was necessary too. I thought we had a pretty respectful back and forth in the locked...
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    old MA mag article?

    Yeah, but it's at best a partial or at worst a cherry-picked view of WC. It's like trying to talk about the entire NFL when you only know about the New York Jets. You're misconstruing my point - I have posited that WC was a purposeful break from the animal styles. The framework, engine and...
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    old MA mag article?

    That's cool, it is certainly something. That school doesn't have any authority to speak for WC though. I don't think it is as meticulous as you say. He disqualifies all lineages that aren't from Ip Man in the first few chapters (that's about as far as I've gotten, but will continue to go...
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    old MA mag article?

    According to who? You may find him so, but as far as I know, his work isn't widely accepted by the WC community. As before, I agree that WC has animal attitudes - but again this does not imply parentage from animal styles. When I talk of parentage, it is like having a new model year on a car -...
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    old MA mag article?

    I think we can all agree, most versions of WC history have to be taken with a grain of salt. I've not read Judkin's work, so I will not comment on it, however I don't see why his version should not also be open to scrutiny. I don't believe WC is younger than all of the styles you listed as they...
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    old MA mag article?

    There is no credible proof any of these styles are direct ancestors of wing chun. Please stop peddling this snake oil. Yi Gee Kim Yeung Ma like stances are found in Wutang kung fu as well. Are you going to tell me Leurng Yi or Sei Yern Kuen is a WC ancestor too? If you think it's just for...
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    Understanding Wing Chun's Centre Line

    The most common answers regarding centerline are "shortest distance from A to B" or "the line running down the middle of the body". For Hung Fa Yi, we have 3 elements: * Self Centerline (Body alignment) * Kiu Sao centerline (targeting) * Energy centerline (balanced contact) You can only have...
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    Southern Dragon elements in wing chun

    Lol no
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    Southern Dragon elements in wing chun

    It's possible, but not super likely. Wing Chun does have a Dragon Element/Attitude to it, heck in Hung Fa Yi our Siu Nim Tao has a dragon claw and our Kiu Sao has dragon shape bridging. Just because the Dragon Element is there though, it doesn't mean it's a direct descendant of Dragon Style. I...
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    Floating Elbow Theory-Applied

    You might have luck getting some of them from the internet archive.
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    Reopening in Seattle

    Glad you are still at it
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    Is there an objective way to determine quality of wing chun or My wc is better than yours because I say so!

    For a broad school to school comparison, statistics and measurement. As has already been posited in this thread, people do martial arts for different reasons: Competitive Combat, Self Defense, a Social Activity, a Fitness activity, a cultural reason, an intellectual reason, etc, etc. A school or...
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    Looking for rogue WT people.

    FYI Jason Malik is holding his Tsun-fest gathering in texas at the end of the month. Might be worth making the trip if you've got the funds/time.
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    Stength & Conditioning for Wing Chun

    In our line we have two categories * Gei Buhn Gung (Body exercise) My school doesn't do this. I had to do it on my own, I've found squats, rows and pullups to be difference makers. Though the owner has revealed himself to be a less than stellar guy, Crossfit has worked wonders for me in the...
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    Branches of Wing Chun question

    Yep, though looking at the form for the first time since I learned it, I see some differences between it and what the other video has:
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    Branches of Wing Chun question

    When I learned that form back in 2003 or so it was called Saap Yat Kuen. Guess they're changing the name to sell to the WC audience now.
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    which plastic tube is the best to build a non wooden dummy?

    Guess it depends on your funds available vs cost of your time, if I wanted a PVC dummy, I'd get one from here: PVC Dummy (Body Only) | Little Raven I've bought a probably 30 or so wasters for my wutang fencing club from them over the years. They produce great stuff.
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    Ever look at your old videos and just cringe?

    I honestly couldn't tell you. The judges couldn't even agree on what should be going on. Part of the reason I don't do these things anymore.
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    Ever look at your old videos and just cringe?

    Welp, I'd be surprised if you knew what HFY's version of chi sao looks like unless you're part of our org. If so, hello! Your observation is accurate though, at this point my skill set was more an amalgamation of Moy Yat's WC, HFY, Yin Fu Bagua and what I had picked up from my primary sparring...
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    Ever look at your old videos and just cringe?

    Hey Folks, Was looking through some of my old training clips and I found my first ever chi sao comp i did in like... I wanna say 2011/2012? Funny enough, I've only ever gotten training in 2-handed chi sao from HFY recently. Unfortunately, our system take a very long time to learn. Looking back...
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    Yuen Kay San Passing Footwork

    Just because he, or anyone else, is nice and polite doesn't mean that any master will show him or anyone else their actual stuff. Particularly not on film. Not sure why that's triggering you to be butthurt on this guy's behalf.
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    How to recover from this position

    Or it just doesn't work very well. I've got enough of a sample size to make the conclusion across several YM branches. YMMV. I'm just glad I'm not doing it anymore.
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    How to recover from this position

    I'll say it, the way Bong Sao is done in what I've seen in the Yip Man line isn't very good. It can't absorb pressure well and isn't that great as a tool in general. I know quite a few people that ended up with shoulder problems due to it. The only people in that line I've found who have made it...
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    Interesting take on WC's past...

    It depends on your rubric for judging "wing chun or not." For me, it goes back to where we start - Siu Nim Tao, the little idea, the ability to focus. That starts from centerline. For me, no centerline = no wing chun. I've heard it referred to as shen fa, body method or framework, to me that's...
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    Interesting take on WC's past...

    AFAIK, both HFY and Pao Fa Lien claim this person to be an ancestor. By legend, he's the founder of all WC and the original founder of the king fa qui gwoon (Red Boat Opera). One of our students went to a famous library in Hong Kong (I really don't know which one it was) and found some proof...