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    Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo / Bruce Juchnik

    George Abosolutley, Bruce is one of the most knowlegable people in the martial arts today. KK
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    Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo / Bruce Juchnik

    Hi all Funny thing I posted this 2-3 years ago and I just happened to log on today after not logging onto martialtalk for a long time. Anyway, KenpoDave it could be the fact that Bruce was never on the family tree and/or I am not recalling what I may or may not have seen correctly. I thought I...
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    Have you notice how many BB quits?

    Once and a while you just realize it's time to hang up the uniform and find something else to do. I hung mine up a year or so ago and didn't look back. Except for reading a few forums once and a while for entertainment. Kell
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    Kosho Ryu?

    John I have re-read your post a couple of times. I truly appreciate that you would like to hear (read) my opinions about Kosho. I have already made my thoughts known more than I problably should have. With that I will take my leave and go back into keyboard retirement and keep to myself. Kosho...
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    Kosho Ryu?

    The problem is when"The Natural Laws of Kosho guide us." The rank structure tends to be abused. Folks who put in a lot of work tend to get upset when others get pushed ahead, sometimes for political reasons. It has happened to more than one in the system. kk
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    Kosho Ryu?

    I agree totally, but my concern has always been for the accountability of material end. So that if one person is not ranked for lack of knowledge in an area. That he/she is not held back while others are promoted for having the same or even a larger lack of knoweldge. So much for keeping to...
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    Kosho Ryu?

    Yeah I could see that. But it ain't the way Bruce does buisiness. It's one of the reasons, among many I tend to keep to myself these days. kk
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    Kosho Ryu?

    Your right, it is nothing to be embarrased about. However, tightening the standards would not be a bad thing either. If one person is held accountable for core material for advancement, so should everyone. kk
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    Kosho Ryu?

    Kosho has a curiculum however, it's pretty obvious not everyone in the art has to follow it. Rank and position as it pertains to curiculum is not standard in kosho. Let's just say it's all kinda fluid. kk
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    Have you ever considered quitting your MA(s)?

    I decided recently to retire from the arts. I don't believe that quit is the right word. I put in a lot of good years and did a lot of work for other people instead of looking out for myself. Burnout is a good word to describe it. kk
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    Hawaiian Kempo Meeting

    nice bike kk
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    Kosho Ryu?

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    The Coming Dark Times

    Here is a specific definition from U.S. code. Any thoughts, ideas ,questions and comments. kk A littl 10 USC Sec. 311 01/03/05 -EXPCITE- TITLE 10 - ARMED FORCES Subtitle A - General Military Law PART I - ORGANIZATION...
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    different types of kenpo/kempo

    thank you kosho, for the history lesson. you'd do Bruce proud, maybe. Kell
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    Really Short Stories

    Been there before
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    leland chapman street fight video

    That was one of my favorite southpark episodes.
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    Cheap Shameless Thread

    what are we on page 106? How many posts?
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    Kajukenbo Clips

    interesting clips
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    back after a long hiatus

    welcome back
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    new here

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    Just to say Hello.

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    Hello everybody

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    Hello everyone

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    Hello everybody!!!!

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    New here

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