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    Hello everyone I sincerely apologise if this is placed in the wrong area as I have no knowledge of this forum. I am not the owner of this account but I am the account holders sister and I am very sad to say my brother passed away last week. I was just searching through his stuff and found this...
  2. Kickboxer101

    Help me- jiu jitsu gi choice

    Tbh they all look horrible...why don't you buy one that everyone wears and buy it from the instructor. So you think a gi makes you tough...well lets just hope you're wearing it if you're attacked ai
  3. Kickboxer101

    Jiu jitsu

    So I've been doing my kickboxing and karate for a while but I feel like trying out some jiu jitsu just to say I've tried at the very least. I've got 2 options. One is a Gracie Barra academy which is a respected place with classes 7 days a week in gi, no gi and mma. The prices are 瞿40 a month...
  4. Kickboxer101

    Belator 179

    If you think they're so bad strap up your gloves and lets see how good you can do
  5. Kickboxer101

    Your Sensei

    I personally think everyone's getting butt hurt over your comments but you're right that's total bs especially if there was an agreement in place. The guy broke your trust and an agreement and lied to you so he could get you in his school to pay him
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    Your Sensei

    You telling someone about anger issues? The one who would happily have beaten up his uncle because he felt disrespected...hmmm
  7. Kickboxer101

    Your Sensei

    Yeah that's that unhealthy obsession with your instructor that head hunters talking about. The instructor does it for themselves no one else if you left he wouldn't give a damm apart from the money he's losing
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    Recent issues

    So if you don't teach you don't love your that's some real brainwashing and emotional blackmail going on there. If an instructor says that to someone the person will feel pressured to teach to prove they love it. Then the instructor gets free labour and his club run for him while...
  9. Kickboxer101

    Self Defense vs Potentially Rabid Dog

    Okay I've had a look through a lot of your posts and in my opinion you're full of it. First the taco store robbery thing now all this on your mmk (mickey mouse Kung fu) but can't actually show your style apart from a few pictures of you posing in a Bruce lee stance and watching your...
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    Girlfriend doing Muay Thai sparring

    Yep it's controlling if she's fine with it then suck it up
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    Sanchin Ryu Close Combat

    You're proud that you put people in hospital? You knocked a guy down and continued beating on you sound like a nice guy.. Also you watched the ufc so you knew how to use the guard?...really? I've watched thousands of mma matches and I wouldn't have a clue how to get someone in a guard...
  12. Kickboxer101

    Intimidating Bouncers

    Boo hoo are they not being very nice? That's life get on with it and also umm what does your grappling skills have to do with this?
  13. Kickboxer101

    Chael sonnen vs Tito Ortiz

    Interesting interview with John McCarthy and I agree the guy was turning purple there's no way that was fake. Fact is Chaels a middleweight who's not juiced up anymore who's always had garbage grapple defence who was fighting for the first time in 3 years against a guy who's naturally bigger got...
  14. Kickboxer101

    How Much Does it Cost?

    Honestly I'd say that's good they're asking the price. Most untrained won't know a thing about martial arts so won't really know what to ask and they could ask silly questions like can I be a ninja turtle in2 weeks but if they're asking the price that shows they're considering it and considering...
  15. Kickboxer101

    How Much Does it Cost?

    Well no ones going to train somewhere that charges a huge amount of money
  16. Kickboxer101

    I want to know that the certificates issued by kukiwon is fake or genuine.

    I dunno are the on a piece of card and signed and tell you what rank you are. If they are then they're real
  17. Kickboxer101

    Chael sonnen vs Tito Ortiz

    Chaels not a light heavyweight he'd been dominated in his last couple fights at light heavyweight. Rashad and jones took him down at will and destroyed him so it's not hard to believe tito could do it after he's had 3 years off and is off the juice. Chaels not a good grappler that's thing, his...
  18. Kickboxer101

    Women & Mixed Martial Arts.

    In martial arts in general women are equals in some places there's more women then men who train. In mma they're getting there they have 3 women's divisions in the ufc now and a lot of good names
  19. Kickboxer101

    Chael sonnen vs Tito Ortiz

    Sonnens just a mediocre fighter who talks his way into fights that's the only reason he's popular. Every big fight he has he loses
  20. Kickboxer101

    Chael sonnen vs Tito Ortiz

    I very much doubt it since they're not married anymore
  21. Kickboxer101

    Chael sonnen vs Tito Ortiz

    So we had titos millionth retirement fight and he easily beat sonnen. It's what I expected. Sonnen is a small light heavyweight who's off his trt so he looked in not so good shape and he's always had garbage submission defence and Tito is a big light heavyweight. Not really a big fan of either...
  22. Kickboxer101

    1st degree/dan black belt teaching??

    Who says that was the guy who runs it the main instructor may have just been sick. Anyway a black belt is a black belt to me it doesn't how many stripes you have if you're a black belt you should be competent enough to teach
  23. Kickboxer101

    How long to complete your style?

    Bull so you don't work or go to school or anything because if you work or go to school there's no way you can train 20 hours a week
  24. Kickboxer101

    How long to complete your style?

    Yeah no one trains 20 hours a week
  25. Kickboxer101

    Discussing a Myth: On Fighting

    Never heard that at all. In fact I've only heard the exact opposite saying how you never stop learning
  26. Kickboxer101

    What do YOU look for in an Ed Parker's American Kenpo Karate teacher?

    A) not at all B) Not at all association means nothing that's all just bs C: none D) not at all E) not at all F) not at all No I wouldn't I don't care who he's trained with he could've trained with Parker for years doesn't mean he's any good or a good teacher. Honestly the stuff you're...
  27. Kickboxer101

    Is getting hit to the head over and over can be dangerous?

    No getting hit in the head constantly is good for you..of course it's dangerous
  28. Kickboxer101

    Tips for overcoming nerves?

    The thing I always thought of in tests is these judges have seen thousands of people perform over the years they've seen good and bad there's nothing you can do that they won't have seen that's how I always see it
  29. Kickboxer101

    Different advice

    Yeah our clubs not a big one at all and I reckon the head instructor ends up losing more money than he makes and probably has pay out his own pocket for the rent for the hall but that's good because it shows they genuinely care about doing martial arts and not just making money
  30. Kickboxer101

    Different advice

    yeah there's no beginners class in my place either and there wasn't in my old one. All ranks are in the same class and when they're learning they just break off into groups with the different instructors