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    Talking about Military Combat as a Civillian martial artist.

    This came about in a thread about Jujdo/Jujutsu Self defense in the Judo/Jujutsu forum. Iposted this there but felt it might be an interesting discussion and am curious as to what others Military and civillian think...
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    Use of Force seminar in N.Va (Learn some law!)

    This kind of thing gets talked about alot on this sub forum, so instead of all of us throwing our $0.02 at each other we can go learn from a man who has defended people like us, who have had to defend themselves. Dylan A SEMINAR ON USE OF WEAPONS AND PHYSICAL FORCE IN VIRGINIA, MARYLAND...
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    To past critics of killing intruders, I give you..

    ..This.,2933,290460,00.html Sure you could go all your life without any major assults, but these kind of people do exist, they do things like the above and it's a good reason to shot, stab or beat anyone who forces or covertly enters your home.
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    Should We Do What They Tell Us?

    Yes, the Brass, or the Whores as my ex-Patrolman Sensei would call them, will advocate taken it, but I love how the cheif pig thinks he can predict what would have happend. The punk might have shot him and his Mom for the Hell of it, punks are getting worse, not better, many Gangs want their...
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    Another Jujutsu Bum

    All, Came across this forum on another site, good discussions and civillaty. I am a 2nd Dan in Icho Yama Ryu Aiki Jujutsu- Quantico Kai, under David Lamond. We also study Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu- KodoKai. I started the arts in 83, under my step father , who studied in S.E. Asia, while in...