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    Magical Aiki technniques?

    Dear friends, what do you think about these techniques as depicted in this clip? (right click and SAVE AS. If an error message comes out, something like "data transfer exceeded" then please wait 15-20 minutes, that means the server is busy)...
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    Kuntao Macan

    This is a technique from Kuntao Macan. Anyone ever seen this in other style (the knee press) ?
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    Hakko-ryu & Kamishinkan Jujutsu similarities & differences

    Hello all, Kamishinkan and I will try to describe our systems, and later will discuss similarities and differences. Let me start first by describing the Dentokan version of Hakko-ryu as taught to me by my sensei. Please note that Dentokan is not the Hontai/mainline Hakko-ryu but an offshot...
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    questions about competitions in Kenpo

    Hello, I am from Indonesia, and there are absolutely no American Kenpo dojos here, thus I have zero knowledge about American Kenpo. I know only Shorinji Kempo, Shinto Tenshin Ko-ryu Kenpo and Nihon Kenpo (M. Sawayama) but not yet witnessed American Kenpo. (Well I have seen videos of Kosho-ryu...
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    fooling around with jujutsu techniques

    dear friends, I am thinking of finally taking my 2nd and 1st kyu test sometime later in life, after postponing those tests so many times. Here are some clips of myself doing jujutsu. what do you think? am I looking competent enough to take the test? thank you for your comments...
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    If the master dies..

    Just curious & want to hear the opinions from all you good people.. If a Karate grandmaster dies without leaving a will, who is the most suitable person to succeed his position as the next grandmaster of his Karate organization? Choose one answer and explain your choice.. 1. His son or...
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    Why Aikido is mistaken as an art of street fighting?

    I realized that many people has mistaken Aikido as an art of street fighting. That is very different with what I have experienced from a senior Aikido teacher here (Mr. Huang Hexiang, student of Kochi Eiichi sensei and Somemiya sensei). Mr. Huang, who is now 60++ years old, said that Aikido...
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    Hapkido in the movies

    My teacher once interviewed Billy Chong (HK movie star) and Mr. Chong mentioned that he learned Heqitao (Hapkido) in Hongkong. It is amazing, but Hapkido used to be well-represented in Hongkong movie industries in the 70s. Some of the masters gets roles as well, such as GM Ji Han Jae in one of...
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    Japanese Jujutsu has ground fighting too!

    From my adventures in browsing the Internet I realized that many people have this very wrong assumption that traditional Japanese Jujutsu does not have ground fighting. This is very wrong. Take look at this: Those are ground grappling methods...
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    Takagi Yoshin-ryu?

    Hello, anybody here practices any version of Takagi Yoshin-ryu? Any style, KJJR, Bujinkan, Jinenkan, Hontai Yoshin-ryu, Tanaka Fumon's Takagi Yoshin-ryu or any other doesn't matter. If possible I'd love to compare notes. My teacher once show all the katas that he know from this ryuha (about 85...
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    Ellis Amdur's definition of Jujutsu

    Hello, my sensei just received a very interesting quote from Mr. Ellis Amdur regarding the definition of Jujutsu, here is the link Let me quote the intersting parts: What do you think, friends? Any comments? I think Mr...
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    favorite scoring combination

    What's your favorite scoring combinations? Mine: 1. right ashi harai to opponent's lead foot to distract him, then left gyaku tsuki to body for a point. 2. fake right maegeri to stomach, as he block low retract the right maegeri and convert into high mawashi to face. This can get two...
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    most basic techniques of Jun Fan JKD?

    hello. I am a complete beginner in the world of JKD and MMA. however my BJJ friends recommend me to learn a little Jun Fan JKD because "it will make my karate much better". My sensei is good friends with a JKD instructor (under Mr. Burton Richardson) who lives here in Indones, and this...
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    Non-TKD training in the Kukkiwon

    In 2001, years ago, I met Mr. Yo Yok Suryadi who graduated as 5th Dan from Kukkiwon. He told me that in Kukkiwon not only TKD is taught, but he also studied Ho Shin Shul which to him "looks like combo of Judo, Hapkido and TKD applied for self-defense". He also mentions Kumdo which to him is...
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    Nihon Jujutsu by Sato Shizuya sensei

    Have anybody watch the video by Sato Shizuya sensei about Nihon Jujutsu? It was released by Panther Production in late 80s. My sensei has three of those. I like them very much, it is obvious that Sato sensei is very skilled. His video is very good as an intro to Jujutsu for Karate practitioners...
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    Hello.. any daito-ryu/hakko-ryu guys around?

    Hello! Any daito-ryu/hakko-ryu/other ryu descended from Takeda Sokaku around here? I learned a little Hakko-ryu in Indonesia and would like to exchange views and experience with fellow MT members who learned/had experienced daito-ryu or hakko-ryu or any other ryu descended from Takeda Sokaku...
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    Is Kuntao Indonesian or Chinese?

    Friends, I am now editing Mr. Khu Chen Yong's book about Kuntao Macan. In this book, he is very insistent to call Kuntao an Indonesian martial art with Chinese influence. He does not want it to be considered as "Kungfu" because he said it has evolved into something different than the original...
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    How does the certification system works in your country?

    I left the taekwondo dojang long time ago, practiced briefly when I was a kid. I am curious about taekwondo as practiced in other countries. In Indones, we receive local gup ranks issued by PBTI, the WTF representative in Indonesia. After we pass 1st Dan, we are given choice: receive 1st Dan...
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    Help I want to escape :(

    Hello friends, I practice mostly Karate and stand-up, traditional Japanese Jujutsu (hakko-ryu,yoshin-ryu). When I spar with BJJ and Judo friends, I always had trouble escaping several ground positions. Being pinned sux! :( Could anyone help me to tell me how to escape these positions...
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    Yonkyo and Gokkyo

    Hello all, I had a discussion with an Aikikai brown belt, and we showed each other's technique. He showed his joint locks of ikkyo, nikkyo, sankyo, yonkyo and gokkyo. Much of his techniques looks similar with some of my Hakko-ryu techniques, though most of the times the "feelings" are...
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    Miyama-ryu Jujutsu & GM. Antonio Pereira

    I rummaged through my sensei's video collection and found Miyama-ryu Combat Jujutsu, which I found to be an excellent modern system of Jujutsu. Anybody here care to share some more background info about this style? It is said that GM. Pereira studied some Judo with Kyuzo Mifone and Aikido...
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    Which techniques from Judo fits into Karate?

    I am wondering about your opinions regarding which Judo/Jujutsu techniques will fits nicely into Karate. I think techniques of escaping from ground pins will be very useful for Karateka because Karate itself doesn't have ground escapes. Also, I think some Judo techniques can be used as...
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    Old/Obsolete systems

    Hello to all computer experts here. My teacher wanting some informations regarding old Apple Macintosh computers, he is thinking of buying an old system called "Macintosh SE FDHD" or a "Macintosh Classic" and wondering about the prices & shipping costs to Indonesia. Anyone could help?
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    Good Kobayashi DVD

    If any of you are training with the Kobayashi Aikido group, I recommend to buy the DVD of Kobayashi sensei. It's VERY good, I see many techniques there that is not common in other Aikido dojo, such as pressure points attacks, leg locks (yes, LEG SUBMISSIONS), leg takedowns (yes, LEG GRAB...
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    Ninja guy and Wado guy doing same technique..???

    Hello friends, In these links below: contained a zip file with two clips in it. The first clip is Mr. Bud Malmstrom of Bujinkan demonstrating a Ninja knife defense technique, the second...
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    New Jujutsu styles founded in the 20th century

    I am very interested to hear your opinions about new Jujutsu (and other MA) styles founded after the 1930s. I am aware that many people treat the year 1868 as the demarcation line between Koryu (old style) martial arts and the Gendai (modern arts), thus by definition Kodokan Judo is a Gendai art...
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    wado-ryu and goju-ryu perspectives from a kyu rank student :)

    Mr. Arnisador asked me to write a new thread about Wado and Goju, so here it is. I am just a kyu rank student so my explanations are likely to be very basic and could be erratic as well, so if there any confusion, please contact people who are more informed than I am :) As a caveat, I must say...
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    Anybody heard of Shin Kage Ryu of Robin Rielly?

    I stumbled upon an interesting book: Shin Kage Ryu by Robin Rielly. It shows techniques which seemed to be taken directly out of Kodokan Judo, Shotokan Karate and Kenjutsu. It has interesting weapons work (Katana and Tanto). Anybody knows of this book, and of the author?
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    Interesting Indonesian version of Shorinji Kempo history.. any Kenshi to clarify?

    Hello! This is a question for Shorinji Kempo stylists (So Doshin style). In the World Shorinji Kempo official website, the history of Shorinji Kempo goes like this: "Shorinji Kempo was originated in 1947 in the Japanese town of Tadotsu. Shorinji Kempo's founder, So Doshin, faced Japan's defeat...
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    throwing and joint locking in Kenpo

    Hello! I am Denny Hardika from Indonesia. I did Goju-Kai Karate when I was in high school, and now I am doing Okinawan Goju, Jujutsu and Wado-ryu. I am very interested in the styles of Kenpo in America, because I once watch a video by Mr. Bruce Juchnik and he shows many many throwing techniques...