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    Has anyone here heard of Combat Hapkido?

    Father Greek, Thank you for your perspective. As you say and as I tried to communicate in my prior posts, it's as much or more your instructor as it is the style you are studying. I only have one small bone to pick which is that you focused only on my cons when overall I have a very favorable...
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    Martial Training Shoes for Wide Feet???

    I wanted to briefly follow up about what seems to have worked pretty well. First, if you have wide feet, try ordering half a size larger than you usually do. The toe box and critical area (ball of the foot to the pad under your little toe, i.e. widest part of your foot) are a smidge larger...
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    Has anyone here heard of Combat Hapkido?

    I trained in Combat Hapkido for 4-5 months in Northern Virginia and really enjoyed the instruction. My instructor, John Scali, was probably until now the best martial arts instructor I've ever had. In many ways, your instructor will affect your view of the style you are being taught. I...
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    Martial Training Shoes for Wide Feet???

    I was wondering if anyone could make a recommendation on a brand of martial art training shoes suitable for wide feet. I have a EE width and own a pair of Discipline shoes which are too tight. Most of the brand's I've look at on the web, e.g. Tiger Claw, Adidas, appear to be only made in...
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    jkd questions

    I realize this thread is two years old or more. But I just wanted to post that I'm currently training at Complete Fitness Concepts with Dan Mikeska and love it. Dan is a great instructor. I'm learning a great deal even if it is a lot of work. Paul
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    Finding Quality Instruction

    I want to solicit your opinion on finding quality martial arts instruction for self-defense and study. When you visit a school, what do you look for in an instructor that tells you it's someone you would like to study under? Even if the instructor hasn't studied under someone famous, if...
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    Just joined.

    And I wanted to say thank you for these forums. I'm very interested in learning about JKD, Kali, Arnis and Escrima. My own background is in wrestling, Shorin-ryu and Hung Gar gung fu. I'm looking forward to learning a lot. Paul