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    fun & intersting

    Dave, A man could learn a lot from the full evaluation of positive posture and stable faudation in the defense of pizza. I'm looking forward to your discourse on this subject. Jeff
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    The Myth Of The Techniques

    Your talking about bad Kenpo as seen repeatedly on the internet. Stone statue Kenpo is stupid, but not the Kenpo i was taught. MMA is ring fighting. A lot of very talented hard working folk quite capable of defending themselves. Good Kenpo teaches skills that even aging out of shape people can...
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    How high can instructors promote their students?

    True, but then we'd have arguments about whether or not they were using true KFC sporks or some shoddy offshoot. Jeff
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    No. I don't always know why and when I think I do I often find that I'm wrong. why is unimportant in martial arts as a practitioner if you don't know how. By the time you know how the Why's usually sort themselves out. and as I said doc is costantly telling people "why." even when they don't...
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    I used to ask "why" all the time. but as I've learned more I realize that Doc is correct and the real question is "how?." the one other caveat I would add is before you ask, "how" it is important to make sure that the teachers technique works. You don't want to learn How from someone who is...
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    The war on rank

    I'm proud of my Blackbelt because it was given to me by my Instructor Mr. Hatfield and his instructor Mr. Wedlake. They felt I deserved it and I was honored to recieve it and remain honored. beyond that it is just a piece of cloth and certainly ranks are difficult to compare school to school...
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    SL4 Seminar

    Essentially we learned how to step back into a neutral bow. then we worked on drag step forward, drag step back, step drag forward, step drag back, step through forward and back and then change direction 90 degree and then the cover step. We also did an intro to the hammering inward block and...
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    Can anyone identify the black belt fighting Bill Wallace?

    Looks and moves like Tom Kelly.
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    Drugs may be just as good as surgery for clogged arteries

    Now if and when they can come up with a vascular growth factor that speeds collateral vessels and self bypasses. I'm not against medical treatment, I've cared for quite a few "inoperable people" who we stablized and after several years with modifies risk factors (increase exercise, no tobacco...
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    Drugs may be just as good as surgery for clogged arteries

    Possibly but of course insurance tends to pay better for procedures than med. Also many people given the choice of say 5 good years with sudden death and 10 bad years would choose the five good years. it's these differences that make medical choices so hard and so easy to second guess. these...
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    Drugs may be just as good as surgery for clogged arteries

    I get paid the same whether they go to angioplasty or not. I've not seen the study yet so I can't directly comment on it but in the newspaper the finding was that at five years survival was the same. In my experience people who get plasty's feel better quickly and many people do not tolerate...
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    Martial art movies

    The Hunted with Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio del Toro. Not very pretty but very interesting fight choreography. Jeff
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    Out of sheer and utter curiousity

    Thanks, It's always dumb to open your mouth when you weren't there. i know better. Jeff
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    Out of sheer and utter curiousity

    Mr Parker threw Mr. Tatum out of the IKKA, he (Parker) was a good man with a long memory so I'm not sure he would have fully repaired that rift. Judging from the Kenpo of 1990 he would have had some new proteges and remained close with many of his old proteges. Jeff
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    Sorry but the image of McSL4s popping up in shopping malls all over the country has me very amused. TKD studios are probably cringing in fear. :rofl:
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    Hard to believe Doc hasn't marketed this as a commercial product.
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    Rattan vs. Hardwood vs. Wax Wood vs. Etc. (Escrima Sticks)

    another advantage of rattan is that it is a vine and tends to get stringy rather than chip when it breaks down. Hardwood chips can cause eye damage as flying projectiles. Now if what you want to do is sneak up behind someone and pop them on the head Hardwood would be the material of choice...
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    Steve Arsenault Kenpo Clips

    Actually I thought that you looked like you were doing what you were told to do. It is the responsibility of the "skilled" defender in the self defense techniques to put the attacker where they need to be. Anyway, who knew 14 years ago that any of this would be out there for the world to see...
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    Don Fryes best advice yet

    Yup, When I think of don Frye the first word that comes to mine is FINESSE. Jeff
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    Lengths for Tests and how long between ranks...

    I've heard Lee Wedlake say something along the lines that anyone who can't tell if you deserve a Blackbelt in two hours doesn't know Kenpo. Anything longer is just testing endurance and isn't that what regular classes are for? Jeff
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    Steve Arsenault Kenpo Clips

    Correct, they were looking for Dance Class and I don't come from a Dance school. It was no problem, we laughed about it and had a good time. Jeff
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    Steve Arsenault Kenpo Clips

    Dave never lost control. He could have hurt me at any time. What he did do is pop me hard enough and manipulate me to go where he wanted me to go. There was momentary discomfort but nothing serious. Dave is not Huk Planas but it felt a lot like Huk doing a technique on me. Momentary discomfort...
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    Steve Arsenault Kenpo Clips

    He hurries to much and forgets to complete his strikes. My the 16 year old son entered a self-defense compitition once. Everyone else was do their techniques similarto the demos above. We reviewed the attacks and I told him to be ready because I was going to try to hit him as hard as I could...
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    Bruce Lee.. Overrated?

    The very fact that this post was created more than 30 years after his death demonstrates his power over the martial arts community. This site might not exist without his charismatic effect on Martial arts in the united states. Jeff
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    Doctors' personal beliefs may hinder care

    Ethically one should always lay out a balanced response to any medical question. That's the ideal. Practically, no one has time to review every option for every patient. Further, I've never met anyone sane who could totally divorce themselves from their own opinions. The answer should be two...
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    Ed Parker Jr.

    You misunderstand me. Accomplishments aren't just cloth and paper, belts and degrees are. Belts and degrees do not tell you how good someone is and at some level are meaningless. I was very proud of earning my Black belt but it has been the journey and not the belt that are really important...
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    Ed Parker Jr.

    I stand by my point. Belt Rank means very little. Im he had a tenth people would say it was just because of his father. If he wears a brown belt people will ask what does he have to offer. What is important is that he has been a remarkable ambassador for his father's art. Edmund has trained...
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    Ed Parker Jr.

    Belts are just pieces of cloth, ranks are just paper. My understanding is that Mr. Parker is quite good. Further he brings the knowlege of one who was actually present during the rise of american Kenpo and close friendships with many of the greatest Kenpoists in the world. Jeff
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    Pasadena Group Photo

    Out of curiosity, when and where do you believe mr. Mitchell taught? I wasn't there, but there are numerous people who can answer that simple question. Respectfully, Jeff
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    Pasadena Group Photo

    I resent the implication of this statement. I respect Doc and what he has to teach. if I disagree with him I simply tell him so. Interesting hobby studying the picture in great detail. I suspect there are multiple copies of the group picture floating around. Now I suspect the real...